Want List: Dalek I Love You Second Album Back On CD – Act FAST This Time!

Man In The Moon ‎| UK | CD | 2017 | MITMCD24

Dalek I Love You: Dalek I Love You DLX RM UK CD [2017]

  1. Holiday In Disneyland
  2. Horrorscope
  3. Health And Happiness
  4. The Mouse That Roared
  5. Dad On Fire
  6. Ambition
  7. Lust
  8. 12 Hours Of Blues
  9. Sons Of Sahara
  10. Africa Express
  11. Would You Still Love Me
  12. These Walls We Build
  13. Horrorscope (Instrumental Version)
  14. Masks & Licences
  15. The Angel And The Clown
  16. Heaven Was Bought For Me
  17. 12 Hours Of Blues (Dub)

I was a mild Dalek I Love You near-fan. I was aware of the early years on that band and OMD being intermingled, so they caught my eye, even though I never saw or heard their records when current. I had finally bought the release on CD of their debut album at Atlanta Tower Records in 1990 or so on principle, but truth be told, I found it very anemic in its charms. It seemed like Tot Taylor remaking an Eno album in the vein of “Another Green World” with as few synthesizers as practical. So when I was short of cash in 2007, I sold it off with no regrets [other than I didn’t have multiple copies] for a very solid three figures.

Even so, I noted that year that the second Dalek I Love You album was just out on a UK Rhino CD with a generous slathering of bonus tracks. From what I understood, the lineup was largely different on that album. It might be worth looking into, and in any case, was an obscure New Wave record re-issued on CD. That was reason alone to act if you’re me. I put it on my want list only to note in as little as six months, that the resale price of the disc had skyrocketed northward to approach $100. Oh well.

<fast forward 10 years…>

It’s 2017 and I just noticed that the UK Man In The Moon label has reissued the “Dalek I Love You” CD on June 23rd in an edition that replicates the 2007 edition. So I’m guessing that it is the same master from then, simply licensed and re-pressed. I’m here to tell you that if you’re curious or motivated, now is the time to buy or die. I have never heard of this Man In The Moon label [and they have no website], so my guess is their licensing did not extend to 20,000 copies. Buy this now or harbor bitter regret for another decade later. You can easily see the old 2007 and new 2017 copies for sale here. I’d go with the new copy if I were you.

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11 Responses to Want List: Dalek I Love You Second Album Back On CD – Act FAST This Time!

  1. Gavin says:

    I recently sold my copy of the first cd pressing of this for a decent price-I never warmed to it.I prefer the “lost” third album,”Naive”.Good to see it becoming available again though.Still love the sleeve!
    My brother was in Radio Blank with Alan Gill before they splintered into Dalek and Teardrop Explodes and not long ago we all had drinks together,he is still a very shy and humble man and producing new work under the name The Most High.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gavin – So you never warmed to this one? Did you like the first? I still think I should buy this one since it will set me back $6 and shipping right now. Congratulations on selling the first CD of this when the market was good! Timing is everything in these endeavors.


  2. djjedredy says:

    Thanks for the heads-up!! Just ordered mine from Amazon UK (apparently only 2 left!!) Was an album I kept playing back in the day, whimsical in places but a great variety of tracks. Can’t wait!


  3. Nick says:

    I’m hoping I will like this seeing I am just bought this on your say-so Monk ! £7.17 Is a lot for an ep ( as Amazon UK describe it!!). Very vague on them though I am sure I have an ‘inherited’ vinyl copy of the first album which I don’t recall ever playing. I trust thee !!


  4. Echorich says:

    Purchased! Thanks Monk, Dalek I Love you has always been a firm part of my love of all things Liverpool New Wave and Post Punk. I have enjoyed the band in all it’s permutations and their history satisfies my love of digging deep on a music scene. Sure they may me more myth/legend than musical force, but they were a stomping ground and a way station for many artists I have enjoyed.


  5. slur says:

    I owned both on LP for a long time, bought them back in the day due the general New Wave appeal, and really like this Cover. But I must say, even with some for me well known names participating and a good artwork both Albums did never much for me. If you ever stumble upon Jimmy Pursey’s ‘Holiday In Disneyland’ – this is more my kind of tea.
    Perhaps this is like always a matter of taste and if music is called ‘quirky’ most of the time I shudder when I listen to it ; )


  6. Purchased! I agree with the consensus that DILY are not one of those bands that you would die on a hill for, but they are interesting and worthwhile nonetheless IMO. I look forward to eventually completing a collection of all the stuff available on CD.


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