Today’s Album: Various Artists – “Just Say Roe”

Sire Records | US | CD | 1994 | 9 45645-2

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10 Responses to Today’s Album: Various Artists – “Just Say Roe”

  1. Tim says:

    Bedtime for Democracy would be more applicable.
    This is a shot across the bow to see how much they can get away with and right now they feel quite emboldened.


  2. SimonH says:

    A truly depressing day.


  3. Andy B says:

    There’s so much to admire about the U.S. and so much that disappoints. A very sad day indeed.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Andy B – It astounds me to hear the POV of non-U.S. citizens who can still see something to admire about the U.S. system. I’ll admit to being completey demoralized over the course of my life.


  4. Since my comments on the Supreme Court decisions would likely get me in serious trouble with some authoritarian authority somewhere, I’ll just comment on the album itself. Like the rest of the later “Just Say Yes” series, there’s a mixed bag of songs and artists here, with a few I really love but most not doing much for me. That said, this one is unusual in that there is definitely more of a “theme” in this one than is typical.

    The whole series is worth collecting IMO, and as always — having your important music in non-online formats for “offline” listening is of value, perhaps even more so when looking ahead.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – There are so many decisions to complain about! I didn’t even know about the erosion of the Miranda ruling until days later!! In the aftermath of the wave of sewage issuing from the Supreme Court it somehow got overlooked!

      As for the album, I never got this last one of the series. Though kudos to Seymour Stein for the then timely buttressing of Roe V. Wade as anyone with eyes 28 years ago saw this coming like a V2 rocket in slow motion.

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      • negative1ne says:

        hi mr monk.
        i have a few in the series, like just say yes, and just say no and just say mao. but stopped after that. i think they were really stretching it by the time they got to these latter ones.

        also, i’m surprised that people didnt see this coming, even before the leak.
        it was obvious this was going to happen. so why do people act surprised.

        its not going to change, and its not going to get reverted. because people are
        too apathetic about voting, and if they did, obviously it wasn’t for the leaders
        or politicians that have their views.

        this is how American judicial systems works, if you think you can influence
        the justices, you’re sadly mistaken. learn to live within the rules that are declared,
        or do something that helps elected people change how its interpreted.



        • postpunkmonk says:

          negative1ne – By the time that Sire released Vol. VII of “Just Say…” I could have cared less about their roster. On that one, I liked Danielle Dax and The Judybats. None of the others on that volume were interesting to me. I understand the apathy about voting. Sadly, the fact is that for all the lip service paid to the ideals of democracy, politicians seek to game the system by depressing the voting pool by every means necessary. “Winning” candidates can sneak into power with as little as a third of the electorate behind their unpopular platforms. And one party doesn’t even bother with a platform any more.

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