‘Fripp Goes New Wave’ “Exposures” Megabox Prepares To Stun Our Senses

Discipline Global Mobile | UK | 25x CD, 3x DVD, 4x BR | 2022 | RFBX101

Robert Fripp: Exposures SDLX BSOG – UK – 25xCD, 3xDVD, 4xBR [2022]

Commercial titles as originally released in red. New mixes in blue.

  1. Disc 1 Major Loops I
  2. Disc 2 Major Loops II 
  3. Disc 3 Major Loops III 
    Discs 1 – 3 comprise some of the Major Loops for Frippertronics. Disc 3 also includes the loops for the track Breathless. 
    Discs 1 – 3 – Material previously unreleased
  4. Disc 4 NYC: Exposure Master Loops and Lost in the Bush of Ghosts                    The master loops for Exposure plus loops recorded for the David Byrne/Brian Eno album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 
    Disc 4 – Previously unreleased, except. Bush of Ghosts loops previously available as a download from dgmlive.com under a later title. New to disc
  5. Disc 5 Last of the Great New York Heartthrobs, Plus: Exposure alt takes/rough mixes 
    Disc 5 contains the original album running order/featured vocalists/original lyrics in some instances (with the original proposed album title) as mastered in August 1978, taken from the master tape and accompanied by a selection of alternate takes and rough mixes from the album sessions. 
    Disc 5 – Previously unreleased, except select tracks from additional material section previously available as downloads from dgmlive.com. New to disc 
  6. Disc 6 Exposure First Edition, Plus:                                                                                 
    The 2006 master/running order of the First Edition of Exposure plus loops recorded for Here Comes the Flood. Disc 6 – Previously released except Flood Loops 
  7. Disc 7 Exposure, Third Edition Plus:
    The 2006 master/running order of the Third Edition of Expoosure plus the additional material from that release – album songs with Daryl Hall/ Terre Roche vocals, plus material from Peter Gabriel II, Daryl Hall’s Sacred Songs and a previously unreleased mix of Here Comes the Flood from Exposure 
    Disc 7 – Previously released except Here Comes the Flood mix. 
  8. Disc 8 Exposure Fourth Edition, 2021 Stereo Mix, Plus: 
    Full album newly mixed from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson following the First Edition running order and all alternate vocal performances also newly mixed and included. 
    Disc 8 – New mixes/Previously unreleased 
  9. Disc 9 Breathless or How I Gradually Internalised The Social Reality Of Manhattan Until It Seemed To Be A Very Reasonable Way Of Life, Plus: 
    Using another abandoned title for the album (as does disc 5) and following, approximately, that album running order using Steven Wilson 2021 mixes and, mostly, Daryl Hall vocal performances. Also includes a sequence of previously unheard loops. 
    Disc 9 – New mixes/Previously unreleased 
  10. Disc 10 Frippertronics: The Kitchen, NYC, 5/2/78, Disc One 
  11. Disc 11 Frippertronics: The Kitchen, NYC, 5/2/78, Disc Two 
  12. Disc 12 Frippertronics: Wintergarden, Copenhagen, 18/5/79 and Polydor, Paris 23/5/79 
  13. Disc 13 Frippertronics: Le Pretzel Enchainé, Montreal 19/8/79
    New masters of Frippertronics’ shows, including the legendary first NYC shows at The Kitchen and two shows from the tour to support the Exposure album release that included performances in restaurants, art galleries, record company offices, radios stations and record shops. 
    Discs 10 – 13 – Previously available as downloads from dgmlive.com. New to disc 
  14. Disc 14 God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners 2021 remaster, Plus: 
    GSTQ/UHM newly mastered from the original master tapes by David Singleton. Material released on disc for the first time in many years, plus a previously unreleased track from the same sessions, a single edit of UHM and God Save the King from the 1985 Fripp/LOG CD compilation. Disc 14 – Material previously released in different masters/formats. 
  15. Disc 15 Discotronics/UHM 2021: 
    UHM and session tracks extended versions and newly mixed tracks from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson. Disc 15 – New mixes/Previously unreleased 
  16. Disc 16 Under Heavy Management/Eurotronics 
    Previously unreleased tracks from recording sessions of the era newly mixed by Steven Wilson and compiled into the equivalent of two imaginary vinyl length albums. Disc 16 – New mixes/Previously unreleased 
  17. Disc 17 The League of Gentlemen – Paradise Club, Boston, 26/6/80 (2nd show), Plus: 
    Recorded just one week into the band’s sole US tour. Also included are two rehearsal performances including the LOG take on Disengage. Disc 17 – Previously available as a download from dgmlive.com. New to disc. 
  18. Disc 18 Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx and The League of Gentlemen (1985 CD mixes) 
    DGM released compilation of LOG live plus the original album tracks from the 1985 CD compilation GSTK Disc 18 – Material previously released in different masters/formats. 
  19. Disc 19 The League of Gentlemen – 2021 stereo mixes, Plus: 
    Newly mixed from the original multi-track tapes by Steven Wilson, including several studio recordings previously heard on live releases only and alternate mixes of five tracks. Disc 19 – New mixes/Previously unreleased 
  20. Disc 20 Let The Power Fall, 2021, Plus: 
    Newly mastered from the original master tapes by David Singleton and on disc for the first time in many years plus a single edit and two earlier mixes of another track titled 1984 at the time of mixing. Disc 20 – Material previously released in different masters/formats and/or previously unreleased. 
  21. Disc 21 Washington Square Church, August 1981, 2021 mixes Recordings drawn from a series of concerts at the New York City venue (the full series appears on Blu-Ray, Disc 27). Newly mixed and mastered from the original tapes by David Singleton to produce the finest example of Frippertronics in performance. Disc 21 – New mixes/Previously unreleased 
  22. Disc 22 DVD: Exposure – Stereo editions and DTS Surround Sound Exposure Fourth Edition – Steven Wilson mixes plus additional material in 24/96 hi-res stereo and DTS 5.1 Surround Sound. Last of the New York Heartthrobs in 24/96 hi-res stereoExposure Third Edition plus additional material in 24/48 hi-res stereo 
  23. Disc 23 DVD: God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners – expanded/The League of Gentlemen – Stereo/Quad/5.1 DTS Surround Sound 
    GSTQ – David Singleton, 2021 master, UHM 2021 plus additional material, League of Gentlemen 2021 mixes by Steven Wilson in 24/96 hi-res stereo. GSTQ in DTS Surround Sound (quad 4.1) mixes by David Singleton GSTQ plus additional material in DTS 5.1 Surround Sound mixes by Steven Wilson League of Gentlemen studio recordings in DTS 5.1 Surround Sound mixes by Steven Wilson 
  24. Disc 24 DVD: Let The Power Fall/Washington Square Church 
    LTPF in 24/96 and WSC in 24/48 hi-res masters/mixes by David Singleton LTPF/WSC in DTS Surround Sound (quad 4.1) mixes by David Singleton.
  25. Disc 25 Exposure/Under Heavy Manners – Blu-Ray I 
    Exposure Fourth Edition Exposure Fifth Edition (running order as per First/Fourth Edition but with the inclusion of Daryl Hall lead vocals on select tracks) Breathless or How I Gradually Internalised The Social Reality Of Manhattan Until It Seemed To Be A Very Reasonable Way Of Life Under Heavy Manners and Additional Material from the recording sessions 2021 Masters/Mixes in 24/96 in hi-res stereo, DTS-HD 5.1 Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos mixed and produced by Steven Wilson
    God Save the Queen 
    2021 Masters in 24/96 hi-res stereo and DTS-HD Surround Sound (quad) mixed and produced by David Singleton Exposure: Additional Material/Sessions/Under Heavy Management/Eurotronics Newly mixed material from the sessions in 24/96 hi-res stereo in recording date sequence and sequence as per Disc 16 mixed and produced by Steven Wilson Last of the New York Heartthrobs Exposure Second Edition Under Heavy Manners – Original Mix (David Singleton 2021 Master) Master Recordings in 24/96 hi-res stereo Exposure First Edition Exposure Third Edition plus Additional Material Master Recordings in 24/48 hi-res stereo
  26. Disc 26 The DGM Frippertronics’ Archive Volume I – Blu-Ray II 
  27. Disc 27 The DGM Frippertronics’ Archive Volume II – Blu-Ray III                                          The Complete DGM Archive of Frippertronics loops, studio and live recordings 1977 – 1983 in 24/48 hi-res stereo 
  28. Disc 28 Let The Power Fall/Washington Square Church/The League of Gentlemen – Blu-Ray IV                                                                                                                                                       The League of Gentlemen 2021 Masters/Mixes in 24/96 in hi-res stereo, DTS-HD 5.1 Surround Sound and Dolby Atmos, Additional Material in 24/96 hi-res stereo mixed and produced by Steven Wilson Let The Power Fall 2021 Masters in 24/192 hi-res stereo, DTS-HD Surround Sound (Quad) mixed and produced by David Singleton. Original Master plus Additional Material in 24/96 hi-res stereo Washington Square Church 2021 Masters in 24/48 hi-res stereo and DTS-HD Surround Sound (Quad) mixed and produced by David Singleton God Save the King The 1985 Robert Fripp/League of Gentlemen compilation Masters in 16/48 stereo Discs 22 – 28 – All material new to disc in these formats, mixes, audio quality
  29. Disc 29 Resplendent in Divergence                                                                                                    A collection of Frippertronics that appeared as individual tracks on compilations, other albums and the DGM website assembled and mastered by Alex R. Mundy at DGM. Disc 29 – Previously released, some material new to disc 
  30. Disc 30 Blasts and Blasms                                                                                                       Sessions, Jams and Rehearsals 
  31. Disc 31 More Blasts, More Blasms                                                                                             Sessions, Jams and Rehearsals Two discs of recordings and elements of recordings from various points during the Exposure sessions giving an insight into the process that led to the album. Assembled and mastered by Alex R. Mundy at DGM. Discs 30/31 – Some material previously available as downloads at dgmlive.com, most new to disc. 
  32. Disc 32 The League of Gentlemen – Royal Exeter, Bournemouth, 21/9/80                                John Peel broadcast, 17/11/80 The League of Gentlemen’s autumn tour of the UK included some of the short-lived band’s most energised performances. This newly mastered audience recording is one of the few recorded examples of that tour. Also included are recordings from LOG rehearsal tapes made by the band & first broadcast on the John Peel Show on the BBC in November 1980. Disc 32 – Some material previously available as a download from dgmlive.com. New to disc.

I am overwhelmed to view this proposed product. I have seen Robert Fripp release in recent years, what I can only refer to as “core-dump” BSOGs. Boxed Sets of God that examine fully and in what can only be called surgical detail, most of the recording periods surrounding each King Crimson album. These boxes are filled with a dozen or more CDs/DVD-As/Blu-ray Audio discs with original mixes, Steven Wilson remixes in 2.0 and 5.1 and any Quad mixes from the 70s for good measure. They typically start at three figures and go on from there when they [inevitably] go out of print. This is unique in that Fripp, apart from the King Crimson mothership, was the thrust of this, the most expansive box DGM has released yet. 32 discs + ephemera! Focusing on what Fripp described as “The Drive To 1981.”

The Drive To 1981…

The Fripp core canonical albums that this box encompasses were as follows:

  • Exposure [1979]
  • God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners [1980]
  • The League Of Gentlemen [1981]
  • Let The Power Fall [1981]
  • PLUS: Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx [1996]
  • PLUS: various DGM DL packages

The Headmaster has built up a very large cult in the last 53 years. Ideally, I would be exactly the target audience for this release as I joined the caravan after reading an interview with Fripp in OMNI Magazine on the release of “Exposure” in 1979. He certainly seemed like the sharpest knife in the drawer! Then, I heard him perform live Frippertronics on The Midnight Special when his pals Blondie hosted and gave him 3 minutes to play his music of extraordinary beauty. Robert Fripp became my favorite guitarist on the spot. All of this before I heard any of his playing on Bowie albums†! I jumped on “Exposure” and I got each of the albums as they were released; apart from “Let The Power Fall,” which came out so quickly after “The League Of Gentlemen” that I momentarily lost the plot there. I only got a copy of that LP in 2011!

– I heard “Scary Monsters […and Supercreeps]” when released in the fall of 1980, and I bought “Heroes” in 1981.

The CDs that were released of this material in the 80s was usually heavily edited and remixed-re-recorded by The Headmaster in his obsessive quest for satisfaction. The 1987 “Exposure” CD [which I bought] was a remix by Brad Davis/Fripp. Then the definitive 2006 2xCD remaster of that title [which I also bought} was a real game-changer. many of Daryl Hall’s vocals were available for the first time as Fripp wanted Hall to sing it all and his management balked at their star slumming with Fripp!

L-R: Johnny Toobad, Robert Fripp, Sara Lee, Barry Andrews ca. 1981 as the League Of Gentlemen

fripp god save the king cover artrobert fripp - god save the queen under heavy manners cover artOne of the feats of this set is that “God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners” is now on the silver disc intact! In 1985, half of the tracks on “God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners” made it to CD, along with about half of the League Of Gentlemen album. The resulting mashup chimera, was called “God Save The King” and was remixed on top of being edited. Solos were re-recorded and the results were not what I expected. I finally made my own “League of Gentlemen” CD-R [REVO 086] with an eye towards making one of “God Save The Queen/Under Heavy Manners” as well one day.

It’s great to see the 1980 disc finally debuting as experienced on the silver disc, but the League Of Gentlemen opus [with great input as well from Barry Andrews and Sara Lee in her debut on bass] is still m.i.a. in spite of this set. The seven cuts from “God Save the King” were matched here with a reissue of the great live “Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx” disc that DGM released in 1996 as disc 18. Meanwhile, Fripp had Steven Wilson remix the “League Of Gentlemen” tracks as a discreet disc 19.

The pre-order for this is hefty: $205/£160 but when amortized across the 32 discs in the box [which also features a 48 page booklet and other ephemera along with the discs] it all reduces down to a modest $6.41/disc cost. Did you ever want to hear the complete Frippertronic library? It’s here! All 68 hours of it are on Blu-ray discs 26 and 27! I’d guess off the top of my head that this represented over 100 hours of listening materials. I love Fripp’s guitar playing more than any other, but I have to admit that the notion of listening to something this monumental makes my brain seize up.

I realize that fans want their megaboxes. If this material didn’t sell to the faithful, they wouldn’t put the enormous time and resources into making sets like this one. But with my normal lifestyle, I suspect that it would take me several months of listening to nothing else to cut a swath through what “Exposures” represents. I only own a handful of boxes with up to six discs and they represent the limit of my abilities as a fan! The Prince “Sign o’ The Times” ultabox was 8xCD + DVD and I’ve only had the time to listen to that once in the 18 months I’ve owned it! And it represented a fraction of the overlap here.

So I am not the target audience for this; as limitless as my admiration for Fripp is. But if you need to immerse yourself [and that is almost literal] in the era where Fripp was happily swimming in the queer zone between Prog and Post-Punk as deeply as he ever got, then by all means hit those buttons!

USA | DGM Live

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UK | Burning Shed

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19 Responses to ‘Fripp Goes New Wave’ “Exposures” Megabox Prepares To Stun Our Senses

  1. Big Mark says:

    I’ve ordered my copy! I didn’t do any of the Crim boxes, but I love Exposure and its related items so much that I simply could not pass this by. Yes, I may be nuts.


  2. Awesome. Ordered. Thanks for the heads up. Exposure is one of my favourite albums ever. Not the best album ever just one of the most unique. Bought it a long long time ago (1984?) and still have it on vinyl. Intrigued about the double reissue.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      the press music reviews – Wow, so you are buyer #2 in the comments! Obviously, the interest is there. And you certainly have that right. “Exposure” is one of the most unique and vivid albums I’ve ever heard. Fripp’s idea of a musical autobiography was inspired. The fact that he would even do a solo album was nothing I would have ever expected from him, knowing what I now know about him and the time frame in which he did it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m going to listen to Exposure again before deciding to have FOMO about the people that can afford this, LOL!


    • Don’t get me wrong, I love Fripp in Crimson (69-84) and with Bowie, just not as passionate about the solo work.


      • Big Mark says:

        I’m hardcore on all Crimson, but I had no desire to get any of the multitude of Crim boxes. The selection of their archival live material I’ve purchased over the years is sufficient in that regard. However, Exposure just struck — and still strikes — such a resounding chord in me that I simply can’t be without this.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Big Mark – I have found that DGM might release a disc here and there that has sated my stronger curiosities. The 2006 “Exposure” 2xCD, the “Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx” disc, or “The Nightwatch (Live At The Amsterdam Concertgebouw November 23rd 1973)” served to give me more of the Fripp solo or “Starless + Bible Black” era. Three different takes on “Exposure” have done the trick for me. Like Gavin, the fill Frippertronic core dump might be the strongest thing here for me, and it seems that much of it was available @ DGM as DLs. But rock on with yo’ bad self! Write back when you have it in hand and are attempting to cope with it!


      • postpunkmonk says:

        Jeremy Shatan – We should also mention the Gabriel solo material! Fripp’s production was the first Peter Gabriel I ever heard and it was entrancing. Hos playing on “Melt” was certainly Bowie caliber.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Jeremy Shatan – Sometimes FOMO is a potent agent. I bought the Blu-Ray of the new xPropaganda title and I don’t even have the hardware! Though it was a small fraction of this cost.


  4. Gavin says:

    I would absolutely LOVE THIS-but the price is too steep for me and there is a lot in the set that does not really interest me (I dont have surround sound or listen on a blu-ray)
    The Frippertronics loops are of the most interest.I have all of the asscoiated albums in multiple formats already,though I realise that several of the CDs are not as originally recorded.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gavin – Given that you undoubtedly live in a bigger home than we do, I strongly suggest getting a surround sound rig. Not so much for music, but it does enhance your home cinematic experience considerably! We bought the tuner/amps/speakers used on Craigslist when we decided to upgrade my 1984 stereo gear for better sound after a bed and breakfast revelation in 2011 and it only cost us $100! Well worth it!


  5. It has been ordered for my birthday by the delightful and very forgiving Mrs Alone With Strangers,


    • postpunkmonk says:

      alonewithstrangers – Last year my birthday was concurrent with the new Foxx pressings of “The Garden” [green] and “Church” [violet] on LP, as purchased by my loved one, The Glam Rock Nun. She made a special card to present as the LP bubble problem reared its ugly head and the discs did not ship on time. I will admit that I still get immobilized thinking about 100-200 hours of materials as presented in “Exposures,” so please let us know how you cope with the enormity of it all.


      • I’m still waiting on Townsend to replace my copy of ‘Church’: the one sent was scratched. Their service is appalling these days.

        My first task with the Exposures set will be to rip the CDs: there is a former member of Japan gagging for the contents……


        • postpunkmonk says:

          alonewithstrangers – Mine is on the rack to simply admire it. Anything with a Metamatic number is fair game. I wish I’d bought “Cinemascope” even though I had its components. But at the time I lacked rare items like META 004, which I now have! Making me regret passing it up in retrospect.


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  8. Mamma Mia! Too much … Fripp … blacking … out!

    I can’t argue with the value for money, but I have near-zero interest in this.

    Having said that, the revelation that you can put 34 hours of audio on a Blu-ray disc makes me wonder why some bands’ entire discographies aren’t available in this format yet!


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