A Different Sort Of Subscription: OMD 12″ Singles From New Album

“Isotype” is available soon with two more singles to follow

We were all on board with “The Punishment Of Luxury” being the upcoming OMD album available via Pledge Music. Since that announcement, it’s often been in the top 10 chart at Pledge Music. I’ve heard the music video for the first single, “Isotype,” had been released, but that entailed watching a YouTube clip on their Facebook page; so non-Monastic! I’ll assume the single has the goods. [thinks to sample clip on iTunes store] Oh, yeah! That feels grrrrreat. Less of a Kraftwerk pastiche [from the 90 seconds I heard] than I’d been led to believe. I love how it’s 400% [maybe 500%] superior to what the Ghost of Kraftwerk® are now capable of; the essential OMD melancholy was delightfully in effect here. But the single isn’t released until July 28th, so we still have almost two months wait for physical singles [the iTunes store will sell the 6:15 track to you now].

With that in mind, OMD’s Pledge Music store is offering the new single in 12″ format; complete with a non-LP  B-side, as usual, “Skin.” The single may be pre-ordered at their Pledge Music store. £10 nets you the disc [plus shipping]. What’s fascinating is that OMD are selling a reduced rate “combo pack” of all three planned 12″ singles from “The Punishment Of Luxury.” Well, that’s consistent. Thus far, each of their modern albums has had three singles released from it. Four, from “English Electric,” if you count the scarce RSD “The Future Will Be silent” 10″ pic disc …which I don’t. You can pledge just £25 and get all three singles, each with non-LP B-side delivered when they are released, and the store reveals the marketing plan. Single #2 [tbd] ships in September with Single #3 following in November. Click the banner below if you’re of an ordering disposition.I have to admit, that apart from the aforementioned pic disc, which I’ve never seen for less than $30+ I have every vinyl single from OMD post-2010. That includes the following singles:

  • If You Want It UK 7″
  • Sister Marie Says UK 7″
  • History of Modern [Part 1] UK 10″
  • Metroland UK 12″

I also have the following CD singles:

  • History Of Modern UK CD5
  • Dresden UK CD5
  • Night Café UK CD5

The CD singles have remixes [pretty good] and all of the B-sides [excellent]. I also have a remix bundle of the “Metroland” single/remixes. I do not have the remix bundles of “If You Want It” or “Sister Marie Says” for reasons of different mixes available in different territories. There is no legal way to buy them all, so I have bought none. Works for me. Besides, “If You Want It” was an awful song; conversely, the remixes might sort of salvage it… maybe.

Whether I pledge for the OMD 12″ singles to be released this year is kind of a moot point. I have all of the modern OMD vinyl singles; why stop now? They are a core collection band, and I think they are doing solid work, but I am curious to see of they release any more creaky old [superior, for me] CD singles of any of these releases. So far, mum’s the word on that thought. And the 12″ of “Isotype” presumably contains the long album track and the B-side. Just like the “Metroland” 12″ I own, but have never needed to play. No mention of any remixes, which I suspect will be DL only, sigh. Can you sense my ambivalence? And really, OMD are among the best bands I love active and still bothering to release physical singles of any kind, so I guess I should be thankful [he said through gritted teeth]. I suspect the CD singles will not be forthcoming in the fresh new hell of vinyl only singles and a Tr-mp pr-s-d-ncy we must now face. At any rate, it’s good to know that OMD are going into an album campaign with a plan, as per usual. That they have revealed this much months in advance is more than fair, I guess. At least buying early nets a discount.

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