Fiat Lux Making Up For Lost Time – Third Album “Twisted Culture” In The Works For November

Fiat Lux: Steve Wright + David P. Crickmore maintain continuity

I was just popping into the Bill Nelson forum last week to see what Bill had to say about the passing of Richard H. Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire. While he only played on one of their albums, of course Bill was not at a loss for words. At the time I was also surprised to see that Fiat Lux, the band that Bill’s late brother Ian had been a member of in the 80s, was still keeping very active in their “reformation period.”

I have discussed their “Hired History +” collection of their early material as well as their first new album since then in 2019. As per usual, my want list far exceeds my budget, and I have yet to own anything but the Fiat Lux vinyl I’ve purchased since the 90s with the nod towards making my own CD [now off the slate and irrelevant]. The band have a new album on release on November 5th, in about a month called “Twisted Culture.” No argument from these quarters with a title like that. Here’s what’s in store.

Splid Records | UK | CD | 2021 | SPLIDCD27

Fiat Lux: Twisted Culture – UK – CD – [2021]

  1. (How Will We Ever) Work This Way (album version)
  2. Cul De Sac
  3. Basement City Living
  4. The Night We Should Have Met
  5. Tighter
  6. Hope
  7. It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Now
  8. Breathe You In
  9. This Is Your Lifetime

No samples are up to hear yet but the band have released the first DL single from it in 2020. “[How Will We Ever] Work This Way” was a single at 4:09 with the duo of vocalist Steve Wright and [very busy] multi-instrumentalist David P. Crickmore abetted by sax and clarinet from Will Howard. The single sounded like manna from Heaven for fans of the classic Fiat Lux sound. Wright’s vocal was as commanding and powerful as ever over the dynamic Post-Punk /Disco hybrid with creamy sax from Mr. Howard. A track built for the “alternative dancefloor” or the period. The song was right in that 1982-84 sweet spot when bands like themselves and China Crisis were hitting sonic peaks that we thought would last forever.

Great Covid-19 inspired artwork for the “[How Will We Ever] Work This Way” single

Thankfully, there are modestly priced editions of the album that can be found on LP as well as the silver disc for the silver-haired among us. The LP is in a gatefold sleeve and still sells for only £15.99/$21.77. Thanks gents! And the CD that has my name on it will cost £10.99/$14.96. Both are currently on pre-order at Proper Music.

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6 Responses to Fiat Lux Making Up For Lost Time – Third Album “Twisted Culture” In The Works For November

  1. Echorich says:

    Work This Way definitely takes the listener back to edges of the early 80s. The strict time dance feel is kinda wonderful.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Isn’t it, though? This band never really got their due and it’s great that bands like Fiat Lux and B-Movie have returned to make new music after long periods of inactivity. I just looked, having mentioned B-Move and discovered that they have not been sitting on their hands with several singles out recently.


  2. Katherine Brown says:

    ‘Work This Way’ has really got into my head! The beat just draws you in and that saxophone is pure class. Its a great song to go running too!!! 🏃‍♂️ 💃👏👏👏👏
    Exciting times ahead guys.
    Here’s to new beginnings


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