Project [Anti-] Mersh

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Gott Im Himmel!!

I just viewed this blog without being logged into Administrator mode for the first time in… years and saw ads posted by the host on the post I was looking at [see above]. I honestly didn’t know! How long has this been going on??!!

Will someone come forth and leave a comment. I just want to know how long this has persisted without me knowing of it due to my always being logged in as Admin.

I will be immediately buying this domain since I am so ashamed that anyone reading my dribblings have had to put up with  [gah!] advertising as well! I am going on vacation in hours [but first, a Roedelius concert], but as soon as I get back, mark my words. This will be taken care of!

Forget it! I just bought the domain right now! is dead! Long live!

 – 30 –

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17 Responses to Project [Anti-] Mersh

  1. Tim says:

    Um, I’ve never seen an ad on your site.
    I do surf using Chrome with an adblocker, though.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – I have Adblock in Firefox, and in admin mode you can’t see ads at all on your blog no matter how you access it, but I just chanced to browse in Opera and saw the offending ads.


  2. Shelf says:

    Yeah, every once in a while while composing posts, I see messages on WordPress indicating that ‘your visitors may occasionally see ads’, and there’s a placeholder where the ad would appear, but no actual content. However, I regularly view my site while not logged in and have never seen an ad (on Chrome, at least).



  3. Dana Madore says:

    Well… I’ve been seeing the ads for WELL over a year!


    • Mr. Ware says:

      Yes, me too. But they are just part of the Internet experience, so I’ve tuned them out.


      • postpunkmonk says:

        Mr. Ware – I think I mentioned this topic about buying the domain if ads got served, in the dawning days of the blog, but that’s a loooooong time ago! An eon in Internet time! Not so important when I got 20 hits a day on average starting out, but those days are long gone.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Dana Madore – Ads begone, I say!! Thanks for actually giving me some sense of how long this has been happening. I feel like such a sap!


  4. Echorich says:

    Yes, my adblocker is pretty strong and I’ve avoided WordPress ads, even Alphabet ads as well. But congrats on staking your domain in our corner of the interweb Monk!


  5. KeithC says:

    I can’t recall ever seeing an ad; well except for that gnome guy above. I’m using vanilla IE v11.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      KeithC – That offending gnome was a screen grab of PPM from an Opera browser not in admin mode. Yes, such things exist! Well, this discussion is now moot. We have taken command of our destiny from our benevolent WordPress Masters.


      • KeithC says:

        Well that explains it; I felt pretty stupid wasting many a mouse click trying to get that deal on the flight & hotel.
        Perhaps you could add a paypal icon for those interested in contributing (I used to do that with the old Uvox site run by Cerise); I certainly get a much better music education on PPM than any other site I peruse. Live long PPM!


  6. I’ve never seen an ad on the WordPress site, because I use an adblocker for sites that don’t need the financial support (I turn it off/whitelist sites I depend on, as many have disappeared due to adblockers). My understanding is that one can buy one’s way to ad-free on without having to buy one’s own domain and hosting, but if you’ve already gone that way then I’ll go where you lead, O Monk.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      chasinvictoria – I like the WordPress platform, but it is the #1 target of hackers due to ubiquity. If you are responsible for the build of the database on the server it requires daily diligence, lest ye be hacked. That is the way of which you speak. I prefer managed WP installation. I find it’s worth the cost. Sure, I could have gotten hosting for maybe half of what I paid and built the server db myself [I do this professionally] but then I’d have to spend precious hours a week patching security holes; then having incompatibilities with the code/theme/plug-in installed base. Hassle! I upgraded to a paid WP site, which has three levels of buy-in. The “personal” level [$36/year] was fine for PPM. Doing this through WordPress means that the build of the site is fully managed, and all security patches/upgrades are rolled out while you sleep. The themes and plug-ins are limited to fully vetted code with no exploits. Also, my payment supports the continued development of WP [and our benevolent WordPress masters].

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  7. Thomas Williams says:

    Yap, I literally install Adblock (and a few other key addons) before I ever type the first URL into a fresh FF installation. I VERY rarely see adds, and often entirely forget their existence, until some unusual situation (like this one) arises to remind me what teh InterWebs is like for most of humanity. The worst is when I, for one reason or another, have to touch someone else’s machine, and I realize that the ENTIRE internet is now exclusively banner-ad driven; and that the percentage of un-bannered sites these days is likely on the low end of the 20s, being generous.

    It feels much like the day I fondly remembered that the REASON you once paid for Cable was to avoid commercials…..


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Thomas Williams – Between AdBlockPlus in Firefox and being logged in as admin on the four devices I administer PPM with 99.9% of the time, I had rose-colored glasses on this important issue. And it was important to me that the free account not serve ads if I could help it. I last blogged on this issue in 2013 [it’s back there, somewhere]. It’s taken care of now!


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