Just A Friendly Reminder: Shriekback’s Album 16 Crowdfund Is In It’s Last Week With £3K Left To Go

shriekback band 2019
Martyn Barker, Barry Andrews, and Carl Marsh today

No time for a full blog today, sadly. But don’t cry, little ones! There’s barely time to remind you that Shriekback’s ongoing crowdfunding campaign for their 16th album had amassed over £27K by last Sunday, leaving them tantalizingly close to their £30K goal which concludes in just a few days. The faithful have spoken, In spite of the lack of big money perks this time, thanks to covid-19. Won’t you join me in pledging for the right to have another glorious Shriekback album this calendar year? The button is below.

shriekback crowdsource button


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8 Responses to Just A Friendly Reminder: Shriekback’s Album 16 Crowdfund Is In It’s Last Week With £3K Left To Go

  1. slur says:

    As much as I hope this will work out for them I thought we’re in the age where good recordings could be made with a little less money too.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      slur – You’re right. Good recordings can be made for a fraction of what they were in the label era. Maybe the target cost also takes into account the time spent recording and preparing the album as it relates to the members potential loss of income during said hijinx? I might be able to record an album for next to nothing, but I guarantee I’d spend weeks doing it. Weeks not at my job. Getting paid. For rent and food.

      Though we’d like to assume that cherished musicians could make a reliable living from their efforts, I think that’s rare. Just a thought!

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  2. Hugh Hall says:

    That 30k must include the cost of manufacturing and artwork, postage & packing etc. If you get 30k and spend it all in the studio you’d have nothing left for ensuring the pledgers got what they paid for.

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    • postpunkmonk says:

      Hugh Hall – Let’s not forget that there needs to be a run of sacred LPs manufactured too. Not cheap in this fallen world. Shipments around the world? Not cheap either. I hope they go in to the black on the campaign, but who knows. They might need to sell out the subsequent press run of the CDs in the store for that [but I hope not].

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  3. I’m (sadly) only in for the CD/DL of the new album, both due to budget and because the international shipping (added to the pledge outside the UK) and our poor conversion rate to £ limits us to the more basic options. Wanted the live highlights CD but alas. That said, happy to help and looking forward to the album!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – No shame in just the CD. It’s all I can do right now. Ironically, the most I pledged to Shriekback ever for a crowdsource was the $50 I pledged to their one unsuccessful campaign: the US tour. Of course, my investment level was higher than normal there.


  4. Bruce Douglas says:

    Wish could afford ; (


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Bruce Douglas – There’s no shame in not having the budget for all the entertainment vying for our attention. Especially in this “buy now” limited marketplace. It’s as much as I could scrape enough shekels for just the CD in a one month window to crowdsource. Fortunately, the band hit their target and then some, so the Shriek-train will keep a’ rolling. Hopefully you can obtain the finished product once it’s out.


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