Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium 6-7-17 [part 1]

Cave + The Bad Seeds held the hall in the palms of their hands


I don’t know exactly why I’m not more of a Nick Cave fan than I have been. Until recently, I only had the “Murder Ballads” CD in the Record Cell, and even that was at my wife’s selection. It’s not as though I was not interested in Cave. I’d read interesting things about Cave’s earlier band, The Birthday Party in the early 80s. They seemed to be a band who were fusing the DNA of Bauhaus and The Cramps into a single, unholy band. In 1985 my friend Ron Kane sent me some videos of Cave and I was definitely intrigued. I heard certain of his earliest Bad Seeds recordings and they were always of interest. His version of “In The Ghetto” was absolutely wonderful, but then I was a sucker for Elvis’ rendition as well; it’s a brilliant song.

I caught and recorded any Cave + The Bad Seeds videos on 120 Minutes when I still watched MTV [sparingly]. In The Bad Seeds he had a band with Barry Adamson on bass, so that should have counted for something as well! But no. I never bought any music until some time in the 21st century when after watching the Nick Cave + Bad Seeds video album, my wife picked up “Murder Ballads” in some used bin in our travels. Some of it is so over the top [cf. “O’Malley’s Bar”] that I rarely spin the disc. My wife even questioned buying it. Cave had visited our city earlier, playing The Orange Peel [cap. 1100] in 2013 on the “Push The Sky Away” tour to my complete indifference, so I’m not sure why when the Bad Seeds dates were announced last October, that I made such a fuss about catching him this time in the 3000 seat Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, but I’m gratified that I did.

Maybe it was the fact that it was the only date in the US Southeast for the entire tour that pushed my hand, but push it, it certainly did. I can’t say I have ever bought tickets for anything that far in advance. My wife had brought home the “One More Time With Feeling” DVD and last month we watched it… twice. The music was powerful. As the show approached, I figured that maybe we should hear the “Skeleton Tree” album they were touring behind. We bought it and both of us really responded to it. So much so that my wife went to Harvest Records a bit later to purchase the copy of “Push The Sky Away” that I told her they also had there when she asked. So we’ve been really appreciating the current thrust of Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds lately. Given all of this, it was still insufficient to prepare us for the concert we saw last Wednesday night in our own city, for a change.

Next: …The How + Why of It

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6 Responses to Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium 6-7-17 [part 1]

  1. Tim says:

    I am very much interested in this series of posts. I was late to the NIck Cave show, too,
    I’ve already mentioned to you the urgency with which the Boatman’s Call needs to be added to your cell, just posting that here for the otherwise uninitiated.

    Quick note, your purchases page has June 2017 identified as June 2016.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – Yes, we’ll as much as I dislike dragging a blogpost over several days as a thread, I had to go to the credit union at lunch today and the lead-in was all I had time to hammer out. Mea Culpa!


  2. SimonH says:

    Love Nick Cave, I would say Murder Ballads is one of my least played of his albums though, so maybe not a good intro.
    Push the Sky is for me one of his best, once you ‘click’ with him I think there’s no going back!
    Can’t believe he was playing a 1100 capacity venue in 2013, no chance of that here sadly!


    • Tim says:

      I had to tickets to see him in mid September 2001, the show was canceled.
      The newer stuff is fine with me, my favorite period is about Henry’s Dream through Abbitoir’s Blues (sans Murder Ballads).

      Mr. Monk, you may want to check out and see if “The Secret Life of the Love Song” is on Youtube, I’d be surprised if it isn’t. It’s two lectures that he did about songwriting and is a good listen.


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