Shriekback Kickstarted That Much Mooted US Tour Campaign 72 Hours Ago

Carl Marsh [L] is back in the fold with Barry Andrews [R] in the revitalized Shriekback Big Live Band®

Good news for modern man!  We just got the word on the Shriekback mailing list on Tuesday morning that the promised 2nd Kickstarter campaign for a Shriekback US tour in 2018 has been going down for almost 72 hours now, and it’s kicked up a huge head of steam, though these things can be nail-biters as they near the finish line. That’s a good thing, because with today’s US work visa hassles, it is very costly for any foreign bands to cross the pond and attempt to ply their trade. With Shriekback, this is compounded by their adherence to the integrity of the Shriekback Big Live Band®.

It was in their mid-80s imperial period when the group settled on the dynamism of the 8-piece. Things haven’t changed much since then. Who will we be seeing?

Shriekback Big Live Band – 2017-2018

Backing Vocals – Sarah Partridge, Wendy Partridge
Bass – Scott Firth
Drums – Martyn Barker
Guitar – Mike Cozzi
Keyboards – Steve Halliwell
Vocals, Guitar – Carl Marsh
Vocals, Keyboards – Barry Andrews

You’ll agree it’s remarkably similar to the band captured in 1987 on the videotape at left. With two prominent changes of personnel. First, by the time of the “Big Night Music” album in 1986, second vocalist Carl Marsh had left the band in the days following their “Oil + Gold” album. Instead, percussionist Jessica Palin was the 8th member onstage. This situation has reversed itself over time. We now get the [extremely] vital contributions of Mr. Marsh instead of added percussion. The second change is that in the years following this video, founding bassist Dave Allen has become quite the tech/industry bigwig, first founding his own World Domination Recordings label, then falling upward to positions with Intel, Beats and now Apple. Understandably, he can’t just run off to play bass any more at the drop of a hat. His position behind the four strings has been assumed by Scott Firth, currently dividing his time with PiL when not playing live with Shriekback.

Back to the finances. Just how much to Shriekback reckon they’ll need to drag eight musicians and crew over here for a six date US tour? [whistles] $94,333. Fortunately, the Kickstarter campaign after just three days shows rapid growth. The total committed currently shows $19,368, or 20% of the total. Of course, these things tend to have huge growth spurts up front only to slow their paces as the heavy hitters all commit up front. Enquiring minds may wish to hear what are the perks of commitment? There are several, simple premiums:

  • £1-49 [$1.40-$70] – just a pledge, no reward
  • £50-99 [$71-141] – pre-release download of “Why Anything? Why This?” the upcoming 14th Shriekback album
  • £100-499 [$142-711] – guest list + download [you pick the show]
  • £500-999 [$713-1424] – guest list, t-shirt, + download
  • £1000-1999 [$1426-2851] – omni guest list, soundchecks, dinner w/band, t-shirt + download [you + 1 guest can see the whole tour, all soundchecks and have dinner with the band]
  • £2000-3999 [$2852-5703] – after party plus, omni guest list, soundchecks, dinner w/band, t-shirt + download [you and guest get invited to aftershow party in LA or NYC]
  • £4000 [$5717] – living room acoustic gig + all other perks

Sadly, for anyone reading this now, it’s already too late for any well-heeled fans to get a dream gig in their home by the band. All the slots have been filled. But everything else is still game. The band learned the last time that the cost of manufacturing and shipping material premiums ate into the bottom line something fierce, so they skewed towards different perks this time. I have to say the last time that when I pledged my coins for a pre-release edition of their “Elated World” album, I assumed it was a DL and when the CD came, I was shocked. Glad to see they have corrected that thinking.

Shriekback Live 2017 from Barry Andrews on Vimeo.

The mooted tour will take place in June of 2018 [as promised], so start saving your shekels now. I have been eagerly anticipating this event and am pleased to see I didn’t have to wait terribly long for their action on it to be taking place. The last time, they ran their campaign when I was saving for a vacation, so I only had £5 to toss into the till. This time, I should be good for about £35, since I’ve got to put my money where my mouth is if I want this to happen, and I very much do. I have airline credit I need to use so if it happens, I will be there. In Chicago, most likely, where my friend/commenter JT [we bonded over a love of Shriekback, among others] lives and a pillar of support for the band. If you’ve read this this far, you know your duty. Hit that banner and help make it happen. Just look at the unmitigated joy on Barry Andrew’s face below. How can you not?

The setlists from the last few shows are skewed heavily from the ’85-’86 period, but salted with older and newer delights as this representative example from last June shows:

Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London – June 3, 2017

In: Amongst
Lines From the Library
Over the Wire
Now Those Days Are Gone
Black Light Trap
This Big Hush
Faded Flowers
Recessive Jean/Feelers
Everything That Rises Must Converge
Fish Below the Ice
My Spine Is the Bassline
All Lined Up

How can you say “no” to that?

– 30 –

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4 Responses to Shriekback Kickstarted That Much Mooted US Tour Campaign 72 Hours Ago

  1. SimonH says:

    All I can say is, don’t miss this!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      SimonH – Easier said than done! In 48 hours the tally has barely budged as the big guns have all committed. It’s already white knuckle time and my budget is so tight it squeaks this payday. I’ll have to wait until next paycheck following to pledge.


  2. SimonH says:

    That’s a shame, I really hope there are still some people with deep pockets lurking out there!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      SimonH – Pockets don’t necessarily need to be deep. Just plentiful in number. If you enjoyed Shriekback in England, don’t forget to chip in for us Yanks. I did for the first campaign even with no hope of making it there. Quid pro quo, you know!


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