Shriekback Reach Kickstarter Goal – Shows Booked – That Simple!

Three UK dates for now with Europa beckoning

Well, we discussed the notion of Shriekback moving out into the world as a live entity and their Kickstarter campaign. Several days ago, it reached its goal and then three UK dates to kick off the UK/Euro leg of their live activity were served up, though Ticketweb only list two of the three on the poster above. The pledgers were fast and furious up front with things leveling off at about 80% with a fortnight left; when the pledges slowed to a crawl. Mr. Andrews stoked the flames and the fans responded. Of course, there are still exclusive CDs to be pledged for that will probably not get reissued for years on their webstore, if ever.

One new perk to be had, is a pre-release DL version of their  forthcoming release “The Elated World” which had its origins in a project that Mr. Andrews initiated several years ago. Namely, that Shriekback would record a bespoke song for a certain, not inconsequential, yet bargainous sum of £200. Shriekback would record a song specifically for you, one of 30 consumers to receive this offer. The sampler they released a year ago was interesting enough. These tracks were not pre-existing in any way. Well, now for a pledge to their Kickstarter of any amount over £1, the pledgee [you] will receive a DL of this project. No word as to whether it’s all 30 songs, or just a specially curated selection, but this goes far towards mitigating my populist outrage at Shriektunes being the auditory playthings of the more-wealthy-than-I set. At the very least I will be happy to kick in £5 for this DL before it all goes away in just six days. Pledge here if you’re curious. The more scratch, the easier the ride will be for this fascinating band; once again welcome on the stages of the world.

SHRIEKBACK | UK Summer Tour – 2017

  • May, 31 | O² Ritz | Manchester
  • June 1st | O² ABC | Glasgow
  • June 3rd | O² Shepherd’s Bush Empire | London

– 30 –

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10 Responses to Shriekback Reach Kickstarter Goal – Shows Booked – That Simple!

  1. SimonH says:

    Thanks for the tip off. After a brief moment of consideration, the fact the London gig is on a Saturday was the final push needed…didn’t expect to ever see them!


  2. SimonH says:

    I will. Hope this leads to.them visiting your neck of the woods!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      SimonH – I truly expect that if they play the East Coast, a trip to D.C. will probably be called for. I don’t know if Atlanta would work for me this time. A Chicago date would probably be happening, so my friend JT should have a chance, but he saw the “Oil and Gold” and “Big Night Music” tours so maybe he’d be jaded? Not me, though!


      • JT says:

        Jaded? No way! Monk, you know that Shriek are one of my faves, and although I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them twice, the 1986 and 1987 tours are thirty years past. I’d go to a Chicago date in a heartbeat. And… I may be in Glasgow this summer. Contemplating whether that trip can coincide with their gig.

        Did I ever mention that I was doing live sound for Billy Bragg once, and Martyn Barker and Lu Edmonds were in his band? Barker was totally stoked that his sound man for the night was a Shriek fan. Nice guy. That was actually at the Park West in Chicago, which Shriek fans will recognize as the site of one of their more widely distributed live recordings (but I was not present for that gig, it was well before my tenure at the P.W.)


        • postpunkmonk says:

          JT – Well, you’d better attend a Chicago show in a heartbeat, or I might have to excommunicate you! Why not try for the Glasgow trip when SB is there? You’d be crazy not to. At the very least, their successful Kickstarter had over half of the backers hail from the U.S. of A. so that won’t go unnoticed at Shriek HQ, I’m sure. I feel pretty confident that a North American tour will happen eventually. I hope my £5 helped. I would have liked that live CD for £25 but I’m on vacation next week. It’s not as though I haven’t been tossing coin at the band via their busy schedule of self-releases, either.

          No, you never mentioned that Bragg was using former Shrieks in his band when you did the sound for him. Crazy world! But yeah, in a world of indifferent sound men, having one who’s a fan of your earlier work doesn’t hurt, I’m sure! On either end.


  3. slur says:

    I supported them with a small amount, hopefully they can add a few more shows into European mainland. Never seen them and the latest incarnation sounds promising..


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Slur – It is encouraging that Carl Marsh has been back in the Shriekback fold for the last two albums. That expands their live reach so much more. I need to pitch in as soon as I finish my breakfast.


  4. SimonH says:

    I’m pleased to say Shriekback were fantastic on Saturday. My first time seeing them, one of those gigs where your jaw aches at the end because you’ve been smiling for 90 minutes…
    Nice track selection, clearly lots of Oil and Gold, but at the other end of the spectrum including a brand new song. Great expanded line up, made me realise that songs I had thought Barry Andrews sang lead on we’re in fact primarily Carl Marsh…
    The whole thing was a great restatement of their uniqueness and left me feeling a need to plug the gaps in my collection. Highlight? Hard to say, maybe The Big Hush/Faded Flowers section or just the craziness of singing along to Nemesis. Some nice dry humour from Andrews and Marsh as well.
    Great support from the Woodentops – hadn’t seen them for 33 years…
    Sadly all over shadowed on leaving the venue, to find out that London had suffered another Islamiist terror attack.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      SimonH – Glad to hear the body of Shriekback is in such rude health. I can only hope that the investment that Americans have made in the band can successfully pay off.


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