Now They’re Making Me Buy Cassettes In the 21st Century!

Steve Strange Collective | UK | CASSETTE | 2017 | SSC009

Steve Strange Collective | UK | CASSETTE | 2017 | SSC009

Visage: The Wild Life The Best Of 1978 To 215 UK CASSETTE [2017]

  1. Fade To Grey (Main Version)
  2. Mind Of A Toy (Main Version)
  3. Visage (Main Version)
  4. Tar (Original 7 Version)
  5. The Anvil (Main Version)
  6. Night Train (Main Version)
  7. The Damned Don’t Cry (Main Version)
  8. Pleasure Boys (Main Version)
  9. Never Enough (Original Version)
  10. Dreamer, I Know (Original Version)
  11. She’s Electric (Coming Around) (Original Version)
  12. Hidden Sign (Tiger Face Flame Remix)
  13. Love Glove (Orchestral Version)
  14. Aurora (Original Version)
  15. The Silence (Original Version)
  16. Visage (Extended Instrumental)
  17. Pleasure Boys (Main Instrumental)
  18. Loving The Alien (Invasion Instrumental)
  19. Fade To Grey (Situation Remix)
  20. Tightrope (Original Version)

Just when you thought it was safe to read PPM without me blathering about Visage… they keep pulling me back in!!! Okay, so I bought into the limited 6xCD/1xCD-R set for “collectors.” It was a wild ride that I was happy to take. I still need the 2xLP version of the extended versions for the one mix exclusive to that release – and no grabbing a DL of it since it’s vinyl only. We have the CD/multi CD/LP/DL editions out there. What’s left?

The recently sprung cassette version of “The Wild Life” has five tracks more than the CD and four more than the download edition. The latter four tunes were available here only, then it also ends with “Tightrope,” the DL bonus track. The unique tracks are two more instrumental versions; “Visage [extended]” and “Pleasure Boys.” Another instrumental was included for the remixed “Loving The Alien [Invasion Remix]” from the “Darkness To Diamond” remix album. Finally, there is another mix of the most mixed Visage tune evah. “Fade To Grey [Situation Remix].” I really enjoyed the “Tilt’s Nu-Romancer Remix” of “Fade To Grey” on the “Fierce Verve” disc. Hopefully, this will be of a similar caliber, since I’ll be throwing down £11 for a tape of this.

The tapes are your choice of red/blue/gold glitter shells [limit 2/ea. per color] and I’ll bet that there are no more than 500 each of these. Team Visage are hedging their bets by including a CD [most likely a CD-R] of the five bonus tracks with each order. That’s a relief. While I never got rid of my cassette deck, I have no assurances on whether the moribund piece of stereo equipment still has functional belts within instead of degraded rubber-like goo. At any rate the CD/CD-R of the five tracks should be CD spec recordings not shot through with hiss or limited dynamic range. Another important consideration here is that “The Wild Life” tape is 100 minutes long. Those of us who remember the super-thin and vulnerable C-120 tapes will remember how fragile they were and appreciate this. So this will be the… eighth [?] pre-recorded tape I’ve ever bought? Details later on receipt. I don’t know when that will be since the budget is tight [crosses fingers].

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6 Responses to Now They’re Making Me Buy Cassettes In the 21st Century!

  1. Shelf says:

    On a related note, just read that Erasure’s forthcoming album will be available on cassette. Attempting to resurrect the cassette tape is probably the worst marketing ploy that the industry has pitched. I understand the ‘fetish value’ of vinyl, but who has fond memories of tapes? As you noted, it’s a fragile format, and offers nothing compelling in terms of packaging. What’s next – limited editions 8-tracks? Deluxe wax cylinders?


  2. Euan says:

    Thanks for an informative blog.

    Having read the cassettes section on Sunday I ordered one.

    It arrived today, haven’t played it yet but the 5 track CD comes with the four tracks listed above as tracks 2 to 5. Track one is the anvil extended instrumental.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Euan – Welcome to the comments! Glad you got immediate practical use out of PPM. So you already have it and “The Anvil [Extended Instrumental]” was on the included CD as track one instead of “Visage [Extended Instrumental]?” Fascinating, captain. That makes me wonder if the actual tape was mastered with “Visage [Extended Instrumental” with an error occurring on the CD they presumably burned. Now I really need to order this!


      • Euan says:

        Morning – I suggest you live in my attic judging by the overlap between what you post and I own.

        The track listing for the CD is (SSC09Bonus) is

        01 The anvil (Extended instrumental) 7:02
        02 Visage (Extended Instrumental) 6.20
        03 Pleasure Boys (Main Instrumental) 3:32
        04 Loving The Alien (Invasion Instrumental) 4:09
        05 Fade To Grey (Situation Remix) 6.08

        Not sure I’ll ever play the tape, but am I replaying the CD.



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