Countess Of Fife Crowdfunding Debut Album This Month

Last summer I wondered when the Countess of Fife debut album would happen – We didn’t have to wait too long!

Last Thursday, I had something a little more to be thankful for… an e-mail from The Countess Of Fife announcing a Kickstarter for their debut album as it will be produced by Jim Sutherland, who has worked with artists as varied as Page + Plant to Emmylou Harris. So he should be just about right. The goal is to get recording early next year in a real studio with a capable producer. Given that I felt the band’s work thus far was nothing to look askance at, I’m confident that the care taken will come shining through the resulting album. Of course, with the UK returning to lockdown, this affects the costs of recording safely, so all of that was taken into account for the Jan./Feb. recording sessions that have been provisionally booked. The goal? £5,000 which will give us CDs, DLs, and LPs.

This video tells all

My “mad money” budget has been largely m.i.a. this year, but I’m looking at the autographed CD tier as my comfort zone. But exactly what are the tiers of pledging available? Glad you asked.

The Countess of Fife Kickstarter Tiers

  • £10 – No reward save the good deed done
  • £10+ Thank You: a DL of the current live EP, thanks on band FB page
  • £20+ Download Me Baby: DL of new album, a demo Dl, FB thanks
  • £30+ Signed CD: CD signed by the band + all of the above
  • £35+ Signed CD + Lyrics: Signed, handwritten lyrics for song of your choice + all of previous tier
  • £35+ Vinyl Joy: LP signed by band, album DL, demo DL, FB thanks
  • £50+ Your Name In lights CD: Your name in the album credit artwork, signed CD, album DL, DL of 3 demos, T-shirt, handwritten lyrics, CD+ DL of live EP, FB thanks
  • £65+ Your Name In Lights CD + Vinyl: Signed LP + all of the previous tier
  • £100+ Souvenir Heaven: Flashdrive with photos and videos from the studio, Countess of Fife poster, Countess Of Fife bandanna, signed set list + all of previous tier
  • £150+ Private Audience: Virtual sit-in in the studio with the band online + Your Name In Lights CD tier
  • £250+ Meet The Band: Private online Zoom chat, 4 VIP tickets to any show, name in artwork, signed CD, t-shirt, album DL, DL 3 demos, handwritten lyrics, signed set list, bandanna, poster, CD/DL live EP, FB thanks
  • £500 Your Own Private Countess Concert: Exclusive livestream concert to any screen you wish + chat with Fay and Allen, Full band concert at the covid-safe venue of your choice [within 100 mi. of Edinburgh, else travel and accommodations extra], signed CD/LP DL of album, DL 3 demos, T-shirt, bandanna, poster, handwritten lyrics, signed set list, CD/DL of live EP, FB thanks


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Countess Of Fife Kickstarter

That’s a lot to choose from, but it all feels like a comfortable fit for the amount pledged. Once we get past the £50 zone, it feels like we’re drowning in merch. If you’re into LPs and your chosen tier doesn’t feature one, you can add it ala carte for £20 extra – a thoughtful option. The campaign launched on November 26th and currently sits at a healthy amount with 29% pledged and 29 days to go. But that’s only 30 backers with some Scot locals having already opted to “meet the band” so it will come down to a lot more folks, perhaps further afield, investing in this music for it to happen. because the campaign is all or nothing. If the band get pledged at an amount below £5,000 in 29 days, then nothing happens. So you know what to do! Hit that button below. Join us in 29 days to see where things end up.


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