Mitch Easter Celebrates Let’s Active’s 40th Anniversary In Special Concert Event

mitch easter
Mitch Easter is reactivating Let’s Active for the first time since 2014 on the band’s 40th anniversary

The last 24 hours has seen a lot of traffic at this site over my review of “Big Plans For Everybody,” my favorite Let’s Active album. I like all of them very much. They each have their own unique character, but “Big Plans For Everybody” has “In Little Ways.” One of the most sublime pop songs ever written, so there’s that. But bursts of sudden traffic can happen on a site with over 2,200 posts. Someone finds an old post and it “goes viral” for a day or two. If just one of those people bothers to write a comment, then it all becomes that much more real and valuable for me. So you can imagine my surprise when last night I saw the comment from new commenter Tammy, who we are 90% certain is the same Tammy who is Mitch’s wife.

She shared great news with us about the gig happening later this year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Let’s Active in their Winston-Salem home base at a really nice club I’d not heard of called The Ramkat. We love visiting Wilston-Salem, but have never seen a show there. The club even have a virtual 3D space to explore online and it looks like a really nice venue. It’s a great looking 1000 capacity club along the lines of the 9:30 in Washington D.C., from the looks of it.

Of course, the legend of how Let’s Active formed should be widely known among music fans of a certain…vintage. It happened when R.E.M. needed an opening act and suggested to their co-producer [The other producer was the great Don Dixon] that he open the November 1981 gig for them. Leading Mitch and his then partner Faye Hunter [who he conscripted on bass] to hear that they really needed to hear this teenage drummer who turned out to be Sara Romweber. That set the band out on a path of left-field Pop that made many twists and turns until they called it a day in 1990.

let's active 1983
Sara, Mitch & Faye {L-R]

Of course, the original rhythm section are sadly no longer with us. Faye Hunter died in 2013 and Sara Romweber died in 2019. The only time that Mitch had formed another let’s Active lineup was to commemorate Faye in 2014, and at least Ms. Romweber was able to participate then. We don’t know who of the various lineups will be on the stage, but we do know that the event is being held with Winston Salem’s Museum of Understanding, Storytelling and Engagement [MUSE]; an area non-profit organization with an inspiring mission.

The evening is scheduled on November 4th, 2021 and will begin at 7:00 p.m. with historical commentary about the band’s influence and legacy [who are still to be announced]. I’d wager that Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple of the legendary dBs, who have a history enmeshed with Easter and the Winston-Salem area, might be a solid guess, among others I could name. There will be tributes to Faye and Sara and their roles in forming the band, and the evening will be capped of with a live concert with as yet unnamed guest players joining Mitch to form a rare Let’s Active event.

Tickets for the evening are delightfully affordable in a range from $12-$30 at the top end. Better still, the ticket vendor is E-tix, our ally in the Ticket Wars. I’d be there in a heartbeat but for the notion that I don’t really think that even November will be the time to attend an indoors concert. Which is a real shame because otherwise I’d be on this like white on rice. It sounds like a top quality evening and any chance to hear Let’s Active songs again or even to experience Mitch Easter live is well worth the outlay! But the truth of the matter is that I don’t think it will be wise to attend indoor shows until maybe next year. But if you think otherwise then hit that button below for ticket information.

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6 Responses to Mitch Easter Celebrates Let’s Active’s 40th Anniversary In Special Concert Event

  1. If you both are masked, double-vaxxed, and feel like you can keep some level of distance, I’d encourage you to go. It sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime event, and perhaps the venue will require proof of vaccination to enter? (not holding out much hope for that in the southern states, but … maybe?).

    I certainly wish I could be there! A chance to meet up with Mitch Easter again (and pay tribute to the lovely Faye and Sara) would make my year!

    If any of the PPM faithful do attend, GET PIX!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – I’d bet dollars to doughnuts [what does that mean anyway?] that November 4th was the actual date of their first gig. Why else would they throw this party on a Thursday? But as happy as I am that it is happening, I really hope it gets tabled to happen…maybe next November. I have outdoor tickets for late October show in Raleigh that I can’t see happpening now. I have tickets for SPARKS next March that I think are now just too optimistic. I will have no problem avoiding these events unless drastic, miraculous things happen between now and then.


  2. bill says:

    Just got back from the show…vax and masks required. Safe as you can be and a wonderful time was had by all.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      bill – Welcome to the comments! I’m glad it was done to that standard. I would have loved to have been there but as I’m currently busy applying for a job that ticks nearly every professional box I have [no CAD drafting, product design, or 3D design, but pretty much everything else I do] I’m glad I wasn’t on travel right now! Glad you enjoyed it [you lucky devil!].


  3. Tammy says:

    Hi Monk! Thank you for the follow up post. The show was a success! Pics and video are up on the Let’s Active FB group. Check it out.
    It’s a private group, but joining is no problem. Thx!
    P.S. can’t wait for the Sparks Show in Raleigh!

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    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tammy – I wish I could have seen the show. I treasure my two Let’s Active shows and wish there had been more. Sparks are a high holy band. We have tix for Atlanta. If things are okay, it will be our first indoor gig in 54 months. Thanks for touching base – We have been in the Mitch fan club for a loooooong time.


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