Countess Of Fife Album “Star Of The Sea” Ready For Takeoff This October

It’s been a while, but The Countess of Fife, Fay Fife’s alt country combo with Lord Allen McDowall is to be released on October 14, 2022. The Kickstarter campaign was in December of 2020, but then a wee trifle called Covid-19 came roaring across the earth as the campaign had successfully concluded. Throwing chaos into their [and probably your] plans. But the goal is soon to be in the rear-view-mirror of life. If you were one of the many pledges, your CD/DL/LP will be soon in your mail box. And now we’ve got some info on what to expect. Beyond the fabbo cover below.

UK | CD | 2022

The Countess of Fife: Star Of The Sea – UK – CD [2022]

  1. Wandering Star
  2. Empty Headed
  3. Trapped
  4. Sixteen
  5. Goodbye Motorbike Guy
  6. Let This Night Be Over
  7. Humans Are A Bad Breed
  8. Second Fiddle
  9. Don’t Dress Me Up

The core band this outing were Fife [vocals + keys] and McDowall [guitar] along with Chris Agnew [Rezillos, double bass] and Willie Mollison [drums.] I see further Scot music royalty with Malcolm Ross of Josef K on acoustic and lap steel guitar. We know some of these songs from the live CD and DLs that came out earlier, but I can’t help but see a title like “Goodbye Motorbike Guy” and think maybe now’s not the time to be holding my breath for more Rezillos music! Meanwhile, The Countess Of Fife is burning rubber on the highway of life. Let’s try the album version of the great “Wandering Star” for a taste of what’s to come.

Last Friday the band played their set at the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival; the mother of all Fringe Festivals! [Did anyone make it there?] but their Album release party will be in a few weeks on Sunday, October 9, 2022 at Edinburgh’s fabulous Voodoo Rooms Ballroom. Actually, The Countess’ website deems the space “opulent,” which is a few steps beyond fabulous, I believe! As if this photo didn’t prove it!

Yessssss… that ticks all of my opulence boxes…

Any readers in the capital city in October should attend and report back with their findings! It looks to be a magical night happening. The rest of us can at least buy the album, which is due on the 14th on Bandcamp. The physical copies on CD and LP were part of the Kickstarter campaign in late 2020. As a pledger, my CD is all wrapped up, but the DL and DL is available for preorder for £8.00 DL and £15.00 for CD. D.J. hit that button for a dose of Alt Country goodness from the magnificent pipes of Ms. Fife.

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4 Responses to Countess Of Fife Album “Star Of The Sea” Ready For Takeoff This October

  1. JT says:

    >[Did anyone make it there?]

    Well, since you asked… my first vay-cay in 3+ years took in three days in Edinburgh, three days in Glasgow, and a ten-day hiking trip across the highlands. Did catch a lil’ bit of Fringe (my trip coincidentally overlapped with it on two evenings), but did not coincide with the CoF gig.

    The glimpses of Fringe that I caught, were – by the by – disappointingly mainstream. Took a long look through their 400-page schedule (yeah, 400 pages….). Almost every musical act were tribute bands(!). I was almost-tempted to go see “Tom Waits” and “David Bowie” but decided that I’d rather just wander the city. Theater offerings (impossible to ignore with metric tons of posters posted on every available surface across the city) seemed similarly unimaginative and very mainstream crowd-pleaserish, while the half-dozen street performers I saw were uniformly mediocre.


    • I believe Die Roten Punkte was playing at the fest, and I’m sorry you missed them. Although styled (a bit) on the White Stripes (meet Kraftwerk meet The Rutles), they are an original Fringe music act, terrific at it, and good friends of mine. Hopefully you will get to see them again someday, and to the rest of the regular readers here, you’d probably like them a great deal, so keep an eye on your local Fringe Festival to see if they’re playing.


  2. That pledge drive was so long ago I don’t have any recollection whether I pledged for the CD or not! But I’m glad I can get it soon via Bandcamp even if I didn’t remember to pledge for it! I’ve been so impressed both that Fay has gone boldly into her own direction (and rules it), and that she is still sounding utterly amazing. A great way to tide us over until the next? Rezillos/Revillos album …


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – Well, log into your Kickstarter account and find out! And I wouldn’t hold your breath for any more Rezillos action. I think Fay’s done waiting around for those guys to get their act together.


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