Want List: Electronic Sounds #64 Features John Foxx + The Maths 7″

electronic sounds #64 bungle with 7" single from john foxx + the maths

This will sell out very, very quickly.

In the predawn hours I received a notice from Electronic Sound magazine which will often bundle a CD or 7″ single with their fine publication. This is another one of their John Foxx oriented issues and as the John Foxx + The Maths album “Howl” awaits us on May 15, this will whet our appetite for more. The magazine features a cover story on the new album with 12 pages of coverage that made this issue a must have. The magazine had interviews with Foxx, Benge, Hannah Peel and Robin Simon; the full complement of Maths for the album.

Then the issue also comes in a 7″ bundle with exclusive John Foxx + The Maths 7″ wax with a blue vinyl 7″ edit of “Howl” [previously a DL on Bandcamp] b/w “Last Time I Saw You” also from the “Howl” album. That drives the price from the £6.99 for the mag to £11.99 for both. I’ve already ordered my copy. Experience tells me that these bundles usually sell out within 24-48 hours of the email that goes out to “subscribers” so if you would like this in your home, you know what to do, but do it fast. They managed to get me to spend money on something other than food in this period, so what can I say? I’m weak. Especially since I have not yet pre-ordered the actual album!

john foxx + the maths - howl cover art

More colored John Foxx 7″ singles exclusive to Electronic Sound? Yes, please.

Though the world revolves around John Foxx [if you’re me] there are other fine features in the magazine. There’s an interview with The Eno Brothers who have recently collaborated on “Mixing Colours,” a new album of ambience. The thoughts of Hans-Joachim Roedelius, who has his autobiography now translated into English! [memo to self: get that one] Then Terri Nunn added a recounting of the recording of a seminal Berlin track. If you are of a Foxxish disposition, you know what you have to do right now.

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10 Responses to Want List: Electronic Sounds #64 Features John Foxx + The Maths 7″

  1. SimonH says:

    Looks like Howl is delayed until July.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      SimonH – Where is that info hiding at? Don’t tell me FB… The July time frame tells me that they were possibly considering concerts around that time. I really don’t want what might be the last John Foxx concerts [with Robin Simon participating] happening before I can make it over there for my one bucket list item. I still have a job but employment is on thin ice right now. I would be furious if a JF+TM tour/concert happened where we could absolutely not attend. Everything should be on ice for a year, if we all want to get out of this alive.


      • Gavin says:

        I read it on the Foxx/Maths and Foxx Facebook pages…tis true,m’lud!


      • VersionCrazy says:

        The only event publicised so far is an ‘In Conversation + signing’ at Rough Trade East in London, scheduled for 20th May – still listed as going ahead, but I guess now that the album has been delayed it will be rescheduled too. I got an email from the John Foxx online store to confirm the new release date of 24th July at the start of April as I had ordered it from them. The single that comes with the last edition of ‘Electronic Sound’ magazine is excellent, both sides – lyrically, the madness of our current times and the seeming impotence to witness it has evidently not passed John Foxx by.


  2. Ade.W says:

    Monk, thanks for the heads up on this magazine and the blue 7″ single, clicked and ordered.


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