A Second Chance For DEVO Leisure Garb Now Happening

Yeah…sold out in a half an hour!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this after getting burnt like many a spud on the highly desirable DEVO “Leisure Wear” cotton short that w spoke of when the first notice was sent a few weeks ago. We were blindsided that day when the email arrived and when we looked at it a few hours later, it was all over but for the shouting.

Gerald Casale was taken by surprise by the fervor with which the initial order from MiddleOfBeyond.com was decimated by ravenous spuds all wanting a wearable version of the cheapie Tyvek® edition that was originally sold on the inner sleeve of “Freedom of Choice.” Over 40 years ago.

So let’s recap. The shirt is 100% cotton and features the exact same print as the 1979 edition as seem onstage worn by the band themselves. It’ll set you back $55 clams but we’re all fine with that. We’d pay more on the black market …if we had to. How many other garments feature a print of “atomic bombs in tailspin?” The 2nd edition will ship on April 15th, 2021.

And we have until February 15th to get any pre-orders in for the second batch before it’s too late once again.

In case anyone needs to know, I would take a large.

Just saying.

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1 Response to A Second Chance For DEVO Leisure Garb Now Happening

  1. Ordered like the spud I yam!


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