The Blow Monkeys Finally Get Decisive 4xCD “Animal Magic” Box In 2023

blow monkeys animal magic
Robert Howard of The Blow Monkeys enlivened the doldrums of the mid-80 with some real songwriting

Back in 2012, Cherry Red had released the first two Blow Monkeys albums in DLX RMs, and the next one also followed suit a year later. Each of them in 2xCD packages with many unreleased tracks as well as remixes and B-sides. It was some time a few years later when flush with surplus cash, that I ordered all three editions. I made the mistake of ordering “Animal Magic” from an Amazon dealer, and this dealer advertised the 2cCD but sent me the 1986 RCA US single disc that I already had. And when I brought this to their attention, they gave me grief for it, insisting that it was the same UPC code! I eventually got a refund but having lost the momentum, I never bought that one edition of the reissue program.

Part of the reason was that I always saw new copies for sale at good prices for that album. Meanwhile, the other two editions I did manage to successfully buy are now pricey OOP discs. So I thought I could just buy a new copy at any time. Then I recently learned of Cherry Red’s predilection for “re-pressing” titles on CD-R. And I gave up any hope of getting the DLX “Animal Magic” in a used copy since the dealers listing it on Discogs never answered my queries as to its provenance.

That will be changing next January. The Blow Monkeys have just announced a reissue of their crucial “Animal Magic” album in an expansive 4xCD set packed with delights. Here’s the breakdowns below.

blow monkeys animal magic 4xCD
Four CDs for less than $20?…Pinch me!

The Blow Monkeys: Animal Magic SDLX RM – UK – 4xCD [2023]

Disc 1

  1. Digging Your Scene
  2. Animal Magic
  3. Wicked Ways
  4. Sweet Murder
  5. Aeroplane City Lovesong
  6. I nearly Died Laughing
  7. Don’t Be Scared Of Me
  8. Burn The Rich
  9. I backed A Winner (in You)
  10. Forbidden Fruit
  11. Heaven Is A Place I’m Moving To

Disc 2

  1. Guess I Love Her Now (Demo)
  2. Forbidden Fruit (Demo)
  3. Animal Magic (Demo)
  4. Wicked Ways (Demo)
  5. I Nearly Died Laughing (Demo)
  6. Sweet Murder (Demo)
  7. Wicked Ways (Single Edit)
  8. Digging Your Scene (Single Edit)
  9. My America
  10. The Optimist
  11. Walking The Bluebeat
  12. Digging Your Scene (Scat Mix)
  13. Superfly
  14. Aeroplane City Lovesong (Alternative Recording)
  15. Man From Russia (Remix)
  16. Digging Your Scene (Instrumental)
  17. Wicked Ways (Instrumental)

Disc 3

  1. Sweet Murder (Single Version)
  2. Sweet Murder (Sweet Beat Version)
  3. Forbidden Fruit (12″ Version)
  4. Digging Your Scene (Digging Your Remix)
  5. Digging Your Scene (12” Mastermind Remix)
  6. Digging Your Scene (U.S. Mix)
  7. Wicked Ways (Wick-Ed-It Version)
  8. Digging Your Scene (Long Version)
  9. Wicked Ways (Long Version)
  10. Digging Your Scene (Phil Harding Remix)

Disc 4

  1. Don’t Be Scared Of Me (Extended Version)
  2. Superfly (Long Version)
  3. Don’t Be Scared Of Me (Mix)
  4. Sweet Murder (Extended Version)
  5. Digging Your Scene (Longer Mix)
  6. Sweet Murder (Murderess Dub Version)
  7. Sweet Murder (feat. Eek-A-Mouse)
  8. Digging Your Scene (Pete Wilson Mix)
  9. Aeroplane City Lovesong (Pete Wilson Remix)

Impressive! Tracks in red are new to CD. That’s 15 tracks; many of which are US promo mixes, now accounted for. But there’s only one track on the 2012 edition missing here; the “Forbidden Fruit” B-side “Kill The Pig [Pig Mix].” But that one was also on the 2xCD of “Limping For A Generation,” so that was maybe included on “Animal Magic” in error?

There is also a white vinyl LP but I’m immune to the charms of vinyl in my dotage. Pretty, but take it from this Monk… white vinyl is all but impossible to cue up! But maybe you’re not like me with more Blow Monkeys vinyl than sense, so if that’s your itch, than scratch it [metaphorically].

glossy goods from The Blow Monkeys

The band’s webstore lists availability on January 27th, 2023, and the best part of all is the price: pre-order right now for:

  • White LP – £23.00/€27.00/$28.00
  • 4xCD quadfold digipak – £15.00/€18.00/$19.00
  • Bundle of both – £35.00/€41.00/$43.00

Every home should have this musical delight, and I’m more than fine with jamming econo on that CD package, though the top selling Blow Monkeys album is one I would have gladly popped for a $70 large box with the bells and whistles. The shipping from the UK is a modest $11.00 to America. Not bad. That release date is about six weeks away, so save your pocket change. You know the score…Mr. D.J. hit that button!

post-punk monk buy button


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12 Responses to The Blow Monkeys Finally Get Decisive 4xCD “Animal Magic” Box In 2023

  1. Scott Klapman says:

    Let’s hope they get Forbidden Fruit (12″ Version) right.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Scott Klapman – The “Forbidden Fruit” 12″ is 5:50. Much longer than the roughly four minute LP mix. But as far as I know, it has not been on a BM CD yet. Did you mean “Atomic Lullaby?” There was that 12″ version snafu [the 12″ had the LP mix and was included twice on the DLX “Limping”] which would not apply to an “Animal Magic” DLX RM.


      • Scott Klapman says:

        No. I’m the source of the info where I communicated with the gentleman who put these reissues together for Cherry Red, and he commented on Amazon in detail about how he compiled them. Sadly of course, Amazon has since removed all comments. But I did post the gist on the reviews sections in Discogs, where it says he wasn’t aware there was a 12″ mix of FF, and he apologized.


  2. Amazon has it for $30


  3. Tim says:

    SDE done right, the music apparently in an nice little box at *AN AFFORDABLE PRICE*. No vinyl, no posters, no badges or other needless frou frou.
    My one request of any product like this, please, for us codgers who buy this stuff, give us a digital pdf of the booklet that we can blow up on a computer screen and read with ease.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – Hah! What would I do without my magnifier app on my iPhone? I agree totally on the lack of a “mandatory vinyl tax!” But my love of Blow Monkeys is such that I still would have gone there if need be. I wonder if albums after the first three will ever get the DLX RM love? Looking back, it’s amazing that the under the radar 1st album did! I would really love to see “Springtime For the World” go big!


      • Tim says:

        Whenever possible I disassemble the books that come with SDE’s , scan them at a high resolution setting and then reassemble them. Usually it’s just pulling staples and reinserting/rebending them when done, no biggie. From there I turn the scans into a pdf for burgeoning boderline elderly reading. Two of the big projects were the Pet Shop Boys and Saint Etienne deluxe sets


  4. *Mike B.* says:

    I wonder if P.P.M. is grabbing the (White) Vinyl & CD Edition Bundle?
    Glad you know! Now what else is coming Mmmm!?
    Oh, I Just ordered this – and a regular copy (Why? – No idea, just did!).


    • postpunkmonk says:

      *Mike B.* – My days of going “all-in” on Double Duran are long over! My budget hasn’t even allowed a copy of the recent [18 months counts as “recent” to me…] new album yet. From what I’ve read, it’s probably better than “Paper Gods.” At least I hope so! Most of the best stuff there was shunted off to retailer exclusives.


      • *Mike B.* says:

        Exactly – Astronaut to current not really listening to too much of DD. Sunrise Promo Mixes was the last. If any, remixes only for me to buy. I’ll sneak this new one on to that music blog (Djjjedredy’s approval of course!).


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