Redux: Remastering – The Complete Faith Global

July 22, 2014

Survival Records | UK | 12” | 1982 | SUR 124

Survival Records | UK | 12” | 1982 | SUR 124

Faith Global: Earth Report UK 12″ [1982]

  1. Earth Report
  2. Coded World
  3. Love Seems Lost
Survival Records | UK | LP | 1983 | SUR LP 003

Survival Records | UK | LP | 1983 | SUR LP 003

Faith Global: The Same Mistakes UK LP [1983]

  1. The Same Mistakes
  2. Forgotten Man
  3. Hearts & Flowers
  4. Knowing The Way
  5. Love Seems Lost
  6. Coded World
  7. Yayo
  8. Slaves To This
  9. Facing Facts

Back in 1982 I was probably perusing the racks at Crunchy Armadillo Records and my eyes probably bugged when I saw the Faith Global “Earth Report” 12″ single, since the dude on the cover left was obviously the previously undercover Stevie Shears; late of guitar from the band Ultravox! At the time, I only knew that he had been ousted from Ultravox! after their blistering “Ha! Ha! Ha!” album when he had been replaced by Robin Simon who was better equipped to take the band into their electronic future. Forgive me for not knowing that he subsequently was involved with Ken Lockie’s Cowboys International project, but that record I would not hear for many years later.

I bought “Earth Report” and was delivered a solid slice of Post-Punk that was very different from the Ultravox! material that I’d previously heard Shears play on, but overall, the vibe was congruent with a song like “The Man Who Dies Every Day,” so I was pretty pleased with my purchase. Shears had risen to the occasion by playing everything on the single except acoustic guitar [rather well, thank you] and that instrument had been left to the hands of Jason Guy, the vocalist. Guy was to my ears an eerie ringer for early John Foxx, so that lent this project a bit of eerie déja vu.

I kept my ears to the ground and when the album “The Same Mistakes” hit the streets of Central Florida as an import the next year, I quickly bought it. Good thing too, because each Faith Global record was the only copy of these releases that I’d ever seen. To this day. The album did not have the 12″ A-side, but the B-sides were there and accounted for. The only notable presence on the album save for Shears and Guy was the sax player for the glory days of The Psychedelic Furs, Duncan Kilburn, who added honks to “The Forgotten Man” and “Knowing The Way.” Drummer Graham King remains best known for playing drums on this album.

Since I have every known recording by the group on the racks, I should make this one the focus of a REVO remastering sooner rather than later. If I can only scrape the nickels together to buy a new hard drive… and a spindle of MAM-A gold CD-R media. But I’m not holding my breath. One safe thing about planning to remaster this title is that I need not worry about being scooped by a legitimate reissue label. This music is so far under the radar that I seriously doubt that it could happen! But often is the time that I embark on a 10+ year journey of completing a collection, only to see the material get a real re-issue on Edsel, or Cherry Red for a fraction of the cost that I’d invested in all of that rare vinyl. That is definitely a case of pyrrhic defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

– 30 –


p.s. It’s over four years later. I think this has been recorded to the 4TB RAID [see, I did buy the hard drive I mentioned, so there’s  some progress] but the files have not been denoised or touched in any way.

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2 Responses to Redux: Remastering – The Complete Faith Global

  1. JL says:

    Wow, cool, Faith Global! I’ve got a download. Stevie Shears remains uncontactable though…
    Great review.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      JL – Yeah, I’ve had the full discography and it’s even been digitized in a raw state for eons. Now to get off of my rear end and denoise it to make it happen! It’s great stuff that slots in nicely with the sort of work Mr. Shears did with Cowboys International after Ultravox! I should have known that you might be a fan of this New Wave esoterica.


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