New Shriekback Viddy For “The Wolfman Whinesplains”

Gloryoski! We got notice a few days ago that the new Shriekback viddy was online in …that place. The Hodah-helmed clip was actually shot and featured the very real and not at all simulated Barry Andrews in the clip itself, as well as the lycanthropic festival act of The Wolfman and his pals. While we normally ignore viddy hosted in …that place, the lack of a Vimeo hosted clip this time has pushed my hand in this hasty posting as I’ve had errands to run this lunchtime.

And this was a real video. Not one of those assemblages of stock footage or [worse yet!] something thrown up by CHAT-GPT. We will allow that, yes, there was a bit of stock footage used [artfully] within the clip but the primary footage was just that! And if you’ve ever wanted to see a werewolf eat crisps in a pub setting while Barry Andrews holds court, Barry Andrews doubling on vocals – and video, much less the horrid spectacle of the “cock in the salad”…well, it’s just a click away.

Shriekback | The Wolfman Whinesplains | from “Bowlahoola” | Directed by Hodah, as ever


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1 Response to New Shriekback Viddy For “The Wolfman Whinesplains”

  1. The first listen sucked me in good when the second chorus came around. What a potent poet! What a band!


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