REVO Remastering: I Have Finally Picked REVO 0100… Data – “Elegant Machinery” DLX RM

Frankie and Phil Boulter + Georg Kajanus were Data

Data were a tight, Mid-80s synthpop project of Ex-Sailor Georg Kajanus done concurrently with his fine productions of Peter Godwin. They would slot in congruently with a group like Vicious Pink very well. Way back in 2016 I was reviewing a USP 12″ I had bought of Data’s “Blow” single and I said at the time, “join us in seven years [?] when it all comes together in the service of a REVO DLX RM.” Well, it’s not even five years later but I think the time is nigh and have finally decided on a title that will be the 100th CD I have made since starting in the late 90s.

While the first two Data albums are on the silver disc courtesy of Angel Air, their possibly higher profile third album [the one released in America on Sire, which you may have seen] is still a CD M.I.A. title. It now looks like I have everything that I would need to throw into the pot for this one. What will it consist of?

data elegant machiinery cover art
Sire | US | LP | 1985 | 1-25297

Data: Elegant Machinery – US – LP [1985]

  1. Stop 3:43
  2. Ricocheted Love 3:36
  3. Burning 3:21
  4. Over 21 2:55
  5. Hooked Up 3:27
  6. Playing 3:02
  7. In Blue 3:24
  8. Cubismo 3:44
  9. D.J. 3:33
  10. Blow 4:48
data US promo blow 12" cover art
Sire | USP | 12″ | 1985 | PRO-A-2315

Data: Blow – US Promo – 12″ [1985]

  1. Blow [The Blow Out Version] 6:20
  2. Blow [The Blow Out Version single edit] 3:32
  3. D.J. [The Club D.J. Version] 5:32
data - blow UK 12" sleeve
Illuminated Records ‎| UK | 12″ | 1984 | ILL 4512

Data: Blow – UK – 12″ [1984]

  1. Blow 4:49
  2. Blow Back 6:12
data richcheted love UK cover art
Proto ‎| UK | 12″ |1986 | ENA(T) 133

Data: Ricocheted Love – UK – 12″ [1986]

  1. Ricocheted Love [Extended Dance Mix] 7:32
  2. In Blue/D.J. [Extended Dance Remix] 11:43
data stop US 12" cover art
Sire ‎| US | 12″ | 1985 | 0-20345

Data: Stop – US – 12″ [1985]

  1. Stop [Remix] 6:07
  2. Blow [Remix] 6:18 [By Scott Blackwell – possibly the same as Blow Out Version, also by Blackwell]
Razormaid Records | US | 2xLP | 1986 | RM-A2

Various: Razormaid A.2 – US – LP 1 ONLY! [1986]

  1. Data: Over 21 [Razormaid Mix – Joseph Watt] 7:44
  2. Data: Living Inside Me [Razormaid Mix – Joseph Watt] 7:17
  3. Anne Clarke: Red Sands [Razormaid Mix – Joseph Wat] 6:37
  4. Fatima: Hassan [Razormaid Mix – Joseph Watt] 6:10

Adding up all of the times leaves the original album a brief 35+ minutes, so I’m likely to produce a separate 2nd disc jam packed with the remixes. If the two 6:18/6:20 mixes of “Blow” across the US promo and UK commercial 12″ers are identical, then the remixes will be 66:50. Tidy. I have the four Razormaid remixes as well from the US commercial “Stop” 12″ as well as disc one, purchased alone, of Razormaid A.2, I bought it when I ran into it because the generic sleeve at the record store said Anne Clarke “Red Sands” [as co-written/produced by john Foxx!] and that was a must buy. Then when I looked at the disc at home, I saw that the rest of the disc was Data remixes! Come for the Anne Clarke and stay for the Data!

Taking it even further down the Kajanus-centric rabbit hole was the presence of Fatima’s “Hassan” Razormaid mix. Fatima […And The Mamluks] was another Kajanus side project that has also been released on CD, so I might not bother digitizing this copy. At first, because of the Kajanus involvement I’d thought about adding this to the Data project, but why blur the outlines? If I like the cut on the Razormaid I’ll add the full CD to the endless want list. The whole Data “Elegant Machinery” period looks to be a nice, tidy album + remix disc with the copious mixes all fitting nicely. All I need to do is make it happen.


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5 Responses to REVO Remastering: I Have Finally Picked REVO 0100… Data – “Elegant Machinery” DLX RM

  1. Echorich says:

    Stop is the track you would hear in the NYC clubs at the time. My friends and I would call it a “2nd Floor Danceteria classic.” Definitely one of those songs you would dance to either before or after the band you came to see on the first floor main stage.
    There’s a sweet spot somewhere between Yazoo and Yello that much of Data’s music fits in.

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  2. I do recall seeing that third Data album somewhere, but I never picked it up. Looking forward to a deeper exploration of this group!


  3. Gavin says:

    Excellent choice Sir!
    As you know,I am a massive fan of DATA since their single “Fallout” caught my ear in 1981.
    I bought “Elegant Machinery” on cassette at the time of release-copies were hard to come by in suburban north west England in those pre-internet days.
    Many years later I met and became friendly with Georg Kajanus and was bemoaning the lack of CD quality versions of the album.I had written to the Swedish label who produced the rare compilation “Accumulator”,which includes the album within it,but they could not help me as all copies had been sold.Shortly afterwards,Georg sent me one of his personal spares of “Accumulator” in the post-color me thrilled!
    I have the 12″ of “Stop” and 7″ of “Ricocheted Love” but not the “Blow” 12″ alas.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gavin – Curse me for the novice! I didn’t notice that compilation when probing Discogs’ Data profile. Perhaps just as well, since it is OOP and priced beyond my means. We’ll continue on the path already planned. I’ve been successful at getting most of these records inexpensively, from a single dealer in the US in the last five years. Amazingly.


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