The OMD Resurgence Continues Unabated With The “Punishment Of Luxury”

100% Records | UK | CD | 2017

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: The Punishment Of Luxury UK CD [2017]

  1. The Punishment of Luxury
  2. Isotype
  3. One More Time
  4. Precision & Decay
  5. As We Open, So We Close
  6. What Have We Done
  7. Robot Man
  8. Art Eats Art
  9. Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang
  10. La Mitrailleuse
  11. Ghost Star
  12. The View From Here

We had a vague sense that OMD’s latest opus would be released by this Fall and today, the word was out: “The Punishment Of Luxury” is now prepped for a available for pre-order; it launches on September 1st. Andy McCluskey had previously talked about the inspirations for the album’s songs here. He stated that glitch was going to inform some of the sonics for this album, but he said that last time, too, and I was not convinced. Elsewhere, he promised that the sonic palette was even more stripped down than last time. I liked the direct, “8-tracks” approach of “English Electric.” I thought the songs were strong and cohesive. Where the album lagged for me was in the sound design/arrangements.

The sonics were too simple and lacked chiaroscuro, so to speak. I preferred the rich, analog productions of their early ’79-’83 period as being top drawer. It’s more effective at getting across the fundamental ambiguity of the band’s songwriting ethos which sees them unsure about how they should be feeling about the subjects they write about. When the simple sound palette is applied to songs that were not straightforward in their presentation, it created cognitive dissonance for me.

I have certainly liked the two new OMD albums released in 2010 and 2014. They are definitely trying to achieve something, even if they fall somewhat short of the mark. The new album has a lead off track, “La Mitrailleuse,” which is french for “the machine gun.” The song was inspired by the CRW Nevision World War I era painting at left. It seems like the band are back to their usual tropes which like to blend art, science, and politics. One can watch the video, but only on their FB page, so I will forego the “pleasure.”

As usual, there are sufficient more packages to suit the “needs” of a wide variety of OMD fans. Everything from a simple CD to… well, let’s lay it out. All formats include DL version of album.

  • CASSETTE – £8/$10
  • CD – £9/$12
  • CD/DVD – album documentary – £12/$15
  • LP [black] in die-cut sleeve – £20/$26
  • LP [yellow] in die-cut sleeve – £22/$28
  • CD/DVD/LP [yellow] – £30/$39
  • Deluxe Signed Book Package
    • CD/DVD
    • LP [red – only in this bundle]
    • Bonus Demo CD
    • Numbered signed certificate [signed by Andy + Paul]
    • 12″ x 12″ hardcover book/sleeve w/24 pp. liner notes
    • Foil-stamped slipcase – £55/$71
  • Big Bundle
    • CD/DVD
    • LP [yellow]
    • Deluxe Signed Book Package – £85/$110
  • Really Big Bundle
    • Big Bundle
    • LP [black] – £100/$129

The 400 signed yellow LPs are already gone in less than 12 hours. So are the 500 signed CD/DVD packages, so know that there is a demand for these things. OMD used host these packages on their webstore, but of late, they have become Pledge Music experts, and that seems to be working for them. Knowing my sickness, the usual, medium priced package is the one that makes sense for me. I just want the CD/DVD and demo CD like I always get for about £50. The vinyl is chaff for me, but if I want that demo disc, there we are. And hmmm… the hipster cassette trend shows no signs of abating. This is the first OMD cassette since the Dutch cassette of “Universal” in 1996. No word on the numbers available on the package I want, but since two price points [at 400/500 copies] have already sold out, I guess I need to commit to the Deluxe Signed Book Package sooner than later! Seeing as to how it is the only place for the red vinyl LP, it can’t be infinite. Maybe in September we need to have an OMD Rock G.P.A.® since a new album by a core collection band usually triggers that sort of event. Interested in pre-ordering OMD’s latest? Click the banner below.

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24 Responses to The OMD Resurgence Continues Unabated With The “Punishment Of Luxury”

  1. Brian says:

    So excited for the new album. I thought the last two albums were excellent, as well as the live material from shows this decade. Would really enjoy an OMD Rock G.P.A., but I may start to have pity for you around the Pacific Age.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Brian – As flat as that album was, it got worse afterward! “Sugar Tax” was as boring as the day was long.


      • Brian says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Some lean years there.


      • ISTR liking a track or two off the album, but I’m pretty sure I only have remixes/singles from that period (for “Sailing” and “Pandora’s Box”) rather than the album itself. I’d forgotten that the album actually lacked the title track, and it was issued only as a b-side later!


        • postpunkmonk says:

          chasinvictoria – “Sailing On The Seven Seas” was a decent enough single, but the album itself was almost wall-to-wall mid-tempo ballads; the kiss of death [unless your band is named ‘Duran Duran’]. Worse yet, damn near every song is the dreaded 4:20 in length!!!


  2. Echorich says:

    Well that took no time at all to make mine as a pre-order. The strength of their last effort English Electric meant that that album is now among my top 3 favorite OMD albums. I understand you reservation with regard to the sonics, but OMD has never seems nostalgic in their approach so maybe the warmth may not have been as apparent as one may have preferred on EE, but the musical journey from opening to close, and including the b-sides that accompanied the singles was so very satisfying. The tandem of Metroland and Night Cafe is just classic OMD for me. Dresden is another classic with gleeming machine like musical precision set against Andy’s emotional vocals.
    What intrigues me with the new album is their seems to be some real multi discipline artist influences that will be at work informing the music. This usually means a great result in OMD’s hands.


  3. Rob McCann says:

    Hi PPM, We talked quite a bit on the Simple Minds forum, i hope you are well, ordered the new album looking forward to hearing it, listening to the singles on their own quite impressed be interesting to see how the album hangs together, got tickets to see them in November, really looking forward to the gig.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Rob McCann – Welcome to the comments! Sigh. I miss the SoSimpleMinded forum. A place where one could wax eloquent on all aspects of Simple Minds [the good, the bad, and even the ugly] 24-7 was tailor made for my interests. I have paid zero attention to that band for about a year now. I just remembered they existed last month only to see on their home page that they’re still milking their tragic “acoustic phase” now with a live album/Blu-ray of the thing I won’t let in my house even in the studio edition. I take it as a foregone conclusion that the mooted 40th anniversary album will not be happening.

      Now that I definitely don’t own three albums in a row …every thing that followed “Big Music,” the thought occurs that I should perhaps get rid of the other albums I hate [“Once Upon A Time”-“Real Life”], since I will never have a “complete collection.” No need to track down all of those 2002 DJ mixes either! Phew! That’s a load off of my mind.

      Better that OMD have more than half a clue as to their strengths! I just ordered the OMD book package last night and look forward to its arrival, at which point I will finally hear the new material.I could have downloaded half a dozen tracks from Pledge Music thus far, but I would rather hear it as intended – as an album experience. Have fun seeing them. I am hopeful that they will trouble The States again since they have certainly bothered to make the efforts, unlike a certain Glaswegian band.


  4. Rob McCann says:

    Hi Mate
    Not got into the Simple Minds acoustic stuff at all, not sure what to expect with the new studio album either, sounds like Mel Gaynor is out of the band apart from when touring, there is talk most of his drum parts on the album have been ditched and re-recorded by the lady who did the acoustic tour.
    Got the OMD album, i reckon Ghost Star is the best track they have produced since reforming reminds me of Stanlow which is no bad thing!! The View From Here and One More Time are great too, dont like Kiss, Kiss Kiss or What Have We Done they sound like bad b sides.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Rob McCann – So that makes four of us unconvinced by acoustic Simple Minds [Mr. Ware and Echorich are also on board here]. I just put them out of my head these days. If they do something of interest, fine. If not, I have plenty of other things to occupy my interest. It sure doesn’t look like that 40th anniversary album will be happening. I didn’t know that Gaynor was out of the picture. If they went in a Brian McGee direction, this could have been a great thing, but just replacing Mel [possibly to save money – rowr!] strikes me as a poor idea. If I sound bitter, it’s because I watched this band falter hugely, then sloooowly pull their fat out of the fire to the point of renewed respect and even fervor, only to see them falter near the finish line.

      As for OMD if they are hitting close to the “Stanlow” target, this is a good thing. My DLX book package is still on its way, having been shipped on the 6th. I could not believe that they managed to enter the UK album chart at number four last week. This week, it looks like Sparks will follow them into the top ten. Shocking! Especially for Sparks because they have made nothing but great albums for almost 20 years now.


  5. Rob McCann says:

    Hopefully it will be with you soon, i have just got Gary Numans new album too ( seeing him in October) his album is great.
    As for Simple Minds letting Mel go would be a mistake, this new lady who toured the acoustic stuff seems to be flavor of he month with Jim, there has been various things been posted that Andy Gillespie have gone as well, i think the lack of news about the new album and tour is worrying, perhaps they have ran their course as a band.


  6. Rob McCann says:

    Only a week to go before the Birmingham gig, cannot wait, the reviews from this tour have been excellent.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Rob McCann – Let us know how the audience participation scheme the band are trying works out. If it were all amazing deep cuts maybe I’d be more excited, but they seemed to put the damper on that notion.


  7. Rob McCann says:

    Hi PPM
    Do you mean the fan vote between 3 songs listed by the band? i know Shes Leaving and Genetic Engineering have been up a few times, the setlist hasnt changed that much really and they are playing a few songs i dont really care for, Secret / Seven Seas/ Waling On The Milky Way/ Locomotion, i am going for the new songs really, i am looking forward to Ghost Star which they have been opening with.
    I could forego some of the hits for a few album tracks like Stanlow, Second Thought,Pretending to see…
    Quite disappointed that they are not playing anything of English Electric quite fancied hearing Helen Of Troy.
    Regards Rob


  8. Rob McCann says:

    Band on top form last night, new tracks sounded great, the rest of the set was too hits heavy for me, Andy was full of energy but made a few mistakes which he got some stick from the rest of the band about, Radio Waves to my delight was the fans vote, Andy declaring that it was the one song they hadnt rehearsed so if it was shit it was our fault but if it was great it was because the band were geniuses.
    A great night had by all.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Rob McCann – “Radio Waves?” That was the deep cut they played when I saw them in 2011, so I hope we get something else if they are still doing this when they hit The States. I’d pay dear amounts of cash for “Stanlow!”


  9. Rob McCann says:

    OMD in the states now, any reviews or reaction to the gigs?



  10. Rob McCann says:

    Hi not long to wait PP ;look forward to your review.


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