Want List: Bryan Ferry Steps Up With New Live Album To Fund Band & Crew

©2015 Iain Reid bryan ferry live at royal albert hall 2015
The Master @ Royal Albert Hall ©2015 Iain Reid

Earlier this year there was a vintage Bryan Ferry album that snuck out into the world. His 1974 concert at that famous Royal Albert Hall was released as one of the first vintage Ferry concerts to get the nod years afterward while we awaited the latest Ferry opus undoubtedly still in the tricky mixing stage.

brysn ferry royal albert hall 1974 coverWhile I would like to have this, I have bootlegs of decent quality of this era of Ferry solo, and have awaited running across a copy in record stores to actually buy one. Hint: it hasn’t happened yet in 2020. But today we got notification of another Live At Albert Hall album from Ferry; his second of this calendar year. And this one was his contemporary performance there from March of this year; certainly the last of his public appearances for 2020.

And in a spirit of appreciation, this latest album to bookend this year of Royal Albert Hall albums, will find its proceeds going 100% to the members of Ferry’s band and crew to help out while they can’t otherwise work. It’s a good move by Ferry to show his support for the members of his team that make it all possible. So let’s have a look at the particulars, shall we?

bryan ferry live at royal albert hall 2020 covefr art
BMG | UK | CD | 2020

Bryan Ferry: Live At Royal Albert Hall 2020 – UK – CD [2020]

  1. The Thrill Of It All
  2. You Can Dance
  3. Pyjamarama
  4. Out Of The Blue
  5. Sign Of The Times
  6. The Bogus Man
  7. Casanova
  8. Limbo
  9. Just Like You
  10. Same Old Scene
  11. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  12. Your Painted Smile
  13. Make You Feel My Love
  14. Dance Away
  15. Avalon
  16. Street Life
  17. Virginia Plain
  18. Editions Of You

It looks like another well-considered Ferry set list [he’s a master of curating a great set list from his storied career] with about a third of must-have classics vying with a plethora of deep cuts and rare birds. But one title in the set list, in particular, leaps out into my skull. We will note that track 11 is listed as “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” The John Foxx/Ultravox! classic. [Monk melts down]

Surely this must be a typo from the person who typed these words on the Ferry website and email list? Maybe whoever was responsible for the typing of those words was also an Ultavox! fan and made a mental short circuit; resulting in those words. Because Ferry’s excellent “Frantic” album of 2002 did have a song entitled “Hiroshima” on it, but that was a new song; not the Ultravox! classic.

Not that I wouldn’t pay good money to hear Mr. Ferry wrap his tonsils around “Hiroshima Mon Amour!” I can imagine no finer tribute to the lasting power of that song than to hear one of the prime movers who inspired its writer to take the song to his own realms.

In any case, I’m certainly down with buying an album of Ferry live this year to benefit his band and crew directly. Good form, Mr. Ferry. Best of all, the album is available in preorder as a signed copy from the artiste’s own website. It’s another one of his albums that are merch table or webstore only, but it’s worth it for a good cause. Even so, the prices are priced to move.

  • Signed CD – $20
  • Signed 2xLP – $47
  • Signed CD/2xLP bundle – $60

The release date for this is still ahead for a few months: April 2, 2021, but who knows when the cutoff will happen for an autographed copy. Those who want The Master’s pen to grace their copy should think of acting sooner rather than later!

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10 Responses to Want List: Bryan Ferry Steps Up With New Live Album To Fund Band & Crew

  1. zoo says:

    Well, the Ferry solo song includes the lyrics “Hiroshima mon amour.” As cool as it would be to hear him singing the Ultravox song, I’m wondering if you shouldn’t get too excited just yet.


  2. SimonH says:

    Wow what a setlist! At last no Jealous Guy:) Having seen Bryan many times I’ve ordered as its a great gesture and a potentially very worthwhile release anyway.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      SimonH – I am very intrigued to hear how “Same Old Scene” was performed here. It’s my favorite late Roxy single and [I think] a huge influence on “Cupid + Psyche ’85.” It’s the same sort of finely etched arrangement that Green Gartside + co. would take into the Fairlight Page R era.


      • SimonH says:

        Yes, surprised to see it here, not sure it’s been played much for a long time. Ashes to Ashes and SOS felt like the old guard showing the emerging New Romantics how it was done!


  3. Ade.W says:

    ok, so that’s money saved elsewhere can go on this. The Albert Hall Live 74 is a bit of a mixed bag I think, The Live 2015 set is much better so lets hope its as good as that. Mind you its a long wait.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Ade.W – I got “Live 2015” at the merch table when we saw him in 2016. Hard to believe that it was the first Ferry solo live album, though there were B-sides that had gotten released.


  4. £20 for an autograph from the great man? Oh wait, there’s an album that goes with it? Bonus!

    To be truthful I’m not sure how I feel about Ferry’s whisper-thin singing voice of recent years, but these are great songs and if he’s even moderately good this will be well worth the money, especially for this generous cause. As most readers here know. They Might Be Giants and OMD have similar fundraisers for their staff underway, and I encourage all PPM readers to support such generous gestures.


  5. Ade.W says:

    Oxygen for Mr Ferry !! Quick, oxygen for Mr Ferry!!. Well this cd arrived the other day, gave it a few spins and thought some of the songs seem a bit short, well they will be if you miss out some of the verses…..really? has he done this before and I haven’t noticed ? oh well, the band is top notch but the voice is on the way out . Sing up Bryan , we can’t hear you at the back.


  6. David Simpson says:

    Belated thanks for bringing this to my attention. I bought it, thoroughly enjoyed it, and felt good about buying it. It also resulted in my buying the 1974 concert and plugging the only remaing gaps im my Ferry studio CD collection namely Bitter-Sweet (which I’d forgotten about, even though I love his ersatz 20s jazz records) and Bete Noir (I’d only noticed I didn’t have it when a pandemic-enforced increase in leisure time saw me listen to all my Ferry records; I figured that since I hadn’t previously noticed its absence I could live without it but hey, since I was in a buying mood, and I like complete sets, I changed my mind.) Anyway, I’m glad I bought all of those, so thank you for the push that set the domino pile going.


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