DJ Paul Dakeyne Hosts Vicious Pink Release Party Saturday, April 9 Online

So release parties are now online…you’d better bring your own beverages

We got an intriguing invite this week to the Vicious Pink “West View” album release event, being held online and hosted by DJ Paul Dakeyne and under the MinimalWave umbrella. As a 12″ single band, the “West View” album stands as a definitive Vicious Pink release; possibly the one to have if you’re only having one. It was released on Valentine’s Day and I’ve yet to find the time to spin my copy [2xLP!] so I hope to have the review happening next week. Just the book accompanying the package was a treat with amazing stories from Jose Warden and Brian Moss along with their co-conspirators like Marc Almond and David Ball!

Next weekend, Paul Dakeyne will be hosting this party above. It’s online at Twitch, the gamestreaming platform now streaming all sorts of content, with his DJ sets among the musical features. Here’s the facts – the event will be hosted on Twitch the Saturday after next, April 9, at 9 PM – 11 PM+ UK time. Paul will be mixing Vicious Pink rarities as well as the new remastered recordings. Brian Moss will be live in the studio with him, along with special guests and a “surprise” courtesy of vocalist Jose Warden.

Anyone can stream this so if you have a love for Vicious Pink [and you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, right?] show up on April 9, 9 PM [UTC +1] and join the party. Those with a Twitch account can chat along with the livestream, but anyone can view it freely. I’ll make it easy, just hit that button below.

vicious pink livestream release party


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5 Responses to DJ Paul Dakeyne Hosts Vicious Pink Release Party Saturday, April 9 Online

  1. Gavin says:

    Shame I will be out in Liverpool that night at an actual Post-Punk club night I attend most months. I would certainly have signed up for this.


  2. I hope I will have time to do this, sounds like a lot of fun and is FREE. For those of you with sufficiently smart TV or an Apple TV hardware box (or Roku/FireStick/Chromecast if you must), you should be able to put the Twitch app on your large screens and soundbars to enjoy the event to the fullest!


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