Want List: DEVO’s Late In Game Peak Given DLX RM Treatment

Futurismo | UK | 2x CD DLX RM | 2018 | Futurismo no 29

DEVO: Total DEVO DLX RM 2xCD UK [2018]

Disc 1

  1. Baby Doll
  2. Disco Dancer
  3. Some Things Never Change
  4. Plain Truth
  5. Happy Guy
  6. Don’t Be Cruel
  7. The Shadow
  8. I’d Cry If You Died
  9. Agitated
  10. Man Turned Inside Out
  11. Sexi Luv
  12. Blow Up

Disc 2

  1. Baby Doll (Single Mix)
  2. Baby Doll (Extended Mix)
  3. Baby Doll (Dub Mix)
  4. Disco Dancer (12 Inch Version)
  5. Disco Dancer (Bonus Beats)
  6. Disco Dancer (Karaoke Version)
  7. Some Things Never Change (Cassette Version)
  8. Agitated (Hyperextended Mix)
  9. Agitated (Demo)
  10. Money Pit (Pre-Baby Doll)
  11. Sexi Luv (Demo)
  12. Untitled Instrumental Sketch
  13. Misfits Of Science
  14. Wedding March

I was slightly late to the ball when DEVreleased their “Total DEV” album in 1988. I did not buy it immediately, due to the pall still cast four years earlier by “Shout.” I had seen the “Disco Dancer” clip on 120 Minutes and was not convinced. Also, their drummer Alan Meyers had jumped ship following “Shout” and was replaced by David [Sparks] Kendrick. Truth be told, it hurt seeing DEVsent back to the rookie leagues of an indie like Enigma Records with a low budget for their all important video. Not as much as it hurt the band since unbeknownst to them, Enigma was a sinking ship still barely aloft on ill gotten gains from their Metal Blade distribution.

I didn’t buy a copy of “Total DEV” until a year or two later, and [most importantly] missing a DEVshow touring behind the album the one time I could have seen them in Orlando at Visage nightclub! When I heard how good the album was, I then regretted my decision to blow that tour off. It’s not as if “Total DEV” was the next “Duty Now For the Future,” but at least to these ears, it sounded like the next “New Traditionalists.” I liked the tunes and the arrangements had more guitar that I had gotten from “Oh No! It’s DEV!” or what I’d heard at that time of “Shout.” Mark Mothersbaugh may have wanted to clear all guitar out of the band, but as far as I was concerned, it was an over reliance on synthesizers that had blanded their sound down in ’82/’84. This sounded more interesting to me.

I bought the CD singles and there it’s been until this year when the DEVmailing list announced the 30th Anniversary DLX RM of “Total DEV” in what looks to be a fairly authoritative 2xCD edition. Of course, It’s also available in multiple shades of colored vinyl for those who have to have everything. Homey don’t play dat! I wonder how authoritative it is? Let’s find out!

devo total devo cover art

Enigma Records | US | CD | 1988 | D2-73303

DEV: Total DEVUS CD [1988]

  1. Baby Doll
  2. Disco Dancer
  3. Some Things Never Change
  4. Plain Truth
  5. Happy Guy
  6. Don’t Be Cruel
  7. The Shadow
  8. I’d Cry If You Died
  9. Agitated
  10. Man Turned Inside Out
  11. Sexi Luv
  12. Blow Up
  13. Some Things Never Change [cassette version]

The original CD had a bonus track, an alternate version of “Some Things Never Change.” That’s there, so “check!”

Enigma Records | US | CD-3 | 1988 | 7 75511-3

DEV: Disco Dancer US CD-3 [1988]

  1. Disco Dancer [7 inch version]
  2. Disco Dancer [12 inch version]
  3. Disco Dancer [bonus beats]
  4. Disco Dancer [karaoke version]

Okay, so the first chink in their armor is showing. The 7″ version of “Disco Dancer” is not there. Not fatal, but there’s all of that space at the end of  disc one. Myself, I’d rather have the original album on a disc jammed full of everything rather than lose cuts that should be there due to the idea of protecting the “integrity” of the original album!

Enigma Records | US | CD5 | 1988 | 7 75515-2

DEV: Baby Doll US CD5 [1988]

  1. Baby Doll (Single Mix)
  2. Baby Doll (Extended Mix)
  3. Baby Doll (Instrumental Single Mix)
  4. Baby Doll (Percapella)
  5. Baby Doll (Devo Single Mix)
  6. Agitated (Hyperextended Mix)

Hmm, A hefty three tracks missing from the package here. Instrumental, percapella [has anyone ever actually cared about one of those?], and DEVsingle mixes are missing. Interestingly enough, there is a 6:05 “dub mix” on the DLX RM not on that CD5 and it’s definitely not the 3:40 percapella mix, but I dug and found it here:

Enigma Records | USP | CD5 | 1988 | EPRO-140


DEV: Baby Doll US Promo CD5 [1988]

  1. Baby Doll
  2. Baby Doll [extended mix]
  3. Baby Doll [dub mix]
  4. Baby Doll [percapella]

Darth Vader sez’ “…most impressive.” That showed attention to detail. Especially since that disc is going for a strong two figures on Discogs right now. I’ve never heard this cut.

Enigma Records  | US | CASS | 1988 |  7 75029-4

DEV: Baby Doll US cassette single [1988]

  1. Baby Doll (Single Mix)
  2. Baby Doll (Extended Mix)
  3. Baby Doll (Devo Single Mix)
  4. Baby Doll (Instrumental Mix)
  5. Don’t Be Cruel

Let we forget, there was another popular format in 1988. The cassette single had an instrumental version of “Baby Doll,” and as we strive for Monastic perfection, we call out its absence! And off the top of my head, I remembered one more rarity that was definitely missing here!

Island Records ‎| US | CD | 1988 | 422-842 890-2

Various: Tapeheads OST US CD [1988]

  1. Swanky Modes: Ordinary Man
  2. King Cotton: Roscoe’s Rap
  3. Bo Diddley: Surfer’s Love Chant
  4. Swanky Modes: You Hooked Me Baby
  5. Swanky Modes: Betcher Bottom Dollar
  6. DEV: Baby Doll (Sung In Swedish)
  7. Fishbone: Slow Bus A-Movin’ (Howard’s Beach Party)
  8. Swanky Modes: Audience For My Pain
  9. Swanky Modes: Language Of Love
  10. Swanky Modes: Ordinary Man (Can’t Keep A Good Man Down Mix)

Fans of the cult film “Tapeheads” will know what I’m talking about! One of the more amusing gags was having a Swedish version of “Baby Doll” by DEVinserted into the movie to have a [deserved] good laugh at Eurokase Synthpop. I really miss this track.

Oooh! Spot the spot varnish!

So spuds who are interested in this DLX RM will, like me, be buying it for the hefty five unreleased bonus tracks in lieu of the missing mixes. The 2xCD has my name on it, and the new cover design with the alternate photo is a big step up, in my opinion. The CD, as does the LP version, comes in a gatefold cover enhanced with spot varnish, so obviously, no expense was spared! There is also a poster [folded pretty small in the CD, admittedly], and some postcards thrown in. The official store at ClubDEVO.com is sold out of all versions, but the Futurismo site still has the all important CD for £17.99 [a.k.a. $23.23] here. Act fast or…you know how it goes in these dark days.

– 30 –

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4 Responses to Want List: DEVO’s Late In Game Peak Given DLX RM Treatment

  1. Baby Doll is one of my fave DEVO tracks. It touches on their earliest roots as horny nerds and blends seamlessly with the engine that drove the great songs from “Oh No” and earlier albums.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – I like it best in Swedish! The tunes here really shone a lot more than those on the preceding “Shout” [which I find impossible to remember] or the subsequent “Smooth Noodle Maps” [which I’m trying to forget].


  2. Duncan Watson says:

    Smooth Noodle Maps is receiving the deluxe treatment from March 2019. Check it out here -> http://store.futurismoinc.com/product/devo-br-smooth-noodle-maps-2xcd-br-digipak (clunky vinyl options are available)


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Duncan Watson – “Smooth Noodle Maps” is the DEVO reissue that I was not clamoring for. I can barely justify “Total DEVO,” which Ii think is a great album, seeing as I have the singles from it, but “Smooth Noodle Maps” is a road best not traveled on. DLX RM or otherwise.


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