Want List: OMD’s 40th Anniversary ‘Dazzle Ships’ Gives Another Chance For The World To Catch Up

OMD dazzle Ships 40th anniversary maxi-bundle
The full merchandising campaign for “Dazzle Ships” is modest and sensible

Note: We’ve interrupted the “Rage In Eden” ultrabox thread today because we still have not had the time to listen carefully to the 5.1 mix of the album in detail. Let’s hope for that after this next weekend. In the meantime, here’s another PPM core collection band making reissue moves.

omd dazzle ships 25th DLX RM CD

Has it already been fifteen years since the 25th anniversary [see inset], DLX RM of OMD’s derided then but appreciated now, line-in-the-sand that was “Dazzle Ships?” Time flies when you’re battling existential threats common to the zany 21st century. In the interim, the reputation of the fascinating and challenging album has bee re-appraised, and there is a whole generation [or two] now, who have no idea that this album was what almost killed OMD’s career in 1983, but just as certainly, killed their artistic nerve from the period following it to the point in 2011 when they dared to pick up their instruments again in the studio after some time away from the hurly-burly of the music industry.

Today OMD have announced a 40th anniversary campaign for the album, and like the one for their top-selling 1981 release, “Architecture + Morality,” the band have resisted the more conventional thinking that results in the excessive ultrabox paradigm that can see an easy three figures to squeeze from fans who have to have it all. There are vinyl and CD options; available separately, to keep us from buying things we don’t necessarily want, thankyouverymuch. I can afford one or two ultraboxes a year on my stingy budget and have to pick my targets carefully. But what’s on offer this time is so straightforward and painless, I may even have the scratch to do a rare [for me] pre-order. What’s at stake here?


BMG | UK | CD | 2023

OMD: Dazzle Ships DLX RM – UK – CD [2023]

  1. Radio Prague
  2. Genetic Engineering
  3. ABC Auto-Industry
  4. Telegraph
  5. This Is Helena
  6. International
  7. Dazzle Ships (Parts II, III And VII)
  8. The Romance Of The Telescope
  9. Silent Running
  10. Radio Waves
  11. Time Zones
  12. Of All The Things We’ve Made
  13. Telegraph – Very Early Demo / 1982
  14. Silent Running [Demo]
  15. Sold Our Souls [The Avenue Demo]
  16. Shakespeare ’82
  17. Untitled Instrumental ’82
  18. In Heaven Above [4- NEU Demo]
  19. Telegraph – Live 1984

The blue coloration of the 40th anniversary edition is the same as the original 1984 UK CD pressing of the album, which we still have in the Record Cell. It features what looks to be a completely different complement of bonus tracks from the 25th anniversary disc. Which had these songs instead.

  1. Telegraph [The Manor Version 1981]
  2. 4-Neu [Genetic Engineering B-side]
  3. Genetic Engineering [312MM Version]
  4. 66 And Fading [Telegraph B-side]
  5. Telegraph [Extended Version]
  6. Swiss Radio International

So the 25th anniversary edition contains the album and all of the tracks released on singles, plus two previously unreleased cuts. The 40th edition has the album and what appear to be all unreleased material concurrent with the campaign. I’m not sure how an “early demo from 1982” of “Telegraph” might be cruder than the polished Manor version from 1981, but we’ll see soon. In the case of these new materials, Paul Humphreys has curated and mixed them from his tape archives. The CD has my name on it, but those of a vinyl persuasion will be able to get the exact same material on two different LP formats.

OMD dazzle ships colored vinyl 2xLP
gatefold sleeve, colored vinyl edition

There’s a colored vinyl copy in a gatefold sleeve with discs in blue and gray pressings. For those who prefer black vinyl, there’s also another gatefold sleeve, this time with the same die cuts as the original 1983 UK pressing, as well as a litho print of the album art. What we used to call a “album flat” back when there was an ecosystem of viable record stores.

OMD dazzle ships 40th anniversary die cut 2xLP
the all important die-cut sleeve; decisions, decisions


There are two pieces of merch that have also been issued, or in the case of the enamel badge below, reissued.

OMD enamel dazzle flag badge
This enamel flag pin was for sale on the 1983 merch table
This is a fiiiiiine design taken from the inner gatefold of the album

Or in the case of the t-shirt, issued anew. I really admire that t-shirt, but truth in obsession laws compel me to admit that I currently have six…no, seven OMD garments in my cornucopia of tour wear, so I hardly need another design in my home. The happiness is that none of these are particularly expensive. The official OMD store has all of this ranging from the £11.99 CD to the megabundle with everything at just £107.99. There are fractalized sub-bundles of every conceivable stripe with discounts applied, so knock yourselves out. The release date for all of this is March 31st, so it’s just around the corner. I just want that CD, but if you need any of this, then DJ hit that button.

post-punk monk buy button


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11 Responses to Want List: OMD’s 40th Anniversary ‘Dazzle Ships’ Gives Another Chance For The World To Catch Up

  1. PPM,
    Shipping costs from the UK to the USA are crazy right now! The double LP is available to preorder here via Amazon (though not the one with the die cut sleeve, sadly). But I really want that t-shirt–but refuse to pay $19 for shipping!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Stephen Shafer – I’m glad I only want the CD [checks] …Sacre merde! £10.30 for an £11.99 CD! Soon the shipping will be more than the goods. Oy! I’ve been buying from the OMD webstore for ages but maybe not going forward. There is also a US webstore, but it sells none of these items.


  2. Deserat says:

    Bought the CD bundle with the T-shirt – and shipping cost is crazy – I sent it to my US address – it doesn’t matter if I send it to my German or US address – the shipping (and German VAT!!!) are insane….BUT I LOVE that new blue rendition, so splurged.


  3. Andy B says:

    I’ll be happy to just pick up the CD. It will be interesting to hear the demos and unreleased tracks. I’m wondering if the ‘Telegraph – live 1984’ is the version that was included on the ‘Tesla Girls’ 12” single.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Andy B – So the live track was on the “Tesla Girls” single and not the 2×12” of “La Femme Accident,” then? My failing memory thanks you!


      • Andy B says:

        It’s ‘Locomotion’ that’s the live track on the ‘La Femme Accident’ 2×12”. Glad to be of help. Least I can do with all the knowledgeable fair that you have been serving up over the years Monk.


  4. *Mike B.* says:

    PPM – Since you’ve interrupted the Ultravox review breakdown, wondering if you have heard or known about the A Flock Of Seagulls expanded reissue?


  5. Taffy says:

    I might be in the minority, but I find demos to be the least interesting part of an album’s reissue. Give me remixes (including single edits) and b-sides (basically any and everything previously given an “official release) , then maybe live stuff before going to demos. Having said that, I’ll stick with the previous reissue and not indulge this version. Of course I anxiously await the Monk’s review of the new bonus tracks.

    Liked by 2 people

    • postpunkmonk says:

      Taffy – I agree, basically. And seeing as how they’ve already done that successfully, let’s agree that OMD are on track to satisfy their fan base. I prefer demos on an inexpensive CD to a box costing $80+ so I’d call it a win-win! I’ll discuss the demos if I ever get the CD. I’m still trying to keep spending in check.

      Liked by 1 person

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