REDUX: Humpe Humpe – The 3 Of Us

July 1, 2014

Warner Bros. Records | US | 12

Warner Bros. Records | US | 12″ | 1985 | 0-20429

Humpe Humpe: 3 of us US 12″ [1985]

  1. 3 Of Us [Fun Girl 3 Mix]
  2. 3 Of Us [4 Your Club Mix]
  3. Yama-Ha
  4. 3 Of Us [Instrumental Dub]

This was a record that blindsided me at the local Peaches back in the day, while perusing [gasp!] domestic 12″ singles. I had never heard of the artist in question, but when I examined the record more closely, I saw two names that held some sway; co-producers Gareth [John Foxx] Jones and Roma [Laurie Anderson] Baran. Sold, American! That was enough data to have me part with my $4.98 easily enough. When I played it, I discovered it to be a perky synth pop ode to the fun of a mènage á trois with two people that the singer both loved.

The minimal synth bed was enhanced with lots of percussive filigree that was pretty far from the mark of what ca. 1985 synth-pop sounded like, thankfully! No gated drum sound here. I liked the B-side, “Yama-Ha,” even more. It was as delightful an homage to the makers of the dreaded DX7 as could be imagined, considering my antipathy for their hardware. The single was an intriguing harbinger of things to come, and it appeared to my eyes that Warner Bros. was pulling a German licensee into the American market just for my ears only. Even though the sisters Humpe [Inga + Anete] sang in English, the clear-eyed qualities they brought to the music, marked this as too European for those dreaded days of the Reaganoid middle eighties.

I eagerly awaited the album that this single trumpeted, but for the subsequent 29 years, I have yet to see a copy of the titular “Humpe Humpe” album. Only now, when hitting can I see that it ever made it out of the pressing plants here. What I did manage to buy was the “Swimming With Sharks” follow up album, which saw the sisters switching WEA arms from Warner Bros. to Atlantic. The CD I have of that title is a domestic pressing [!] but it is simply credited to “Swimming With Sharks” and I managed to grab an import CD3 of the single “Careless Love” in a used bin somewhere. That album was produced by Swiss tönmeister Armand Volker who managed to rope Thomas Fehlmann into the proceedings for this far from avant garde music. But that was years before I even became aware of Palais Schaumburg or even Marathon. My friend Ron Kane extols the Inga Humpe “Planet Oz” solo album as produced by Trevor Horn, but I’ve yet to find a copy. [postscript – Ron Kane found and sent me a copy some years ago!]

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2 Responses to REDUX: Humpe Humpe – The 3 Of Us

  1. JT says:

    A buddy of mine had this Humpe Humpe album when it was fresh. I recall being unimpressed with it at the time, but that was a long time ago. I’m gonna send him a link to this post. Maybe he can chime in.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      JT – Time works in mysterious ways. I spent a lot of the last 25 years investigating things I thought were also rans back in the day to some enjoyment. Not everything is Japan/Simple Minds caliber, nor did it need to be.


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