The Road To Rezillomania [part 2]

The Rezillos today!

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So where were we before we had to shoehorn that review of the superb David J concert in there? Oh yes, It was 2002, I made a CD-R of 13 Rezillos rarities from 7″ vinyl. The reason for this was that against all odds, The Rezillos had reformed for their first tour of America and I had to be there! Not just me, either. chasinvictoria would accompany me and we needed to listen to these cuts in the trip up and back. A curious thing happened following that 2002 US tour; the band have essentially stayed together to this very day, losing original guitarist Jo Callis in 2010, but eventually recording and releasing that very stately sophomore album a mere 26 years later in 2015. But in the years between 2002 and 2009 they were not idle. This proposed compilation grew by 200% once I took a hard look at what was out there.

DL | 2009

The Rezillos: No. 1 Boy DL [2009]

  1. No. 1 Boy [single ver.]

In 2009 the seven year drought of new Rezillos music between seeing them live finally ended! They had played several new songs that slotted in very well with their classic material, and “No. 1 Boy” was the first to [finally] reach our ears. It remained until after the 2015 release of “Zero” that I was able to find out that the DL of “No. 1 Boy” was a vastly different version [2:56 vs. 2:12, for a start] and the only new Rezillos recording made with Jo Callis. It was the one time The Rezillos succumbed to the deadly pull of downloads. They were so embarrassed by this, that for a time on their website, they hosted a cover design for anyone who needed it to be physical and burned their own CD single of it. That alone warms the cockles of my monastic heart!

Rezillos Records | UK | CD5 | 2011 | REZILL01CD

The Rezillos: Out of This World UK CD5 [2011]

  1. Out Of This World [single ver.]
  2. Rosalyn
  3. Out Of This World [glass mix]

“Out of This World” actually figured on this 2011 single in two version. An early longer take than would appear four years later on “Zero” and the band’s only ever… gasp! Remix!!! Though it bears mentioning that Eugene Reynolds was behind the alternate mix, which really downplayed the theremin and has a very different character to the A-side version. The B-side was a cover of the Pretty Things hit also covered by Mr. Bowie on “Pin Ups.”

I had found out about this single [also available on 7″ vinyl] from a semi-annual visit to The Rezillos website, and had discovered too late that their web store had sold out of the disc. I emailed Rezillos HQ and promptly got a response from someone named Alan [Forbes, presumably] to the effect of  “chin up; there’s a new EP coming out soon so you’re ahead of the curve on that one.” Apparently I did not receive an email when this was released even though I was on their mailing list due to a computer malfunction in which the list was kaput. So for years I thought I would never have this until recent visits to The Rezillos website revealed that this single was once available on 7″ and CD5, so being of sound mind an body, I bought both! I ordered then in December of last year and discovering the different mixes/versions of the A-side stood apart from the “Zero” album version is what really jump-started the whole idea of making this Rezillos compilation anew.

Rezillos Records | UK | CD | 2012 | REZILL02 CD

The Rezillos: Top Of The Pops Live EP UK CD5 [2012]

  1. Top Of The pops [live]
  2. Bad Guy Reaction [live]
  3. Yesterday’s Tormentor [live]

That new EP appeared in 2012, but I waited four years to finally buy it. Again, The Rezillos webstore in the years between the album, was not the most sturdy place to obtain their new releases. Once the store was refreshed after the launch of “Zero” in 2015, the Live Ep was once again available on CD5 as well as red and clear 7″ vinyl. These were selling for what I think singles should cost [i.e. <$6 each!] so at those prices, you buy every variant! The postage from the UK was a pittance as well!! The live tracks here were two classics and one new tracks that only appeared here. These singles made for seven more tracks for the compilation, but there was more hiding in the margins.

podcast | 2015

The Rezillos: Sessions From The Box | KXRY-FM Live Sessions DL [2015]

  1. Sorry About Tomorrow [KXRY-FM session]
  2. Groovy Room  [KXRY-FM session]
  3. Destination Venus  [KXRY-FM session]
  4. Tiny Boy From Outer Space  [KXRY-FM session]
  5. [My Baby Does] Good Sculptures  [KXRY-FM session]

I can’t recall where I first heard about the sessions that The Rezillos recorded for Portland’s KXRY-FM. There were five live-in-the-studio takes of three new ones and two vintage numbers, sounding very “up” as only The Rezillos could deliver. But something was still missing from this ultimate Rezillos rarity package.

Sire Records | UK | LP | 1979 | SRK 6069

The Rezillos: Mission Accomplished… But The Beat Goes On! UK LP [1979]

  1. Introduction: Thunderbirds Theme
  2. Top Of The Pops
  3. Mystery Action
  4. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
  5. Thunderbirds Are Go
  6. Thunderbirds Theme
  7. Cold Wars
  8. Teenbeat
  9. No
  10. Land Of A 1,000 Dances
  11. I Need You
  12. Getting Me Down
  13. Culture Shock
  14. Ballroom Blitz
  15. [My Baby Does] Good Sculptures
  16. Destination Venus

One final thing that had stuck in my craw was the incomplete version of this 1979 live album appended to the 1993 “The [Almost] Complete Rezillos” CD. Two tracks were cut from this original LP running order. First, the dramatic Barry Gray “Thunderbirds” countdown and theme was excised, probably due to licensing cost. Hearing the album start with “TOTP” cold was a buzzkill. Secondly, having the final track cut due to space reasons wasn’t cool either. Sure, sure. The studio version of “Destination venus” was added in between the two albums on CD, but maybe I could correct two wrongs with one right.

I then considered the notion of recording the two songs to digital and re-editing them so that the “Thunderbirds” countdown became the intro for “Destination Venus” instead of “Top Of The Pops!” Sacrilege? Well, most bold ideas seem like that the first time you think them through. The fact was that I considered years ago making a CD of the uncut “Mission Accomplished” but it just seemed like a big drain on resources to make an inflexible point. This idea obviated that concern while maximizing the disparate missing digital parts into a zesty whole. And it worked, so i went with it. This CD would now have 26 tracks!

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