Ultravox “Rage In Eden” Ultrabox Review Wrapup Will Be Another Week Later

ultravox rage in eden 5.1 surround sound

I’m just sick about this, but another weekend has come and gone without the ability to play the 5.1 mix of “Rage In Eden” at decent volume on the living room system and take some critical notes over about two hours. It doesn’t make me happy, but the time and place to do this is very limited in my life, and this weekend I was determined to finish a huge household task that has been dominating my weekends for the last month and hanging over my head for a few months longer. My apologies. Expect other things in postings this week.


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graphic design | software UI design | remastering vinyl • record collector • satire • non-fiction
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2 Responses to Ultravox “Rage In Eden” Ultrabox Review Wrapup Will Be Another Week Later

  1. That’s okay … life sometimes takes priority, plus it gives us time to clean up the drool you have inspired with your review thus far!


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