Want List Twofer: Jarv Is Vs. Dennis Bovell In Dub + OMD Keep Paying It Forward With Crew Benefit DVD

Jarvis Cocker + Dennis Bovell – what’s not to like?

Jarv Is: Swanky Modes – US – 7″ [2021]

  • Swanky Modes [Dennis Bovell vocal mix] 4:29
  • Swanky Modes: Dennis Bovell dub mix] 4:30

This morning I came across a rave review from The [New ] Vinyl Villain regarding the sadly ignored around these parts as well Jarv Is album, “Beyond The Pale.” I had read how Jarvis Cocker and his band had recorded their live shows with the regard as using them as a sketchbook for an eventual album until Geoff Barrow suggested that they simply re-work the live tapes. That’s what they did and the resulting album was very far off of my radar. Not only because I read about it in The Guardian when it happened, but I’m trying to spend less on music this year. Furthermore, I’ve not been in a record store for 18 months*, and the ones in my town have largely stopped selling CDs anyway!

*Apart from 2 minutes last Record Store Day to get the new Harold Budd album.

So I went to Rough Trade to find out more about this album and saw that on August 20th, Jarv Is will be issuing a 7″ of the track “Swanky Modes” from “Beyond The Pale,” as remixed by Dennis Bovell, so I was happy to stumble upon this before it happened. Especially since Rough Trade US can sell me a 7″ single wor well under $10 with domestic shipping! I was so glad I bought the Green Gartside single last year and will try to nab this one too. How about you?

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The DVD I predicted would happen

OMD: You Me + OMD – UK – DVD [2021]

Last year OMD were scheduling a fund raising concert for their crew’s benefit. My wife thoughtfully bought me a ticket and thought the show didn’t happen until two months ago, we watched it and I thought to myself, “they’re going to issue a DVD of this.” And today it was announced. There’s just 1500 copies being made and preorder is being taken now in the OMD webstore. Being a fund raiser, it’s a pretty generic setlist.

1 – Architecture & Morality
2 – Messages
3 – Tesla Girls
4 – History of Modern (Part 1)
5 – Georgia
6 – (Forever) Live and Die
7 – She’s Leaving
8 – Souvenir
9 – Joan of Arc
10 – Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)
11 – Sealand
12 – Don’t Go
13 – So in Love
14 – Locomotion
15 – Sailing on the Seven Seas
16 – Enola Gay
17 – If You Leave
18 – Electricity
19 – The Romance of the Telescope

The days of me buying every OMD DVD that comes out are long past. Ive got seven OMD DVDs of various programs. Ten, if you count the DVDs in their last three DLX editions of their latest albums. But I can’t fault the desire to support their crew, or the modest price of the DVD itself. $18 in America, £15 in England, or €15.95 EEC. If you want to partake, then here you are.

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2 Responses to Want List Twofer: Jarv Is Vs. Dennis Bovell In Dub + OMD Keep Paying It Forward With Crew Benefit DVD

  1. Khayem says:

    Thanks for the heads up on both of these, PPM! Looking forward to hearing Jarvis Cocker dubbed up by Dennis Bovell. I’m also a big fan of OMD. I was fortunate enough to see them live in 2019, the only previous time being The Pacific Age tour in 1986. They were even better this time around. DVD looks great, but then I clicked on the link for the Souvenir 5CD+2DVD. Oh my.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Khayem – Welcome to the comments! Glad to be of service. I’m happy there’s Jarv Is/Bovell/OMD crossover in the readers here. Yes, I saw OMD in 2018. It was easily the best of the five gigs I’ve seen since 1985. I still have not bought the “Souvenir” box, but they re-pressed it, it’s available for as little as it will ever cost me [$94], and I should probably think about it. Except that the shipping will be $51 or over half of the product cost. And the product was not “cheap” at nearly three figures.


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