Rezillos VS Rezillos: The Ideal Versus Reality [With Lawyers]

Earlier this year, wouldn’t you know it… just six months after completing my Rezillos CD that tied up every loose end I could conceivably think of [and then some], the invisible hand of the marketplace did its best to render my efforts moot. The Cherry Red label released the following 2xCD that reissued both “Can’t Stand The Rezillos” and “Mission Accomplished [But The Beat Goes On]” along with a plethora of bonus tracks which hopefully included all of the numerous single-only tracks associated with the band’s time on Sire Records. They gave it a kitschy new cover as seen below.

Cherry Red | UK | 2xCD | 2018 | WCDBRED705

The Rezillos: Flying Saucer Attack – The Complete Recordings 1977-1979 UK 2xCD [2018]

Disc 1 – Can’t Stand The Rezillos +

  1. Flying Saucer Attack
  2. No
  3. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite
  4. Top Of The Pops
  5. 2000 A.D.
  6. It Gets Me
  7. I Can’t Stand My Baby
  8. Glad All Over
  9. (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
  10. I Like It
  11. Getting Me Down
  12. Cold Wars
  13. Bad Guy Reaction
  14. I Can’t Stand My Baby (7″ Version)
  15. I Wanna Be Your Man
  16. (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures (7″ Version)
  17. Flying Saucer Attack (7″ Version)
  18. Top Of The Pops (7″ Version)
  19. 20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea
  20. Destination Venus
  21. Mystery Action

Disc 2 – Mission Accomplished… But The Beat Goes On (Live In Glasgow) +

  1. Top Of The Pops
  2. Mystery Action
  3. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite
  4. Thunderbirds Are Go
  5. Cold Wars
  6. Teenbeat
  7. No
  8. Land Of A Thousand Dances
  9. I Need You
  10. Culture Shock
  11. Getting Me Down
  12. Ballroom Blitz
  13. (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
  14. Destination Venus
  15. Cold Wars (Live In Glasgow 7″ Mix)
  16. Flying Saucer Attack (Live In Glasgow)
  17. Twist And Shout (Live In Glasgow)
  18. Good Sculptures (Alternative Version)
  19. Getting Me Down (Alternative Version)

Ancient readers of this blog may recall that I make a bespoke CD entitled “A Case Of Rezillomania” last summer that rounded up any tracks not on either of The Rezillos albums on Sire. Their two albums [and a single] had been compiled by Sire as “Can’t Stand My baby: The Almost Complete Rezillos” in 1993 to my delight, as seen at left. The full debut album was there, as well as both sides of the “Destination Venus” single, and every track except one and a half from their second, live album. Recorded at their last gig before breaking up. My CD was everything else, with a few ringers thrown into the mix.

REVO | CD-R | 2017 | REVO 083

The Rezillos: A Case Of Rezillomania CD-R [2017]

1. Can’t Stand My Baby [7” Ver.]
2. I Wanna Be Your Man
3. [My Baby Does] Good Sculptures [7” Ver.]
4. Flying Saucer Attack [7” Ver.]
5. Top Of The Pops [7” Ver.]
6. 20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea
7. Destination Venus
8. Mystery Action
9. [My Baby Does] Good Sculptures [Alt. B-side Ver.]
10. Thunderbirds Intro/Destination Venus [Live]
11. Flying Saucer Attack [Live]
12. Twist + Shout [Live]
13. No [BBC Session]
14. It Gets Me [BBC Session]
15. No. 1 Boy [Single Ver.]
16. Out Of This World [Single Ver.]
17. Rosalyn
18. Out Of This World [Glass Mix]
19. Top Of The Pops [Live]
20. Bad Guy Reaction [Live]
21. Yesterday’s Tormentor [Live]
22. Sorry About Tomorrow [XKRY Session]
23. Groovy Room [XKRY Session]
24. Destination Venus [XKRY Session]
25. Tiny Boy [XKRY Session]
26. [My Baby Does]Good Sculptures [XKRY Session]

Well, the eight bonus tracks on disc one replicate the first eight of my CD. Great! Disc two has five bonus tracks and they included the 7″ of “Cold Wars [live] and I was not aware of anything special about the 7” A-side, but the fact was, I did not include it. The alternative version of “Getting Me Down” looks previously unreleased. Where my CD exceeds is in rounding up all of the modern Rezillos rarities that were released prior to the “Zero” album. Including a radio session in America. So this represents a happy medium when the official CD comes out [just six months later – after planning a project for decades] and doesn’t obsolete all of my work. So I’ll need to be getting a copy of this! Truth be told, I saw it at Amoeba Hollywood last summer and passed at the time, I should be safe buying this for a few more years, I hope.

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3 Responses to Rezillos VS Rezillos: The Ideal Versus Reality [With Lawyers]

  1. bpdp3 says:

    All my Rezillos is the original vinyl of ‘can’t stand’.
    But then… being the neo maxi zoom completist I am, I had to know the name of the song played in ‘sixteen candles’ as Long duck dong arrives at Jake Ryan’s party…”twas a mystery. Turns out to be ‘rev up’ by Revillos. Found that lp about eight years ago.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      bpdp3 – Yow! I remember that scene, at the time (1984) I didn’t know who that cool song was by either. I knew The Rezillos but missed The Revillos until the mid-80s when I bought the “Dindisc 1980” sampler and two songs from “Rev Up” were on it. I made them the first band that I started to collect by mail order record buying a year or two later. When I got “ Rev Up” I was astonished at how godlike it was. I still am!


  2. McRonson says:

    F***************************k………how do I not hear about things like this coming out???? First the Fashion Fabrique re-issue and now this, a complete Rezillos BSOG? Good old Dindisc, a subsidiary of Virgin Records, if I recall correctly. Thanks again, Monk!


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