Sometimes, Not Buying Records Is A Bit Boring

mailbox full of records

Yes, I specifically picked a mailbox large enough to receive this exact package

Yes, yes, yes. I know I have been trying, year over year to spend less on music and enjoy what I have more than obsessing over what I don’t yet have. This year I’ve really been holding expenses to a bare minimum. But a few weeks ago, something happened to tip my hand. I was supposed to take a trip to England and see Heaven 17 play the first two Human League albums in March but that obviously, didn’t happen. But in preparation for that event, I took the step of closing down my yard sale of records I hold on Discogs. So that a sale wouldn’t happen while I was nowhere to do anything about it. So I turned off everything. It’s still off. But I got an email in Discogs from a guy loking to see if I would sell off an item I owned. It was a Marie Audigier 7″ on Les Disques Du Crepuscule I had bought 25 years ago and never played. I spun the disc. It was nothing too special, but the item was selling for about $20. I bought it new for $3.29. So I said, yeah, I’ll sell it to you for $10. That felt like enough profit. Besides, the guy needed it as a gift for someone. So…sale! Happy.

well packed records and CDs

Yes, the vendor cut a divot into two spacers to secure the CDs perfectly…wouldn’t you?

This gave me some pocket change in my account to maybe buy the last Fingerprintz 7″ I needed to make my long-gestating DLX RMs with all necessary bonus tracks of the Fingerprintz oeuvre, but a small voice told me that maybe I should check out my favorite dealer, Philadelphiamusic before hitting that “buy” button. Good thing I looked! I passed in the last two years on many of these fine items, and they somehow acquired more copies of some rare vinyl I desired at [mostly] rock bottom prices! So I popped for an outlay of 20 releases at what was almost an embarrassingly low cost. Last Friday, the sight above greeted me in my oversized mailbox. I learned the hard way that having a conventional sized mailbox meant that any records I ordered needed a trip to the Post Office to receive. As it is by necessity my wife who picks up any packages, this was uncool. Hence the mondo mailbox. I opened the package to see…the perfection above.

shock angel face label art

I’ve been obsessing over this track since 1981 and only found out there was a 12″ mix a decade ago.

Two CDs were in with 18 records, and they had cut spacers to hold the CDs securely – just like I would when selling. Just three of these records accounted for almost half of the $61 outlay. The long [try 39years on for size…] sought after “Angel Face” 12″ single by New-Ro mime troupe Shock was a hefty $17, but that has been a record that was always $30-60 in years past. The time was NOW. Then the Midge Ure-produced cover of Sly Stone’s classic “If You Want Me To Stay” by deadpan woman extraordinaire Ronny is like the Shock single, a record rarely stocked in this country. ¡No problema! at $7.00 Then the Bette Bright album intrigued as I recall seeing those inport 7″ singles of hers in the bins back in the day. I like Deaf School… sold! It’ll be well worth the $4.00, I’m sure.

mari wilson - would you dance with a stranger cover art

I’ll definitely need to add this to the official discography

Then my gawd, the things I got with the other $34.00!!!!! Seventeen releases of high necessity!! The last Marti Jones solo CD I didn’t have at a price they practically paid me to take it from them. Two of the five Pete Shelley singles I need for a rarities compilation event. The Pat Wilson EP I wanted for 37 years. One of the few Mari Wilson discs I don’t already own, and a 12″ [I already have the 7″…] from Compact Records labelmate Cynthia Scott. I have tons of 12″ remixes from Data’s “Elegant Machinery” period, but not the UK 12″ of “Blow” with “Blow-Back” on the B-side. Now that home-grown DLX RM of that title is possible.

One more Positive Noise 12″ to fill out the LPs of that fine Scot band I’ll have to make. And speaking of Scots, FINALLY… the 12″ of “No Regrets” is in the Record Cell!!! That was an incredibly difficult single to source back in 1982. I only got the 7″ when Mr. Ware gifted me with a catalog-bought SPN 7″ with textured sleeve in the late 80s, but the 12″ was insanely rare in America for some reason. Holger Hiller’s scarce “Whippets” single with Billy MacKenzie conspiring to blow our minds. And three 12″ singles from the intriguing Floy Joy [I got the album a year ago] as produced by Don Was. Shipping from The City of Brotherly Love? A scant $5.00!!!!! [swoons]

So all of this bounty was barely a financial blip. I’m still scraping the ground on music costs this year [knock wood]. Well under $200 but with these kinds of titles making inroads, I could not be more happy and content. This year I am trying to keep to buying focused to what I want as much as possible and it’s a whole lot better than the sheer bulk of over consumption. I’m happier spending $60 on 20 releases I really want than $400 on a scattershot approach. It’s quality that matters.

holger hiller - whippetscover art pete shelley - no one like you cover art pete shelley - never again UK 12" sleeve spoons - bridges over borders US Promo 12" label escort - love in indigo US 12" label bette bright -rhythm breaks ice UK LP sleeve pat wilson - bop girl US EP sleeve marti jones - live at spirit square cover art webb wilder - it came from nashville cover art  floy joy - operator operator UK 12" sleeve floy joy - until you come back to me UK 12" sleeve cynthia scott - the x boy UK 12" sleeve mari wilson - would you dance with a stranger UK 12" sleeve positive noise - a million miles away UK 12" robert palmer - some guys have all the luck UK 12" sleeve scritti politti - take me in your arms + love me UK 7" sleeve midge ure - no regrets UK 12" sleeve data - blow UK 12" sleeve ronny - if you want me to stay UK 12" sleeve shock - angel face UK 12" label

  1. Holger Hiller: Whippets – Mute – 12 MUTE 55 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$3.00
  2. Pete Shelley: No One Like You – Island Records – 12XS 2 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$2.00
  3. Pete Shelley: Never Again – Immaculate Records – 12 IMMAC 1 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$2.00
  4. Spoons: Bridges Over Borders – Mercury – PRO 490-1 – USP – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$2.00
  5. Escort: Love In Indigo – Escort Records – ESCRT-002 – US – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$1.50
  6. Bette Bright: Rhythm Breaks The Ice – Korova – KODE 4 – UK – LP – Philadelphiamusic/$4.00
  7. Pat Wilson: Bop Girl – Warner Bros. Records – 1-25072 – US – EP – Philadelphiamusic/$1.50
  8. Marti Jones: Live At Spirit Square – Sugar Hill Records – SHCD-5502 – US – CD – Philadelphiamusic/$1.12
  9. Webb Wilder + the Beatnecks: It Came From Nashville DLX RM – Landslide Records – LDCD 1029 – US – CD – Philadelphiamusic/$3.17
  10. Floy Joy: Operator Operator – Virgin – VS 744 – 12 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$1.50
  11. Floy Joy: Until You Come Back To Me – Virgin – VS 716-12 – UK – 2×12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$1.50
  12. Cynthia Scott: The X Boy – The Compact Organization – ACT X6 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$1.69
  13. Mari Wilson: Would You Dance With A Stranger – The Compact Organization – ACT 14 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$2.11
  14. Positive Noise: A Million Miles Away – Statik Records – TAK 22-12 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$2.03
  15. Robert Palmer: Some Guys Have All The Luck – Island Records – 12 WIP 6754 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$1.50
  16. Scritti Politti + Sweetie Irie: Take Me In Your Arms + Love Me – Virgin – VS 1346 – UK – 7″ – Philadelphiamusic/$1.50
  17. Midge Ure: No Regrets – Chrysalis – CHS 12 2618 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$1.50
  18. Data: Blow – Illuminated Records – ILL 4512 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$4.00
  19. Ronny: If You Want Me To Stay – Polydor – POSPX 247 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$7.00
  20. Shock: Angel Face – RCA – RCAT 14 – UK – 12″ – Philadelphiamusic/$17.00

– 30 –

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8 Responses to Sometimes, Not Buying Records Is A Bit Boring

  1. Gavin says:

    A superb haul.
    I only have the 7″(with pic sleeve) of the Shock single.
    I have all three Ronny singles on 12″-do you own the last one,”To have and have not”?Peter Godwin wrote it as I am sure you know.
    The Mari 12″ is another great find…I have a few of hers on 12″,including a white label promo of “Lets make this last”,which I ADORE.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gavin – Alas, not. I still need one more Ronny 12″ single, and that’s the one! And it looks to cost a small fortune! I need the 7″ promo of “Let’s Make This Last” which has the “Club Mix” on the A-side and the “Radio Mix” on the B-side.


  2. bpdp3 says:

    Some interesting titles there, some totally unfamiliar to me. I have the Pete Shelley ‘never again’, positive noise and that Bette Bright lp (much poppier new wave than her work in Deaf School— I really like it).(I also like the fact that she and Suggs have somehow stayed married since 1981… but I digress).

    I’m not a common online buyer but I have purchased from philadelphiamusic before. Low prices, no shipping-fee mysteries, and they always ship what I expected in a timely fashion.

    At least once a week (pre pandemic) I’d make a trip to one of the nearby used vinyl shops… to decompress if nothing else. Anyway, it’s been over two months now without them. I have been forced to re-discover what I have, but I miss the looking.

    Discogs is a saving grace, I suppose. You can pick an unknown seller, and browse it’s selection as if you were thumbing through the racks. Not as fun, but at least it’s an option.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      bpdp3 – It speaks volumes that in the week since receiving this package their account has over 400 feedback ratings since I entered mine. Where do they keep getting all of these records?!


  3. Echorich says:

    Angel Face is truly Italian Disco meets Kraftwerk in a dark alley on neutral ground…maybe Zurich…where they stop, stare and move on… For that reason alone I LOVE IT.
    Bette Bright and the Illuminations were Liverpool’s answer to Blondie, with Clive Langer, Ian Broudie and company in 81 she kept me as a true believer…a really great album.

    Liked by 1 person

    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – “Angel Face” sounds so CHEAP and yet you just know it cost a small fortune to actually produce. I mean, it’s a Glitter Band cover!! Not even an actual Gary Glitter song! But I put the record down to Richard Burgess and Rusty Egan’s passion to prove a point. The recording budget surely didn’t come close to covering the endeavor. This record was a British gauntlet thrown at Kraftwerk. Bleeding edge technology in the service of the lowest possible standard of “good taste.” It’s truly Richard James Burgess’ finest hour, and he had some doozies up his sleeve.

      I thought you’d have a comment on Bette Bright, being of Liverpool stock and on the holy Korova label. I cannot wait to hear what must be the first cover version [the paint was still wet] of Prince’s first classic song.


  4. You have always said “music is your best entertainment value” and very little proves that more soundly than this magnificent haul! I can feel the nod of approval of Ron Kane’s Ghost™ (also a great befuddling band name) from here!

    The entire box sounds to me like it would be an absolute delight, but I’m particularly pleased to hear that you have more Positive Noise, Mari Wilson, and of course Angel Face! My introduction to Shock came via the Blitz compilation, a superb record that is bewilderingly not on compact disc (sadly like a lot of my lovely comp collection), and was also my introduction to a number of the bands on it, including Slow Children, the aforementioned Shock, and most significantly and life-changingly … Sparks! To this day, “Tips For Teens” is among my favourite of their rich discography.

    For any newcomers, PPM wrote about Blitz (technically Blitƨ, as that’s a reversed “s” on the cover) in 2011, and you should read his summary of it by typing “Blitz” into the search bar top right. While very “of its time,” it never fails to surprise me how much of it holds up today.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – I remember when we each bought copies of “Blitƨ” (thanks for finding that character) and made tracks to buy most of the bands on it. It took some years until I found the “Angel Face” used 7” though the Landscape album was an immediate purchase. I still find it a classic. I also remember having my head turned by Bow Wow Wow and you cannily told me that it wasn’t any good since you got me a copy of “See Jungle…” as an Xmas present that year! And yes, it was my gateway to Sparks as I’d certainly read about them but no one was playing them at all. The whole point of these cheap, New Wave samplers!


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