Want List: Electronic Sound Issue 90 Bundled With New ABC 7″

“Look Good Tonight” b/w “Sixty Seconds Later”

Stop the presses! We interrupt this regularly scheduled review for some very timely info. I just got the email from Electronic Sound and I’m sharing it with you because time is of the essence This will sell out sometime today so act fast if you want one. The lovely magazine has a 7″ bundled with each issue. I usually buy at least one or two a year if the 7″ is of interest. This one is definitely of interest.

ABC are the cover story and the single is as follows on gold vinyl:

  1. Look Good Tonight [previously a DL from ABC in a 24 hour period in 2020]
  2. Sixty Seconds Later [previously unreleased]

The magazine with single costs £11.99 and I paid about twice that for international shipping. So…$30 and change. ABC? I’m in! You too? D.J. Hit That Button!

post-punk monk buy button


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22 Responses to Want List: Electronic Sound Issue 90 Bundled With New ABC 7″

  1. negative1ne says:

    hi mr monk,

    thanks for promoting this here.
    i know abc is a minor band to most people.
    but to me they are essential. glad to see this coming out.

    martin does not like looking back, and does not want to
    be involved with any older reissues. so thats why you dont
    hear or see anything about them.



    • postpunkmonk says:

      negative1ne – ABC will never be a minor band to me. But if Fry hates looking backward, then he will be having some cognitive dissonance when that big fat “Lexicon of Love” ultrabox rolls out later this year! I’ve heard as much somewhere.

      I had to promote this immediately, otherwise it will sell out and be of no interest to anyone. Those Electronic Sound issues with 7″ do not last more than a day on sale in my experience.

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      • negative1ne says:

        hi mr monk,
        i know it was very short notice.
        but a friend of yours, (on this blog) duncan,
        has ordered 1 for sale. if anyone ones wants one.
        i would have gotten it in from him, but i had already
        ordered it, along with many other items to save on
        shipping costs.



        • alonewithstrangers says:

          Martin has no problem looking back at all – have you seen his live set? He knows that LOL pays the bills and isn’t stupid.

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          • negative1ne says:

            Hi alonewithstrangers,
            he has no problem playing the songs.

            he just doesn’t want anything to do with reissuing, re-releasing, or doing
            anything with older material. thats what i meant. been trying to get the
            re-release of abracadabra out, for the last 2 years. so imagine how its
            going to be for the other material.



            • Tim says:

              Are you working on that with Vinny Vero? Any details to spill? I think Vinny is tired of me asking him on Facebook…

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            • alonewithstrangers says:

              That’s completely rubbish because I know people that are currently working directly with him on re-releasing old material. and he has been involved in touting old material around record companies. He even re-recorded a number of tracks for Caroline Records in 2015 which are available on line.

              Perhaps he is just not interested in Abracadabra?


  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for the tip, I am in the minority here but I have no use for vinyl. Would love to hear the track that I don’t already have, maybe it will show up somewhere as a digital download someday.

    Mr. Fry on the next Lexicon Reissue here:
    “That became my speech. It was an omen, Bowie sprinkling his magic dust on our tunes. All these decades later, if I get a taxi, the driver will ask: ‘Did you find true love, then?'” ABC even made a film, Mantrap, to capitalise on their success.

    Its lead actress LisaVanderpump later found fame in Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Now Mantrap is getting revived as part of a 40th anniversary boxset edition of The Lexicon Of Love later this year.

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  3. alonewithstrangers says:

    Ah! Subscriber here for the last five years or so. Well worth it.

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