Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [The List] [part 11]

I grew to expect at least one of these a week from Ron Kane

[continued from last post]

After the show was finished we went back to home base. There was talk of meeting up with our friend Randy for dinner, but in an “only in L.A.” occurrence, he had just gotten the call to be an extra and had to be on set the next morning at 3:30 for a filming, so that ended that thought. I next realized that since Mr. Ware needed to be at LAX in time for a 9:00 A.M. flight, and the Post Office didn’t open until 10:00 a.m. – how would I get my records home since I could not carry them in my luggage? I [or one of my company, I’m not sure] recalled that Staples had in house shipping services, so we found the nearby Staples, as I packed my luggage with all of the CDs [they fit!] to be sure before packing up the vinyl in the shipping box I had bought at Amoeba. We went there and I was able to ship them FedEx since the USPS kiosk did not offer Media Mail, and the FedEx pricing was lower at around $21.00 for three day service. That task done, We turned our attention to dinner. Sushi felt right.

There was a nearby restaurant, BlueC Sushi [near the Cinerama Dome] that offered sushi on conveyor belts with the chefs rolling in the center of the large space. Plates were color coded according to price an done pulled what you wanted and ate it, with the tab taken by what color plates were on your table. It seems like this is a Japanese trend making inroads into the West Coast, so given that Ron’s life revolved around Japan for the last 20+ years of his life, it made a certain kind of sense to eat here. Then we drove the short distance to home base and Mr. Ware’s daughter was ready to rejoin her companions and head for her home. We said our goodbyes and they collected her, leaving the three of us alone and ready to pack things up.

Chasinvictoria had also called his friend Peter, whom he and I had visited with in Soundsations Records on Thursday, and he swung by the home base and chatted with us for a while as our collective energies ebbed. Then it was time to crash one more time in the lovely garden house we’d been occupying. The next day was good because Mr. Ware needed to be at the airport two hours ahead of me, and I needed to be there several hours ahead of chasinvictoria. This meant that with plenty of time, I didn’t have to rush into dropping off the rental car and getting to my terminal in time for the security theater hazing ritual that is now boarding a flight. We said our farewells to Mr. Ware, though I will be seeing him again soon as we have tickets for Simple Minds in Atlanta in October. We dropped off the car and got the bus to LAX. I said goodbye to chasinvictoria and settled in for a long day of reverse jet lag and airport dining. I began writing this thread on my iPad on the trip home. I got at least the first two days of posting done.

I was actually looking forward to my layover in Atlanta around 9:00 p.m. because I had been pining for the best onion rings in the world, as made by The Varsity. This Atlanta institution of junk food doesn’t have much I’ll deign to eat, but every decade or so, if you’re going to eat onion rings – eat the best! They were in the airport concourse but unlike the last time I was in the ATL airport [about a year ago – and I passed on them then – not in the mood], they no longer served their iconic onion rings! Talk about disappointment. I ate something else instead. The short hop to the Greenville airport was under an hour. I made it out to the parking lot there and got out of the lot eight minutes before midnight and the parking day rolled over to another day’s fee… yes! On the trip home I had about 60 miles of backroads from Greenville, SC to Asheville, NC to drive and the roads were delightfully free of vehicles. The night air was cool, and I had picked two of my purchases to listen to on the trip home:

I had waited 37 years to finally buy a copy of “Controversy” in spite of owning 12″ promos from it from the time of its release. I was particularly eager to hear “Sexuality” for the first time since about 1984, when MTV barely played the video for the song during the “Purple Rain” blitz. The song was amazing, decades later. Possibly the apex of Prince’s synthesis of funk and New Wave. I had forgotten the chant of “the introduction of a new breed of leaders; stand up, organize” that the song ended with. “Controversy” is another brief album like “Dirty Mind.” So I had time to start my next album while still en route home.

After seeing “Sorry to Bother You” The Coup jumped to the front of the queue of my musical consciousness with Boots Riley having just the sort of pointed political take on hip hop that would appeal to me a lot. That his sounds were admirably diverse and eclectic was fuel to the fire. What other hip hop albums would feature Jello Biafra on them, right? But who would have expected when the track “Sho Yo Ass” ended with Riley chanting “introduction of a new breed of leaders; stand up, organize!” Paging Carl Jung to the white courtesy phone!

This trip has been very unique in my experience. Sure, sure. There were more than enough record stores visited, but that was not what drove the bus. Entirely. What made it powerful for me was how all of Ron’s friends had come together to remember his efforts and essence in a creative and moving fashion. Ron Kane didn’t want a funeral. What he got instead were concerts by his close friends. Many of whom had not previously met, and therein was the real magic happening at Ron-Kon II. Ron was an odd guy. Passionate about music and highly generous with it, but he didn’t let people get too close. Maybe Ron was simply meant to be the glue that brought so many interesting, quality people together for something bigger than themselves? Maybe 33 years of knowing Ron was more than just long lists and constant music chat?

I have to say that I have never participated in anything else like Ron-Kon II. When people I know have died they have had funerals. Or not. It really didn’t seem to matter one way or another. On the other hand, this did matter. It was a wonderful event that a lot of people participated in and made connections not only with their memories of Ron, but more importantly, with each other. And experiencing it with Mr. Ware and chasinvictoria made me feel even closer to them through our common experiences at Ron-Kon II, and I’ve knows these guys for decades. Now I suppose it’s time for…

Today’s List

  1. David Bowie: Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 – Parlophone – RP2-558572 – US – 2xCD – Sounsations Records/$8.99
  2. The Coup: Steal This Album – Polemic Records DDR-4600 – US – CD – Sounsations Records/$5.99
  3. Bootsy’s Rubber Band: Bootsy? Player Of The Year – Warner Bros. Records – 3093-2 – US – CD – Sounsations Records/$5.99
  4. Prince: For You – Warner Bros. Records – 3150-2 – US – CD – Sounsations Records/$5.99
  5. Prince: Controversy – Warner Bros. Records – 3601-2 – US – CD – Sounsations Records/$3.99
  6. Prince And The Revolution: Around The World In A Day – Paisley Park – 9 25286-2 – US – CD – Sounsations Records | $3.99
  7. Prince And The Revolution: Parade – Paisley Park – 9 25395-2 – US – CD – Sounsations Records | $3.99
  8. Prince: Sign “O” The Times – Paisley Park – 9 25577-2 – US – CD – Sounsations Records/$8.99
  9. Prince And The New Power Generation: Love Symbol – Paisley Park/Warner Bros. Records – 9 45037-2 – US – CD – Sounsations Records/$3.99
  10. Ursula 1000: Here Comes Tomorrow – Eighteenth Street Lounge Music – ESL091 – US – CD – Amoeba/$3.99
  11. China Crisis: Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms, Some People Think It’s Fun To Entertain DLX RM – Caroline Records – CAROLR065CD – UK – 2xCD – Amoeba/$14.99
  12. China Crisis: Flaunt The Imperfection DLX RM – Caroline Records – CAROLR067CD – UK – 2xCD – Amoeba/$19.98
  13. Devo: Something For Everybody – Warner Bros. Records – 523975-2 – US – CD – Amoeba/$2.99
  14. B-Movie: Climate Of Fear – Cleopatra – CLO 0072 – US – CD – Amoeba/$13.98
  15. ABC: The Lexicon Of Love II – Virgin EMI Records – CDV 3150 – US – CD – Amoeba/$13.98
  16. Salvation Army: Befour Three O’Clock Happen Happened – Frontier Records – 01866 34639 2 – US – CD – Amoeba/$7.99
  17. Robert Palmer: Woke Up Laughing – Metro Blue – 7243 4 93575 2 5 – US – CD – Amoeba/$2.99
  18. Robert Palmer: Secrets – Island Records – CID 9544 – EURO – CD – Amoeba/$4.99
  19. The Coup: Pick A Bigger Weapon – Epitaph – 86720-2 – US – CD – Amoeba/$4.99
  20. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: Access All Areas – Edsel Records – AAACDVD043 – UK – CD + DVD – Amoeba/$11.98
  21. Suicide: Suicide DLX RM – Mute/Red Star Records – 9104-2 – US – CD – Amoeba/$6.99
  22. Warren Zevon: Life’ll Kill Ya – Artemis Records – 751003-2 – US – CD – Amoeba/$6.99
  23. Warren Zevon: My Ride’s Here – Artemis Records – 751124-2 – US – CD – Amoeba/$9.99
  24. Ultravox: Lament DLX RM – Chrysalis – CRCX1009 – UK – 2xCD – Amoeba/$13.98
  25. Ultravox: Return To Eden DLX RM – Chrysalis – C2DV 1001 – UK – 2xCD + DVD – Amoeba/$13.98
  26. Graham Parker: The Real Macaw – Great Expectations – PIP CD 027 – FR – CD – Amoeba/$2.99
  27. Graham Parker & The Figgs: Songs Of No Consequence – Bloodshot Records – BS 123 – US – CD – Amoeba/$3.99
  28. Was (Not Was): Spy In The House Of Love – Fontana – WASXR 2 – UK – 12″ – Amoeba/$1.99
  29. The Ward Brothers: Cross That Bridge – Siren – SIREN 16-12 – UK – WLP 12″ – Amoeba/$1.99
  30. Defunkt: Razor’s Edge / Strangling Me With Your Love – Hannibal Records – HNS 1201 – UK – 12″ – Amoeba/$3.99
  31. Andrew Poppy: 32 Frames / The Impossible Net – ZTT – ZTIS 200 – UK – 12″ – Amoeba/$3.99
  32. Comateens: Resist Her – Mercury – 880 151-1 – US – 12″ – Amoeba/$3.99 sealed copy
  33. Frazier Chorus: Cloud 8 – Virgin VSTX – 1252 – UK – WLP 12″ – Amoeba/$1.99
  34. Graham Parker & The Rumour: Squeezing Out Sparks & Live Sparks DLX RM – Arista – 07822-18939-2 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$3.99
  35. Graham Parker And The Rumour: The Up Escalator – Arista – ARCD 8093 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$4.99
  36. Graham Parker: Another Grey Area – Razor Edge – RE 1982 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$3.99
  37. Graham Parker & The Rumour: Three Chords Good – Primary Wave Records – 856817002528 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$2.99
  38. Zaine Griff: Figvres – ZG Music – CDMANU5133 – NZ – CD – Rockaway Records/$2.99
  39. Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression – Caroline International – CAROL011CD – UK – CD – Rockaway Records/$2.99
  40. Zevon: Wanted Dead Or Alive – Capitol Records – 72435-80741-2-3 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$2.99
  41. Nick Lowe: At My Age – Yep Roc Records – YEP-2102 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$2.99
  42. Bill Pritchard: Jolie – Play It Again Sam Records – PIAS 176 CD – BENELUX – CD – Rockaway Records/$3.99
  43. Stinky Toys: Plastic Faces – Polydor – 833 003-2 – FR – CD – Rockaway Records/$3.99
  44. The Dickies: Idjit Savant – Triple X Records – 51168-2 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$3.99
  45. Ian Hunter: Overnight Angels – Columbia – 474781-2 – BENELUX – CD – Rockaway Records/$6.99
  46. Ian Hunter / Mick Ronson: Y U I Orta – Mercury – 838 973-2 – US – CD- Rockaway Records/$3.99
  47. Ian Hunter: Shrunken Heads – Yep Roc Records – YEP-2152 – US – CD – Rockaway Records/$3.99
  48. Elvis Costello & The Imposters: The Revolver Tour – The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook – Hip-O Records – B0016431-09 – US – DVD – Rockaway Records/$2.99
  49. Ken Lockie: The Impossible – Virgin – 203 699 – UK – LP – Rockaway Records/$4.99 | Property of Ron Kane
  50. Intaferon: Steamhammer Sam – Chrysalis – CHS 12 2750 – UK – 12″ – Rockaway Records/$4.99
  51. The Decayes: Aquarium – Imgrat Records – 2400006.1 – US – LP – Rockaway Records/$14.99 | # 75/300 signed by Ron Kane
  52. Various: Music From Earth – Imgrat Records – 2406 006 – NZ – LP – Warren Bowman/gift
  53. Various: The Record Man – A Tribute To Ron Kane – US – CD-R – Rockaway Records/$12.99
  54. Talking Heads: Live On Tour – Warner Bros. Records – WBMS 104 RE-1 – US – LP Promo – Rockaway Records/$29.99
  55. Prince And The Revolution: Purple Rain SDLX RM – Warner Bros. Records – 547374-2 – US – 3xCD + DVD – Record Surplus/$18.26
  56. The London Suede: Night Thoughts – Warner Bros. Records – R2 553975 – US – CD + DVD – Record Surplus/$8.28
  57. Various: Debut LP Magazine – Issue 05 – Debut Magazine – LP MAG 5 – UK – LP/Magazine – Record Surplus/$6.39

– 30 –

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4 Responses to Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [The List] [part 11]

  1. SimonH says:

    A very nice haul, some great bargains in there!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      SimonH – I was happy that about 20% of it was from the want list, though I am well on my way towards spending too much for music this year. Each year I want to scale back but when traveling, the impetus is there to shop. My wife has a good idea; not traveling to see bands we’ve seen before. I can get behind that. It will trim our budget back since for the last 4-5 months there has not been a paycheck of mine that we’ve not been setting money aside for trips from.


  2. Man, I’m soooo glad we didn’t have to use your list for “Today’s List” — the song would have gone on for 15 minutes! Ha!

    Yes, I think most corners of Ron’s life and the influences he brought to bear were touched on in some way over that weekend. My pal Peter got to meet Ron as well (and discuss Yes at some length) — what a remarkable bit of serendipity that he would happen to be in LA on the very weekend that Ron-Kon II was happening! A truly memorable occasion and the best send-off Ron could have hoped for.

    Liked by 1 person

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