Want List: Does Boxed “Movement” By New Order Excite?

It’s been a decade since the “definitive” New Order back catalog has been exploited. Rhino must be getting twitchy! I saw with some interest the 2xCD versions that came out in 2008 and featured a bonus disc of all of the ideal single tracks appended to the requisite albums, but the fustercluck of mastering errors that befell most of the secondary discs in the series, not to mention brickwalled audio, stayed my hand then… and now. On April 5th, a new SDLX RM BSOG® version of “Movement” will be issued by Rhino. Have they learned their lessons? What exactly is in store for the faithful?

Peter Saville re-thought the packaging for the new box

New Order: Movement Collector’s Box UK LP + 2xCD + DVD + book [2019]

LP / CD1 [original album]

  1. Dreams Never End
  2. Truth
  3. Senses
  4. Chosen Time
  5. ICB
  6. The Him
  7. Doubts Even Here
  8. Denial

CD2 [previously unreleased tracks]

  1. Dreams Never End (Western Works Demo)
  2. Homage (Western Works Demo)
  3. Ceremony (Western Works Demo)
  4. Truth (Western Works Demo)
  5. Are You Ready For This? (Western Works Demo)
  6. The Him (Cargo Demo)
  7. Senses (Cargo Demo)
  8. Truth (Cargo Demo)
  9. Dreams Never End (Cargo Demo)
  10. Mesh (Cargo Demo)
  11. ICB (Cargo Demo)
  12. Procession (Cargo Demo)
  13. Cries And Whispers (Cargo Demo)
  14. Doubts Even Here (Instrumental) (Cargo Demo)
  15. Ceremony (1st Mix – Ceremony Sessions)
  16. Temptation (Alternative 7”)
  17. Procession (Rehearsal Recording)
  18. Chosen Time (Rehearsal Recording)

New Order – Movement DVD

Live Shows

Hurrah’s, NY 1980

  1. In A Lonely Place
  2. Procession
  3. Dreams Never End
  4. Mesh
  5. Truth
  6. Cries & Whispers
  7. Denial
  8. Ceremony

Recorded on 27th September, 1980.
Produced, directed and filmed by Merrill Aldighieri

Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981

  1. In A Lonely Place
  2. Dreams Never End
  3. Chosen Time
  4. ICB
  5. Senses
  6. Denial
  7. Everything’s Gone Green
  8. Hurt – instrumental
  9. Temptation

TV Sessions

Granada Studios 1981

  1. Doubts Even Here
  2. The Him
  3. Procession
  4. Senses
  5. Denial

BBC Riverside 1982

  1. Temptation
  2. Chosen Time
  3. Procession
  4. Hurt – instrumental
  5. Senses
  6. Denial
  7. In A Lonely Place


  1. Ceremony CoManCHE Student Union 1981
  2. In A Lonely Place Toronto 1981
  3. Temptation Soul Kitchen, Newcastle 1982
  4. Hurt Le Palace, Paris 1982
  5. Procession Le Palace, Paris 1982
  6. Chosen Time Pennies 1982
  7. Truth The Haçienda 1983
  8. ICB Minneapolis 1983

Hmmm. Lots of things here I don’t need. The LP and CD will come in the original sleeve [as seen at left]. The box that houses all of this will be the new design as seen up front. The second disc is all previously unreleased material. Namely, lots of demos. But who knew that they had recorded in Cabaret Voltaire’s studio? Beyond the “Salvation!” OST, had those two groups ever really rubbed shoulders? I would have liked hearing Cab Volt produce New Order! That sounds like it would have been interesting. I can’t say the same for the contents of disc two. Maybe Rhino screwed up the 2008 disc, but the second CD of that one at least had the tracks that I would hope to have on any version of “Movement” that would supersede the CD already in my Record Cell.

It looks like the all important singles that surrounded this release, are also going to be re-issued. On vinyl-only [insert foghorn SFX]! Ugh! This really irritates me. Apparently, each of the four singles below will get released separately a week apart starting on the 8th of March. Details below.

Ceremony (version 1)
Side 1
Ceremony (version 1)
Side 2
In A Lonely Place


Ceremony (version 2)
Side 1
Ceremony (version 2 – with Gillian Gilbert)
Side 2
In A Lonely Place


Everythings Gone Green
Side 1
Everythings Gone Green
Side 2
Cries And Whispers

Side 1
Side 2


Of course, all of these were almost on the “Substance” compilation, but missing tracks, inferior re-recorded versions, and other mishaps [never corrected on that title, grrrrr] conspire to make a definitive New Order collection on CD a painful thing to pursue. The DVD looks like it’s full of performances that fans may want to see, but let’s face it. New Order live was like paint drying. I’m sure Echorich was at both of the shows captured in NYC in ’80/’81 so maybe he can weigh in on the caliber of the performances filmed. I’m skipping all of this folderol and will sit in my Record Cell and hold my breath until the definitive re-compiled “Substance” makes an appearance and [finally] brightens my day. Your mileage may vary.

– 30 –

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26 Responses to Want List: Does Boxed “Movement” By New Order Excite?

  1. Shelf says:

    Agree completely with all your points, Monk. This is yet another botched effort at flogging New Order’s back catalog. In the Vinyl vs CD Venn diagram, this “Movement” mixed media package pleases only a very small intersection of consumers. Why should CD collectors be forced to purchase a vinyl LP? Two separate boxes would make far more sense.

    The second disc of demos is similar to the ongoing reissue project for The Cure’s back catalog, initiated in 2005. Even though I’m a hardcore New Order fan, that sort of material just doesn’t appeal to me. Pristine transfers of the Western Works demos have been circulating online for the past decade – detailed info available at these links (the story is arguably more interesting than the music):



    As you’ve noted, given the box set’s track listings, and the related 12” single releases, it’s quite obvious that this new reissue campaign’s endgame will be a “Substance” CD box set containing all of the full-length versions and B-sides. Now THAT will be worth waiting for.

    Finally, let’s not overlook the ridiculous asking price for this questionable product – currently listed on Amazon UK for £110 (USD $140)!! Sure, the price will drop as the release date nears, but as is, I wouldn’t pay even half that.

    Oh, yeah – and that DVD of live performances will probably be only slightly more intriguing than a yule log video.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Shelf – Fascinating, Captain. I like your hypothesis about the long desired “Substance: Corrected.” I’d go up to $60 for it, provided it was well mastered. The OMD CD/DVD/LP boxes I’ve gotten were better priced at $80/$75 so to get the 2nd CD I was better with that. I did appreciate that for “English Electric” OMD de-bundled the unnecessary vinyl from the 3-disc tin box for about $70, as I recall. Simple Minds got me to buy vinyl when they bundled the very limited 7″ with B-side with the CDX and LP for “Walk Between Worlds,” but I think it was not too expensive. [checks] Wow! <$35 for the LP/DLX CD + 7" – Scot Thrift is apparently REAL! More of that please.


      • Shelf says:

        Yes, the pricing of those releases seems perfectly reasonable! But this “Movement” box has to drop well below triple digits to shift units.

        Despite -1’s assessment below (and he is a proper superfan, no doubt), I still think a “Substance” CD box set is on the agenda. Otherwise, there would have been a third CD in the “Movement” box with all the tracks from the period 12″ singles.

        Rest assured that Frank Arkwright’s engineering skills are top notch – price aside, his remastering of the material may ultimately be the deciding factor in whether or not I take the plunge on this new box.


  2. negative1ne says:

    new order fan weighing here mr monk,
    as someone that has hundreds of new order items in my collection,
    this is an instant purchase. (of course once the price drops).

    it was being worked on earlier this year, but it’s taken them time
    to gather the material, and separate it out for inclusion.

    i’m particularly interested in the demos, the book, and of course the dvd.

    i already have all the vinyl, the 12 inch singles, most, if not all the 7 inch
    versions (but not all the colored procession ones, i think i have 4/9).
    but will repurchase the re-releases for completion and collection sake.

    i’m not worried about duplication, as this version of movement, is the
    same 2015 master. and it’s not even my favorite album from them.
    but power corruption and lies should be pretty massive when they get there.

    i doubt they will make it to substance, as that’s a compilation, and not a true
    album per se. so i wouldn’t hold on for that. and at the glacial rate this will go,
    maybe 1 per every 2 years or so. they got aways to go. (i did get all the
    underworld super deluxe editions in the same manner).

    i don’t care about the vinyl, but sure, throw it in there, as i will never play it.
    but its nice to have the artwork. i’m glad they threw some demos on there,
    instead of just putting the prior b-sides and extra tracks. its always neat
    to hear some other versions.

    so, there will be plenty of other people that collect this, and buy it regardless
    of price, contents, tracklistings, details. thats just how it goes sometimes.
    collector’s gonna collect. i know i will.

    yes, there’s other tracks that could have been on there, and more
    complete videos. but if this is the definitive version, you could do
    a lot worse…..some groups don’t have any out there. only thing is
    will it be done on time… i remember getting the music complete
    boxset, and it made it out, but most of those vinyl only [digital too],
    were released later on cd as complete music.

    so, perhaps all these tracks will get released digitally too for those
    that don’t want all the extras.



    • postpunkmonk says:

      negative1ne – New Order just don’t cut it with me that high on the totem pole any more. Haven’t for 30 years now. But I would buy a corrected “Substance.” The changes and omissions on that one always stuck in my craw.. PAerticularly since it seems to be impossible to get the original “Temptation” 12″ version on a CD that isn’t brickwalled. As far as I know, only the 2xCD from 2008 had it. Even the “Temptation” original mix on Facd 193 was the re-recorded mix in spite of the cover printing! For the second time that year!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Shelf says:

        Monk – the original 12″ version of “Temptation” is available on the Canadian CD issue of the “1981-1982” EP – probably the best sound quality you’ll find for that. It was also included on the “Retro” box set, but brickwalled there. And you can also find it on a great 1995 compilation entitled “Devolution (Alternative Rock Classics 1975-1985).”

        Liked by 1 person

        • postpunkmonk says:

          Shelf – Yeah, I know. $30-40. Ouch.


          • negative1ne says:

            The Canadian CD EP is just CA$20 or $15 plus shipping on discogs.


            • postpunkmonk says:

              negative1ne – So… about $30.


              • negative1ne says:

                mr monk,
                where did you get that figure from?
                if i’m doing my math correctly here;
                [quote from seller via discogs :
                Standard shipping, without tracking is $13.99CAD. There is an estimated delivery time of 6-10 business days. This rate affords 1-3 single LP’s to be shipped out per order. ]
                Item+shipping [to US, i presume] = CAD$14.99 + CAD$13.99 = CAD$28.98
                so you are right in CAD.
                I thought you were in the US, so did you forget to convert to US$?

                Then it would be $21.30, is that too much for your budget?


                • postpunkmonk says:

                  negative1ne – Just for the record, I budget $20/paycheck for my slush fund. Often this is for items I save up to buy. Then I save up my mad money for Record Shopping Road Trips, as well. A different city merits at least $100 in my pocket; $400 if it’s Los Angeles! Then there are tons of Pledge campaigns and “blink-and-miss-them” projects these days. These tend to be higher dollar purchases that require a month or two of saving up – quickly for. Bottom line? Spending $21 to get “Temptation” 12″ mix original on a CD is pretty low on the totem pole, even though it’s my favorite New Order song. I sold off my original 12″ in 1988 when I knew “Substance” was getting a release, but before the tragedy of the substitution was known! For the record, I regret selling off every New Order 12″ single I ever had. I never had them all.


        • Tim says:

          Or one could just look online for a lovingly made fanrip of the 12” in question.
          For a band that has a catalog that is packed with over-duplication of product the labels distributing each re-re-re-r-e-re release seem deaf dumb and blind to what has come before and consumer reaction to same & quality control isn’t even an afterthought.

          30 odd years in you have to say the fan community is doing them better justice than the labels are,


          • Shelf says:

            Absolutely. The work done by Analog Loyalist and 50 Pound Note for the now-defunct ‘Recycle’ project went above and beyond, and also put all of Warner Brother’s official product to shame.

            Liked by 1 person

            • postpunkmonk says:

              Shelf – I remember that blog. Never downloaded, but followed it anyway to see evidence of someone who rolls like I do. Anyone who really cares about music will ultimately have to become a small, mobile, intelligent, vanity label. I feel that microvanity labels like REVO [my own imprint] are the way to go if you want pure chewing satisfaction.


  3. jordan henrion says:

    This is interesting for the book and DVD. I have the original album and singles on vinyl and CD. The demos are for die hard fans. There is a reason why demos are called that. Underworld and their reissues are more interesting in that their alternate versions are truly that. Near!y new songs. Too expensive as well. In the $75-$85 range is right. PCL I would buy.

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  4. SimonH says:

    Vinyl AND cd? That’s me out. Actually although I know the Rhino remasters were plagued with issues, the sound wasn’t too bad in my view. However the original Factory cd is perfectly good as far as I’m concerned!
    Can you believe I requested replacement discs from Rhino years after the event and a nice package turned up sent from the Rhino in the US. I thought that was impressive, although of course shouldn’t have been needed.
    If people keep designing reissues like this I’m going to save lots of money so that’s an upside:)


  5. Andy B says:

    Frustrating for me too.

    I can’t see why they couldn’t have included all the related singles and b-sides on another disc in the box-set. I’m not interested in vinyl either.

    I wish these artists and record companies would ask the fans what they would like in these sets! I’m sure the majority would ask for something different than this.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      AbdyB – Well, I assume [correct me if I’m wrong] that the readership of this blog are generally of an older [40s-60] age like myself, and our buying habits are not of the general youth market. But I would think that reissues of ~40 year old albums are really for our ears, primarily.

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    • negative1ne says:

      If you were a new order fan, you would already have the b-sides, and on top of that, you would have had the remastered version, which is dirt cheap to buy now, so it’s not that hard to come by the other tracks.


      • Jordan says:

        I heard something interesting today. Driving listening to Sirius satellite in the USA. New Wave channel.

        Peter Hook came on in a small recently recorded bit talking about this box.

        He introduced himself as “ This is Peter Hook from Joy Division “
        Then goes on to talk about Bernard and Stephen and this new re issue. No mention of the fact that he was in NO.

        I’m in your demographic Monk.
        I can only guess this box is for older folks. If it was designed for the youth it would be on digital download or streaming. Which it still may be.


  6. Andy B says:

    Yes the singles and b-sides are available elsewhere. However if you are going to issue a fancy box set for an album with various extras, and charge a ridiculous amount for it, why not include ALL relevant releases for that time period? At least make it a comprehensive release.


  7. I’ve spent a lot of time recently in a sort of record store (within a big chain retailer up here) and I’m dumbfounded beyond all measure at how many albums of my youth — and that general time period — are on (heavyweight) vinyl and selling far better than the CDs of the same content, even though the CD is going for ~$10-13 and the vinyl (which is generally a straight reissue or bonus-less remaster at best) goes for double-to-triple that price.

    I admit it is gratifying to see albums of true greatness in racks again (and I’m referring to slabs ranging from Sinatra to Coltrane to Steely Dan and Johnny Cash) in the format they were originally issued on, sure, but I’m mystified that people would pay so much more for less music, even given the format’s other charms. I’m also saddened by the fact that “greatest hits” CDs (which I’ve never liked, really) are going for $5-8 almost regardless of artist (as long as their heyday was 30-40 years ago!). Streaming is seen as a medium for new stuff (even though there’s ~50M songs on your service of choice), grossly overpriced vinyl for “old stuff.”

    I don’t know how I will feel when I see a copy of Never Mind the Bollocks on 180g vinyl in every mainstream record store priced at ~$30, but I suspect it will involve standoffs and hostages.


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