Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [Ron Kane Swap Meet] [part 7]

Only Ron would own a stuffed Kiwi bird…

[continued from last post]

Ron Kane “Swap Meet”

A great Jewish deli is hard to come by in Asheville

It was originally mooted that following the 11:00 a.m. meetup at Rockaway Records, that there would be a 2:00 visit to Amoeba Hollywood followed by a 4:00 mystery shindig at Warren Bowman’s home. At the rehearsals, Warren revealed to us that he had secured some of Ron’s non-music collection stuff for his buddies to wade through for their own Ron memorabilia. As these things go, the Rockaway visit ran a bit long. A store of that caliber is not rushed through! By the time we left there it was gaining on 2:00 and driving anywhere in Los Angeles takes time.

We were giving Mark Moerman a lift to Warren’s home and we needed lunch in any case. Outside of my home environs, I asked chasinvictoria if there was a nearby Jewish deli since the state in which I dwell was the site of the ugly rebirth of the KKK in the early 60s. I’m assuming that ugly fact is what put the damper on the reach of Jewish culture in Western North Carolina that still prevails to this day, though the Hardlox Festival gives me a glimmer of hope each year. As much as I loathe racism, I really love those latkes and blintzes! Alas, the line snaking out of the door pointed to the fact that a lunch there would put us behind the eight ball, timewise. And we needed to get to Warren’s and then to Brennan’s for the Ron Kane Memorial Concert by 5:30 for soundcheck. We settled for a Subway sandwich! Sad, but necessary.

Warren had set up folding tables full of Ron-merch… all free for the taking

We arrived at Warren’s around 3:00 and saw that he had put out folding tables under a tarp as if for a garage sale, but this was all free. The chance for his friends to get some Ron mementos since the end had been inconclusive for him. Warren, living locally, was able to contact the executors of Ron’s estate [in-laws] and while they were selling off his mighty collection of music to meet his medical bills that piled up in the last months of his life, they agreed to let Warren take some things of only sentimental value. This meant that there were lots of videotapes, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs that Ron had burned, some paper goods, and odds and ends like a ßeta video rewinder that I could really use! I had just cracked my videotape cache before the trip to find the Ron videos I wanted to burn to DVD and I had wished right then and there for a ßeta rewinder to make my life easier. Here it was… one final gift from Ron.

The folks from the Rockaway visit gradually filtered through and we all took a look to see if there was anything that called out to us. I saw a yellow 70s binder of a years’s worth of National Lampoon [as seen above in the photo] but I had never liked that thing. The rewinder was my main thing, but I also too a few DVD-Rs: David Sylvian, Scritti Politti, and the wonderful 1980 “Pee-Wee Herman Show” stage revue that kicked off Paul Ruben’s career. He was never better than in that first flower of the Pee-Wee Herman character. Others were enthralled by reel-to-reel tapes of The Decayes; Ron’s cult band of the 70s/early 80s. The latter were probably worth quite a bit on the “collector’s market” but they stayed with Warren, who had the hardware to actually play them. I think he’s got an eye on making that stuff more widely available to those with an interest.

We sat under the shade trees for a while and relaxed for perhaps the first time of this active trip. We met Warren’s wife, who put up with all of this unusual activity like a trooper. When it was time to head out to Brennan’s, we helped Warren take down the shade structure jutting out of his VW camper that was helping to protect the folding tables full of stuff from the brutal L.A. sun. We next took off for Marina Del Rey, where Brennan’s awaited.

Next: …The First Concert and… Beer Pong?


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  1. SimonH says:

    Subway should use that as their new ad slogan:)


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