Dr. Robert And Youth Team Up For New Single June 3rd

dr. robert + youth get yourself together cover art

Monk’s Road Records | UK | DL | 2020

Dr. Robert + Youth: Get Yourself Together UK DL [2020]

  1. Get Yourself Together

We had mentioned that the Blow Monkeys were recording their 40th anniversary album for a 2021 release back in March. That seems longer than longer than three months ago. So this quick little single popping up before that was certainly surprising. Dr. Robert and Youth were neighbors in Andalusia, Spain [it must be nice] and being expat musicians they seemed to drifted together. But the precedent was there earlier.

blow monkeys chained cover artIn 2014, The Blow Monkeys released the album “Feels Like A New Morning” which featured “Chained” and the song was released as a DL single with a remix by Youth along with an extended remix of the track “Said Too Much.” When I got this email from the Blow Monkeys mailing list last week, I immediately went to iTunes to buy the single for a modest 99¢ cost, but was surprised to see it would not be available until next Friday, July 3rd. Moreover, the song did not have previews available in the iTunes store. I can’t remember running across that happening at any time before, but maybe it’s a pre-order thing? I buy so little there, I think that this may have been the first time I’ve pre-ordered anything.

So your guess is as good as mine as to what it will sound like§. But my attitude is something like this: Dr. Robert wrote it, I believe in it, and that settles it. He’s yet to ever waste a minute of my time, and The Blow Monkeys were one of the few bands I liked not to fall victim to the Mid-80s Malaise® by my reckoning, so I’m looking forward to what next week brings. Hell, they even made fantastic House Music! If you have a spare 99¢ and would like to pre-order, by all means indulge. Hit that button.

communist purchase button

– 30 –

§ Yeah, yeah. I’m aware of the YouTube clip. Homey don’t play dat!

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2 Responses to Dr. Robert And Youth Team Up For New Single June 3rd

  1. Since I contributed to the fundraiser for the new album, I got a download of it ahead of time (#humblebrag), and I’m here to drop a spoiler: it’s lovely! Not a wild departure of what you’d expect from Doctor Robert in terms of lyric, style, guitar, or general melody in any way, but Youth brings a frisson, a tension to it that contrasts nicely with DR’s effortless style.


  2. Echorich says:

    Get Yourself Together is prime Dr. Robert with the sonic instincts of Youth to guide him. Once you hear it you will think, “of course it’s wonderful, how could it not be…”

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