Martyn Ware Available for Webinar Tomorrow!

Martyn Ware webinar June 1, 2020

The last webinar was a good thing so any Warefans should check out round 2

Last May 1st I was working from home and could attend the first Big Boost Monday webinar with Martyn Ware waxing eloquent on the early history of The Human League. I managed to learn some new wrinkles in the beloved Human League prehistory. DittoTV held the event that was originally going to be in person around the time of the Human Seventeen concert that hasn’t happened yet. With the pandemic, they wisely made it available to all and sundry and the second part, covering Ware’s post-Human League career will happen tomorrow at 5:00 GMT, making it a happening exactly during my lunch hour [12:00-1:00 EST], so no blogging tomorrow! I’ll be watching Mr. Ware regale us with tales of B.E.F. and beyond. Why not register and attend as well? It’s free to all but you need an “invite.”

Click here to register for the event at 5:00 GMT tomorrow.

Join us on Tuesday for more PPM hi-jinx of the usual kind… or maybe NOT.

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13 Responses to Martyn Ware Available for Webinar Tomorrow!

  1. slur says:

    Thanks for the hint, sadly passed part I but this is equally interesting


  2. I too missed the first part due to work obligations, but was available for this second part, and it was as interesting as I expected it would be, covering BEF and other projects before delving into Martyn’s production work (from Terrance Trent Darby to Erasure, he’s got a lot to be proud of on that stuff), his Illustrious work with Vince Clarke, some record-industry rants, and even a little Q&A where I got to ask him a question about the live band setup (summary: it’s nearly but not quite as pre-programmed as Kraftwerk!).

    Some smarter fellow asked what’s the #*!& holdup was on the new album, and Martyn said simply “Glenn.” At the very end he mentioned that he really hasn’t felt like writing any new stuff lately (owning to world and UK-specific events) because “nobody wants to hear dystopian stuff,” but that he was going to force himself back into the studio and play around to see if he could come up with something he liked.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – Ugh! I could give Martyn Ware such a smack! Yes, we very much need dystopian stuff! We need the next “Fascist Groove Thang!” Espececially now out on the streets of America to rally the citizens. I typed a chat question asking if those 12″ singles were ever going to coalesce into the legendary “next album.”

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    • Mathmandan says:

      I really appreciate how friendly he is with fans. His insight into the music industry in addition to the Human League and Heaven 17 history is so interesting. I got to ask a question as well, he’s the type of person that I would love to sit down in a pub with!

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  3. Bill Bennett says:

    I missed this. Is it archived anywhere?


  4. Martin Giese says:

    Thanks for the Links! Met him and Glenn two years ago at the Reeperbahn Festival here in Hamburg – very open and intelligent. Something rare these days


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