Oingo Boingo Color LP Reissue of “Only A Lad” Selling Like Crazy – Act Fast If You Want One!

Rubellan Remasters | US | LP | 2021

We were aware that yesterday, the mooted 40th Anniversary reissue of Oingo Boingo’s “Only A Lad” hit the store at Rubellan Remasters, the plucky l’il reissue label that is usually issuing top caliber CD reissues that are best of breed. This time they were dipping their toes into the noveau LP market for colored vinyl and there were 500 copies of “Only A Lad” in blue/orange and green/yellow splatter vinyl for sale at the kind price of $22.99.

…But that was yesterday!

As of right now, there are 22 copies of the blue/orange and 185 copies of the yellow/green! If you have any interest in these fine objects, then hit that button right now! I was planning to discuss the Oingo Boingo campaign at Rubellan Remasters after the Arcadia thread, but it would be a moot point by that time!

post-punk monk buy button


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2 Responses to Oingo Boingo Color LP Reissue of “Only A Lad” Selling Like Crazy – Act Fast If You Want One!

  1. If the vinyl came with the bonus tracks I would jump on it. As it is I will wait for the CD reissues. I don’t need to repurchase those albums a fourth time…


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