Want List: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die – Punk + Post-Punk Graphics 1976-1986

The full monty box has plenty of perks

The Rocket 88 limited edition is packed with VAT – value added tchatkes

Last Friday I got notice from the best brains at Rocket 88 Books that they are currently prepping a deluxe numbered edition of Andrew Krivine’s book that cuts to the heart of this Monk’s twin obsessions; Post-Punk and graphic design! The 352 page hardcover comes packed with the cream of writer Andrew Krivine’s personal collection of Punk and Post-Punk ephemera that was extensive enough to serve as the source for the Museum Of Art + Design’s show covering exactly this topic last summer.

museum of art and design postpunk graphics show summer 2019

Wow. They all look mint condition, too!

I am chagrined that I am just funding out about this show ex-post facto, but at least the book is available. Rocket 88’s edition will be published this summer in a numbered edition of 500 that come with the following selection of special artifacts:

  • Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die
    book by Andrew Krivine
  • The Clash, Complete Control poster (1977)
    print signed by Sebastian Conran, size approx 550 x 400mm
  • The Clash, Clash City Rockers poster (1978)
    print signed by Sebastian Conran, size approx 550 x 400mm
  • Buzzcocks, Love You More / Noise Annoys single cover artwork (1978)
    print signed by Malcolm Garrett, size approx 550 x 400mm
  • Acme Attractions Tote bag
    original artwork design (1975)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
    signed by Andrew Krivine
  • Presentation box designed by Malcolm Garrett
too fast to live malcolm gatter cover art

Malcolm Garrett pastiched his Buzzcocks work for one cover…

to oyoung to die cover art by peter saville

Yes, Peter Savile went there…

Yow! Lots of potential Malcolm Garrett artistic DNA will be in this one, between the pages of the book, his collaboration on the cover with his friend Peter Saville, and his design of the presentation box, not to mention his actual DNA strands [probably] on the signed Buzzcocks single sleeve print within. Rocket 88 books have this in preorder right now for, are you sitting down? $370 in discount to $310 as the tome is in preorder. I’d love one, but this Monk has taken vows of poverty that preclude such endeavors. Fortunately, the conventional mass market hardcover, which was released in early April, can be had for a price in line with my budget.  It can be ordered at numerous places, but if you are in the UK, why not support our friends at Rough Trade? Otherwise, those of you with more robust bank accounts that I have can hit that button below for one of the few examples of a iconic piece of Malcolm Garret design as signed by the maestro.

communist purchase button

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5 Responses to Want List: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die – Punk + Post-Punk Graphics 1976-1986

  1. Yowza! I could probably swing this if I put a couple of other pleasure purchases™ aside for a while, but ironically since I rent those posters could never go up! Grrrr!


  2. Ade.W says:

    It truly is a beautiful thing, but the price ! . I would have to pass it down like some sort of heirloom or at least put it in my will.


  3. bpdp3 says:

    Ugh. Stuff like this comes along, and I pass, then wish I hadn’t passed, but knowing full well that financially I had to pass…. I surely expect my family to one day bury me clutching my ‘great still-not-obtained want list’. My last breath wondering if there wasn’t an affordable copy of Mario Panciera’s ‘45 revolutions’ tucked away in some library basement rummage sale somewhere.

    I’m a sucker for punk / post punk / new wave graphics. I already have a stack of books on this very topic… pages and pages of flyers and posters and album or 45 sleeves and T-shirt designs…yet I’m a sucker for still another tome full of similar images. Andrew Krivine’s book itself is probably quite good (and yes, in a more convenient ballpark price wise).

    Even the picture you attached of the museum gallery makes me want to be there. Really, being surrounded by those types of images is where I’m most comfortable. *sigh* It’s been the same thing since 1979 when I started all this tomfoolery….

    Thanks for the heads up on the book, mr. monk!


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