Record Review: Shriekback – The Elated World [part 2]

Mr. Andrews in a pensive moment

[…continued from previous post]

When I popped this into the CD player, it immediately paid dividends with the frantic drum + bass of “Artminx.” The furious and repetitive vocal loops seemed like something more in Yello’s playbook than the work of Shriekback, but perhaps that was the whole idea of this exercise. As Mr. Andrews stated on the back cover:

“The combination of freedom and structure is something we like and the absence of the usual pressure we feel when adding to the main Shriekback canon allowed investigation of some juicy new areas.” – “The Elated World” liner notes

Quite. The cut was like a hookbomb for the dancefloor with vocoded vocals and fast tempo vocals looped for maximum rhythm. Only on “The Bastard Sons Of Enoch” from “Sacred City” did they ever flirt with this sound, and not so adroitly.

“Sensation To Sensation” was more in line with the dark, seductive qualities we know and love the band for, while the vocoder was used another time here, recalling instead the eerie roots of the band as leftfield dark horses. The lovely piano throughout the song gets enough of a full exposure in the last third of the song to leave the track falling just on the “beautiful” side of the line in the sand next to “eerie.”

The band allowed the sponsors of the tracks to go as far as suggesting a title,but nothing more,  and some of the songs here have such near-to-self-parody monikers that I’m certain that the band would have never gone there themselves had it not been for the fans with £200 to offer per track. Surely “Clench Fist Labs” could have become a Shriekback song no other way? The track could have sat comfortably on the flipside of any single from “Big Night Music.”

“Brilliant Patina,” Tiny Struggle,” and the winner… “Indecisive Phenotype,” take Shriektitling as far as it can go, in a manner of speaking. There is a careful balance of atmospheric instrumentals as well as vocal tracks, making for a very listenable disc that touches partially on area of the band’s historical strengths as well as the occasional outlier to something completely different that Andrews alluded to in the quote at the start of this review. There are a few tracks here that can be connected to “The Bastard Sons Of Enoch,” the band’s 1992 proto-techno excursion into loop based development [that coincidentally saw Underworld MK I’s Karl Hyde playing guitar with the band]. “960 Drive” was certainly one of those. But the real “aha” moments come from things like the dub reggae leanings [!] of the delightfully dignified  and sophisticated “T*ts.”

Elsewhere, “Neurophreak I” and “Neurophreak II” form a seemingly unrelated duology whereby the first track was a long [4:54!] instrumental track which needed that much time to coalesce and build its dark, introverted mood, while the second number was a more direct vocal number of the typical 2-3 minute length that the album mostly offered. “More Percussion [than there actually is]” is another brilliantly titled, longer track of exactly what it touts right up front.

The split between instrumentals and vocal tracks is almost equal here. And many of the vocal tracks show Andrews in his most subtle form, with whispered murmurings and vocoded bliss taking precedence over his more outré and declamatory side. Think of this edition as a collection of all of the B-sides that Shriekback never got to make from 1992 to the present and while there are no outright duds here, there are certainly enough eureka moments to have justified the whole exercise. My spidey-sense® tells me that there may be some techno leanings on the next Shriekback waxing.

Hats are off to Shriekback for going down a road I would have preferred them not to take [exclusive music for those who could afford the relatively high cost] and to have concluded the experiment in such a populist way [a CD for anyone to hear] that I could only applaud. There’s no word as to when this will be released officially in the Shriekback store, but since I hold in my hand a CD, my guess is that it won’t be long before the band announce it to the world for wider purchase.

Unrelated Thoughts: After this CD arrived in my mailbox when I was fully expecting a DL, I was distraught that when the Kickstarter was announced, I was in the midst of saving my shekels for a vacation a couple of weeks down the road. When the band announced the “£1 or more” buy-in for this music, I felt that I wanted to send the band £5 since I really wanted their campaign to succeed, but was not in a position to go for the full £25 price point that was most appealing to me. Then the band shipped me a CD instead of sending me the DL link I read into their offer! Naturally I was feeling pretty badly about the whole thing, but the campaign is over. There’s no way to pledge further on Kickstarter. I took my concerns to Mr. Andrews afterward and he said not to worry about it. At least I didn’t pledge £1 and live in Australia! But still, it makes me feel uncomfortable that the band shipped me a CD for my modest £5 pledge, so I’m going to just send the band some more dinero. It’s not like I don’t have loads of payment records from all of the CDs I’ve bought from them directly in the last two years. I can’t afford to have my Shriekarma tainted! I value this band too much for that.

– 30 –

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13 Responses to Record Review: Shriekback – The Elated World [part 2]

  1. Dana Madore says:

    I TOTALLY understand your wanting to send MORE ‘shekels’ to the band after you only sent them a small amount and they STILL repaid you with the nice (physical!) CD disc!
    There are times when I have done the exact same thing! I live on a paltry monthly SSDI (Disability) stipend. I BARELY get by after paying rent, the phone bill and buying groceries. Treating myself (or a friend) to a nice dinner or a CD or DVD is a rare occasion now… but I ALWAYS put aside a little to help fund two of my favorite U.K. bands (THE FIERCE AND THE DEAD and THE BREW) with their latest musical journeys! I find it worth the feeling that I am helping in the little way that I am and both bands ALWAYS send personalized ‘Thank Yous’ to me!


  2. JT says:

    Not to be too cynical here (as you know, Monk, Shriek are one of my top bands), but I wonder how much of this material was culled from discarded demos from previous projects that were dusted off and repurposed for this release?


    • postpunkmonk says:

      JT – Well, I am only taking the word of the band from the December 14, 2014 mailing to the Shriekback mailing list. This is what it that fateful email stated:

      hoi hoi discerning mailing list punter.

      another chunk of market research we would be grateful for your help with, if you would.

      As the ne plus ultra, total put-the-tin-hat-on-it, executive, topoftherange, oligarchical advantage
      -after you’ve bought CD, CD and extras, Vinyl and all of the above plus a 3D fish in a box
      (of which more anon) who among you would spring for a bespoke -written for you alone-
      exclusive Shriekback tune?

      They wont come cheap (£200) since they would be exclusive music commissions (ie not recycled outtakes or things we will use again)
      and there will only be 30 of them. You title it and we take it from there. 2 minutes-ish long.

      Worth doing you reckon?
      what say you?

      seasons greetex


      So there we are. This seemed to be a songwriting experiment that was to be underwritten by fans. Maybe to see how far fans would go? We know that at least 19 instances of £200 happened; they are on the new CD. So at the end of the day Shriekback filled their coffers by at least £3800; not counting what they can sell the results for once they put this disc out there. I wonder if all 30 slots sold out? I suspect they might have since several people paid for more than one song. Alternatively, if all of the songs that sold were included on this 59 minute disc, it speaks very well of the quality control the band brought to the challenge.


  3. JT says:

    ^ demons = demos!
    Ha, nice typo there!


  4. “Discarded Demons” sounds like the all-b-side album from Visage Mk III that we will now sadly never get!


  5. Thanks for the nice review Monk. Re JT’s jaded (though understandable) comments, strange to relate, we wrote pretty much everything from scratch – if memory serves, the basic grooves on 960 Drive and Bronx were re-purposed but that was all – oh Tits as well. The opposite inequity seemed to prevail in fact – such that we felt we were kinda throwing away our hi-grade inspirations on some of the best ones which we should have been saving for Shriekback 14. It was a bit upsetting actually, once you’ve kissed them off into the world they don’t come back..
    That’s why it was nice to do this album – at least they’ll have a bigger audience than one.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Barry Andrews – Welcome to the Comments! My friend JT worked in The Business [and by that of course, I mean, The Industry] for 20+ years so that’s probably his professional background showing. One hopes that the experiment was useful for not only raising working capital every artist needs in these dark days, but as a jolt to the creative muscle as well. The more those muscles are used, the stronger they get, eh? And I appreciated that these songs would get a wider airing for less well-heeled fans to hear.


  6. Chris Bursey says:

    Its on their website now (or was last week).
    Obviously I ordered it immediately.
    My CD arrived the following Monday.
    It is interesting and good to boot.
    Get them while/if you can.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Chris Bursey – Welcome to the comments. Actually, I had this CD since April. Shriekback sent it out to pledgers on their Kickstarter campaign for a return to touring. It’s a pretty fine collection of Shriekback business as unusual as well as intriguing new space probes into different spaces, all underwritten by Shriekback fans with £200 to spend. We salute them and only wish we could stand in such august company, but the budget’s just not there. Also, kudos to the band for spreading the music amongst their fans.


  7. Clench says:

    I’m a year late but what the hell. I’m the freak who commissioned “Clenched Fist Labs”. The labs needed a theme song and I think we got something perfect. I was absolutely in love with the result and could not have been happier.

    BTW: we always kinda assumed that the Shrieks knew about the labs all along…

    Got Voiled Karletus! Voiled Karletus!
    Voiled Karletus! Voiled Karletus!

    Saul don’t have it, just believe it
    (Chimps in exile can’t receive it)
    Clench don’t got it
    Quite surprising, he bought all our merchandising


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Clench – Welcome to the comments! So did this mean that you took “Clench Fist Labs” as inspiration from the sacred “Voiled Karletus?” The almighty Carlo track on “Cormorant?” How deliciously circular and correct! Yeah, if I had £200 to put into a Shriekback song of my titling, and got a theme song out of it, it’s ultimately quite a bargain.


      • Clench says:

        Lets just say the value for money was incredible.

        As for CFL it goes deeper than that. Clenched Fist Labs has been a mythology for quite a long time in a number of formats. For a while it was an online comic strip. At the same time that that was running the original chronicler of CFL, and involved with the strip, ran a pretty popular Shriekback fan site.

        We have no evidence, but we’ve always believed that the band had seen the comic though the fan site link. Do we know, of course not. Does it make my life brighter to believe it? Hell yeah!

        The strip is archived at: Read through that and listen to the song. Totally a theme song.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Clench – I’d wager that you are 100% correct with your belief that Shriekback know about the web comic. If I received the order to write a song with that title, I sure would pop it into a search engine out of curiosity… or is that just me?


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