Record Shopping Roadtrip: Akron, Ohio

I’m double dipping @ Time Traveler this year…

You may have noticed re-runs of old posts recently. We decided that a trip to my wife’s old stomping grounds of Akron were in order over the Labor Day weekend. Her parents aren’t getting any younger, and most of her family there were out of town when we visited in April to see the great Mott The Hoople. But there was a radically different component to our visit this time. I had posted some tales of David Werner on the blog over the years. So it was not a shock when a Werner fan named Dean used the contact form on the blog to ask me some Werner-oriented questions directly. Which I responded to in a reasonably quick manner. It’s true. If public comments aren’t your thing, one can ask me anything by the email form. The PPM mailbox is shared on the home computer with the mailbox my wife and I have used for ages. If you select the global inbox in the mail program instead of the specific mailbox, one sees all incoming mail.

My wife did that by accident and noticed Dean’s email to me. She knew a Dean with the exact same name in Akron in college. Could it be? So she emailed him directly and yes, he was a gent that she had worked with during her college years at the local K-Mart. So she caught up the years and when we were going to Akron, he still lived there so we just had to meet up and have lunch. Believe it or not, it was my wife who mooted the idea of Time Traveler afterwards. We met at The Lockview; a downtown Akron gastropub with a line in artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches that were quite tasty indeed. We swapped histories with Dean and he was still an enthusiastic music fan in his Church tee while that day I had to wear that shirt at right. We were definitely cut from similar cloth. My wife had spoken of how Dean was the first guy who said she had to hear DEVO. Say no more.

Massive Bill Nelson goodness… that I already had

After lunch, we drove to Time Traveler, which was only a minute or two away. I had actually called Scott Shepard, the owner, a few days before we left asking if I could send him my want list of 7″ goodness, since his store has the best 7″ single stock I run across by far these days of all but eliminated vintage 7″ single stock. His stuff was so good and obscure, that I reasoned he must be thinning out his personal stash of the 45s. Alas, I only had given him a day’s notice and he had not had time to find any pulls. I get that. I went through the holy import 7″ bin first. Lots of goodies turned up. Bill Nelson was thick there but nothing I didn’t already have.

Have I ever seen so many Skids singles?

Then there was a run of Skids singles, but all of the recent Skids DLX RMs I had bought had any and all B-sides. Still, “Goodbye Civilian,” “Charade,” and the single disc version of “Working For The Yankee Dollar” were all there. Speaking of the latter, I recently relistened to “Days In Europa” and was floored by the obvious chorus quote out from that song that Stump had obviously worked into “Roll The Bodies Over.”

Why did I not buy the Trio single here?

In the “T” section I ran across a Trio single, “My Sweet Angel,” that not only had I never seen, I had never heard of it. Then, gloryoski – Toyah’s “Bird In Flight” non-LP 7″ that I had bought the other time I had seen it, 37 years ago. And then I saw something that I was stupid for not buying another copy of.

Good lord! Only $4.99 for the Ralph 7″ of Yello’s classic “Bimbo!”

Gott im himmel! The Ralph 7″ of “Bimbo!” The record that alerted me to the godlike genius of Yello® all those years ago! And not much more than I paid for my copy! If I was not economizing, I really should have sprung for that one! I’m sure I would find the right person to give it to. But there were no import seven inch singles calling my name this time. So we hit used CD bins, which Shepard had crowed about his recent hauls of new stock for. Undoubtedly so! This was a store where the used CD space had actually doubled in size since my last visit in April of this year!!

Sure enough, the recent used CD adds had some nuggets of gold. Holy moly! Three Prince CDs I wanted [I want them all…] and a Rush CD that I had once owned but now re-needed since it would give me a contiguous run of their albums from ’79-’89; what I consider the golden period of the band. The one time I saw Rush was the “Presto” tour. I was very interested to hear “HitnRun Phase One,” one of the very latest Prince albums before his shocking demise. The latest of his that I had gotten thus far was “Chaos + Disorder” from nearly 20 years earlier!

Of course, we spent a lot of time chatting up things we ran across with Dean; and vice versa. I wish I could record shop with everyone who reads this blog. There’s little else that’s so enjoyable a pastime, but Dean was in the right place at the right time, so we were making the most of it. With some CDs in hand, it was time to check the large, black communion wafers. The last time I found a scarce Floy Joy album. This time a Was (Not Was) US 12″ that I thought I needed… and at $2.99 you just buy it!

My wife had moved back to the huge swath of US 7″ stock in the back room; most of the 80s material of interest with M- pic sleeves. She had pulled quite a handful of the “right artists” she recognized from the Record Cell. Alas, I had everything that she had found already. I think she eventually found the Kid Creole USP 7″ of “Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy,” and that one was interesting because the 1982 single was probably among the last USP 7″ers that sported a stereo/mono mix of the A-side on both sides of the record! The 7″ was a remix/edit and having it also in mono was too unique to pass up. She also found me a new 15-CD carry case as mine is pretty trashed with the daily workout it gets. I can’t remember the last time I saw one for sale!

In the end, Dean didn’t buy anything and I had wanted to keep my outlay down to a budget of $30 and went only 88 cents over that boundary. Here’s the modest take:

Time Traveler Records/CDs | Akron, Ohio | 8/31/19

  1. The Artist [Formerly Known As Prince]: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World – NPG Records ‎– BR 72514-2 – US – CD5 – Time Traveler/$4.99
  2. Prince + The Revolution: 1999 The New Master – NPG Records  – US – CD5 – Time Traveler/$3.99
  3. Prince: HITnRUN Phase One – NPG Records – US – CD – Time Traveler/$5.99
  4. Rush: Presto – Atlantic ‎– 7 82040-2 – US – CD – Time Traveler/$4.99
  5. Was [Not Was]: Boy’s Gone Crazy – Chrysalis ‎– V 23411 – US – 12″ – Time Traveler/$2.99
  6. Kid Creole + The Coconuts: Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy – USP – 7″ – Time Traveler/$1.00

We had an enjoyable afternoon with Dean and look forward to catching up with him on future Akron visits. Definitely next June when our nephew gets married, so watch this space.

– 30 –

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12 Responses to Record Shopping Roadtrip: Akron, Ohio

  1. diskojoe says:

    I always enjoy reading about your record buying trips. I took a little trip to Gloucester on Labor Day to check out the other record store in my area, Mystery Train. I did pretty well. I got great credit on the stuff I traded in & I got a Francoise Hardy box set for $15, Angst In My Pants by Sparks, a couple of Richard Hell CDs & Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper’s 1st album Frenzy which I found in the $1 CD bin.

    Speaking of Akron, didn’t Chrissie Hynde have a veggie restaurant there?


    • postpunkmonk says:

      diskojoe- Yeah. Hynde had a restaurant there called a The VegiTerranean but it was only open for a short while. It closed before we could make it up to Akron for a visit. A pity, because good food is hard to come by in that city! It’s a city that’s heavy on the sausage. There is a large Italian community yet the good Italian restaurants must be carefully hiding, because all the food we’ve had there was sub par. Good call on the Sparks. I only got a copy of that fairly recently, to my enrichment. I have a Mojo Nixon solo CD [“Gadzooks”] but none of his earlier stuff with Skid.


      • Tim says:

        Chrissie Hynde has a solo jazzy album coming out tomorrow.
        I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve heard from it and plan on buying it.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Tim – Who knew? I only have the first Pretenders album. It’s pretty good, but shy of classic by my reckoning. I didn’t but anything more than the EP with “Cuban Slide,” my favorite Pretenders song. Until years later when I got the Greatest Hits CD which… did nothing for me. Still, The Pretenders got into the R+RHOF as soon as 25 years had passed from the issue date of “The Pretenders,” so someone liked it more than me. Other hacks like Bowie or Kraftwerk [or indeed Ramones] took longer to get the nod. This surprised me, when I found out that fact. The Pretenders were a decent, but not world moving band for me.


  2. KeithC says:

    Love reading about your record store outings. Not much up here in the few used CD stores Calgary has other than the 3 or 4 times a year someone dumps a whack of good stuff all at once. Lots of A-Z exercise most of the time without much success.

    The Trio find sounds interesting; I’ll see if I can find that on the web as I’ve never heard that version before either. As for Rush, well let’s just say that between them and the Tragically Hip, I’ve been called very un-Canadian as I can’t stand either one.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      KeithC – Well, we can at least agree on the Tragically Hip! I think I may have seen the odd video on MTV’s 120 Minutes decades ago to absolutely zero effect. I also find good stuff in large dumps of stock about 3 times a year at my fave local emporium, when all the other visits seem to be empty-handed upon exit. But when it rains, it pours with $70-80 worth of must-have items all at once. Is this a thing everywhere?


      • Tim says:

        Where I live it was, for a long time, driven by students moving in and out of town. May was always the best time for dumped collections.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Tim – This is not really a “college town” but I should pay attention to when the pickings were good and report back with my findings. Quite frankly, I don;t see college students dumping the kind of 40 year old music I like best! Maybe it’s driven by geezers dying in my case!


  3. SimonH says:

    I suspect my wallet would empty very quickly at this shop…


  4. james1955dean says:

    I had a great time, too! It was so nice to see Sue again after all these years and to meet you in person. Record stores like Time Traveler are few and far between nowadays. Makes me miss the old days when I used to go out to a record store in Kent called Heartbeat Records. Ah, to be 20 again. Looking forward to our next meeting someday in the future


    • postpunkmonk says:

      james1955dean – Likewise! It was fun meeting up with you. I think my wife took me to Heartbeat Records in Kent in 2001. I found so many deep collection rarities there! I had never seen the white vinyl “Quiet Men” by Ultravox. In fact, in those pre-Discogs days, I had no idea that it was ever issued on a 12″ single, much less a white vinyl copy! Also got vital 7″ singles to wrap up my Fashiøn and peter gabriel collections. We hope to see you next summer as we have plans to visit again at that time.


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