Altered Images Delight With Swanky New DL Single

altered images - the other side
Cooking Vinyl | DL | 2022

Holy moly, it seems like we just got finished discussing the new Altered Images album and EP that was released in August and yet last Friday my inbox had the notice that Altered Images had prepped a new single that was being released to streaming and DL stores that day. So naturally, I made a bee-line for the iTunes store, where I could buy my own copy of the new tune and was treated to an unexpected groovy pleasure!

How often do we get to say that on any basis in the 21st century? The new one was a song she wrote and recorded with her husband-slash-music-director, Stephen Lironi and it began with some slightly melancholy guitar licks before the disco rhythm section and tremolo Fender Rhodes piano started simmering like the lost cousin to “Miss You.” It’s got just enough Disco strut energy to move us on to the dancefloor while the dreamy mirrorball vibe helps us get over the heartbreak that brought us to the club in the first place. A paradoxical example of Melancholy Disco, beautifully sung by Ms. Grogan. How did we live for so long without Altered Images music like this? Check it out.

Of course it’s streaming and ready for DL purchase at the usual places. How delightful that there was already new music from the reactivated Altered Images, but if you’ve yet to plunk down for the super “Mascara Streakz” album, then now’s a fantastic time to do so. Physical formats of the album in its CD and LP [black or red] formats are half price in December at the official Altereed Images webstore. That means the CD is $7.00, the red LP is $17.00 and the black LP is $14.00. With any of those being bundled with the “Clare Libre” CD EP of Cubanesque Altered Images hits. All at “crazy not to” pricing. Mr. D.J. Hit That Button!

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12 Responses to Altered Images Delight With Swanky New DL Single

  1. Big Mark says:

    A delight indeed!


  2. The RAHB! says:

    Ah, C.P. – ultimate queen of the helium voice.

    Any non-iTunes options I wonder? Neither Disney nor Apple get my bux in the new millennium. I’ll happily shell out on any other services though, if the opportunity presents.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      The RAHB! – Well, bless my britches! It’s actually on Quobuz…at exactly 10X what I paid at iTunes!


      • the RAHB! says:

        Well that’s just silly. They have it listed (and apparently priced) as an album. I won’t be buying from them quite obviously. Not that I haven’t paid that much – and more – many times in the past for a single, but that was for physical media, with extended mixes and non-LP b-sides :) I’m 1000% certain this is down to a poor decision on Quobuz’s side, rather than any intention to graft us on the part of AI. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for alternate sources.

        A sad lack I constantly bemoan, BTW, is the utter absence of a generic method to simply “drop your favorite act some $$$”. There have been endless occasions where I’d happily have done so if any method existed (say, a friend gave me a copy, and thus I feel the band deserves recompense even though we’ve bypassed the normative market vectors)….


        • postpunkmonk says:

          The RAHB! – I know. Someone screwed up, somewhere [Not In Summertime]. I guess there’s Patreon for that but I bristle at the “subscription model” pushed there. I don’t enjoy monthly bills per se. I’m far happier with the Bandcamp platform where there is usually the ability to throw any amount you might consider at a band! Though I’ve seen the occasional setting where “topping up” was not permitted!


  3. mod3red says:

    Thanks for the timely reminder to pick up their album, rather overlooked it upon release


  4. soundcloudless says:

    Hey. Please embed Youtube videos instead of Soundcloud players.

    Soundcloud doesn’t have as many copyright deals as Youtube, so it only plays the the first 30 seconds of this song in my country. On Youtube, I can listen to the full song (


    • postpunkmonk says:

      soundcloudless – Welcome to the comments! I don’t embed YT due to a personal dislike of Google and their policies. Which is why I lean heavily on Soundcloud and Vimeo around here.


      • The Grumpy Curmudgeon™ AKA the RAHB© says:

        At least until Google buys and then kills them :)


        • postpunkmonk says:

          The Grumpy Curmudgeon™ AKA the RAHB© – You are slipping in your old age! Where’s the cynicism of your youth??! Surely you realize that Apple could just as easily do that as well! They did it with the late, lamented LaLa™! One of the few things to bring me joy in 2006. Apple could buy every studio/label/IP owner on the planet the planet if they wanted to.


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