Shriekback Kickstarter Perilously Still At Halfway Point

Will Shriekback make it to America this year?

We interrupt this OMD Rock G.P.A. for the following public service announcement.

It’s now half way into Shriekback’s Kickstarter campaign to finance a tour of America this year, and it’s been stalled since day two at around 22% of goal.

We knew the score. When their successful UK/Euro Kickstarter last year saw them moving forward with their first concerts in 25 years, it was understood that the North American leg could not, would not happen, until the beast got some traction closer to home first. So the Shriekfans came forth with the necessary bounty to insure this first, important step could be taken. About half of the pledgers were in fact, from North America so they knew it would happen next year for them, but they still gave freely. I ponied up a pittance since money was tight at the time.

There are currently 72 pledgers in he campaign thus far and the last one netted almost 500. They don’t need £100 from everybody. The price of a CD or two from enough punters can move hills, if not mountains. It’s collectively possible, but it doesn’t look like it can happen yet. These things tend to sprint at first and if they do not clear their goals early, it usually settles into a nail biting time about 2/3 through when, miraculously, the faithful come together and give it that final push in the last 48 hours or so that sees it just clear the bar. Well, it’s already panic time, so if you at all value Shriekback [almost the quintessential Post-Punk band, really] then hit that banner below and cough up some shekels!

Yeah, I know I have not pledged yet. Money was tight when they announced this, but I have some breathing room next paycheck and am kicking in $50. A lot, for this Monk. If it makes any difference, here is what Carl Marsh says the tentative ininerary will be:

SHRIEKBACK | Possible US Tour | 2018

June 20th | San Francisco
June 21st | San Juan Capistrano
June 22nd or 23rd | San Diego
June 24th | Los Angeles
June 25th | Chicago
June 26th | New York City
June 27th | TBA
June 28th | Philadelphia
June 29th | TBA

Carl Marsh added that those TBAs could likely be New Jersey, Boston or DC. Nothing nearby but I will go anywhere it takes to see this band this year. You should too. It’s not often that frozen giants of yore thaw and once again walk the earth, but Shriekback is one such entity. Please retweet or whatever the hell it is that you kids do these days, but just SPREAD THE WORD.

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2 Responses to Shriekback Kickstarter Perilously Still At Halfway Point

  1. Mr. B. says:

    Nice plea. Frankly, the band didn’t seem to push for this a fraction as much as they did last go around AND where you say half the support last time was from NORTH AMERICan cousins, the BAND also made no plea to the Brits and Eurofolk to pitch in for this round like the NA’s did for them. My dreams of seeing the big band live are dashed, as should be yours. Go buy their mug with your spare $50, it ain’t enough to buy either of the bleedin’ books.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Mr. B – Welcome to the comments! I would imagine that since they got a good 30% above goal the last time the band might have thought that it was a done deal. Especially since the North American fans kicked in so heavily the first time, there was probably every belief that the UK/Eurofans would reciprocate this go round. But the whole campaign fell flat. I noticed people grousing about the premiums, but Mr. Andrews said that the cost of fulfillment the last time took a big chunk out of their take, since as we know, intercontinental postage is anything but cheap these days. I was not motivated in the least by trinkets. I just wanted to see this band finally after 36 years of enjoying their work. That sure isn’t going to happen.

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