John Foxx Reads From “The Quiet Man” For Spoken Word/Ambient Piano Album “The Marvellous Notebook” on LP/CD

john foxx the marvellous notebook signed LP edition
The signed edition of “The Marvellous Notebook” on an LP edition of 600

Yikes! I vaguely remember getting an email about this earlier this year [checks email…] and it was apparently late May when the first word of this new Foxx project filtered out. And this has been a very different year. There has been so much to keep us preoccupied, and now the email arrived today, proclaiming that the release date of this new album was in one week. I acted decisively this morning, so I have the project now with my name on it.

This Metamatic Records release is one of the stray spoken word releases that Foxx has released in the last 20 years. This will be readings from his book, “The Quiet Man” with ambient piano accompaniment. So it will have some music in the mix, like his 2009 album “The Quiet Man” which was several other pieces from the writing with Foxx on piano, albeit with Justin Barton doing the reading. This time it’s Foxx himself doing the narration.

john foxx the marvellous notebook
Metamatic Records | UK | LP/CD | 2022

John Foxx: The Marvellous Notebook – UK – CD [2022]

  1. The Marvellous Notebook
  2. Remember
  3. Under London
  4. The Quiet Man
grey vinyl marvellous notebook

The CD is all four tracks in an edition of 1000. There is also an LP edition in… what else but gray vinyl, numbering 600. The LP copy will come with an insert signed by Foxx as shown at the heading of this post. The cover art was from a photo taken by Foxx as designed by Jonathan Barnbrook. So we know it will be an object of beauty and sound. The LP, being limited for space, will only have three of the four tracks. The fourth, “Under London,” will be provided via a download code. Prices are as follows.


These goods have a street date of next Friday, July 1st, 2022. There’s every chance that with my order in this morning they could ship out to arrive in a week or so. Things have been quiet [no pun intended] on the Foxx front of late. The “Howl” album hot on the heels of a pandemic seemed to draw a line that I’m glad Foxx has crossed with this project. The artist has been highly productive in the third phase of his career, but Foxx is 73 and has every right to withdraw from his public artistic life on his own terms. That day will come but for now he’s still sending out his probes into the intermix of the environment and his own psyche that he finds so compelling. Hit that button to order your own personal copy.

post-punk monk buy button


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8 Responses to John Foxx Reads From “The Quiet Man” For Spoken Word/Ambient Piano Album “The Marvellous Notebook” on LP/CD

  1. Dave Turner says:

    Ordered my copy a while back. Got everything by John on CD. Seen him live several times and met the great man too. On the first occasion he actually apologised for keeping me waiting! A lovely, charming man and a huge talent. And ‘The Quiet Man’ book is an object of beauty in itself (though no CD came with it, perhaps this is the one that was planned?).


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Dave Turner – It did seem that there might have been a CD to accompany the book, but perhaps he didn’t want to muddy the waters for what was a lifelong project that was not music per se. Then the book would stand apart upon its reelase.


  2. Gavin says:

    I imagine that I will get the CD version.
    The Quiet Man is one of my favourite works by Mr Leigh and the one I play most often.I was fortunate to see a few live performances of it.


  3. I was reminded by this that I had not placed an order for it (CD version) and neither had I bought a copy of Howl yet (!!), so now both have been rectified. I’m sorry not to be getting another signature from the great man himself, but I’m really not collecting vinyl anymore.


  4. Richard says:

    Just got a call that the cd is in at my fav store !


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