It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 2]

Elderly Dutch men in the late 70s marvel at the CD prototype

Elderly Dutch men in the late 70s marvel at the CD prototype

[continued from previous post]

Yesterday we started looking at albums not ever released on CD format. We got into the letter “C” on my list. I took a stroll the other morning through my Record Cell racks, pulling titles and taking notes. I may have missed a few things in the predawn haste, but we’ll get to everything eventually. Commenter Tim mentioned tracks that were missing from DLX RMs, but those were technically single material, and thus outside of the purview of this thread. If I were to ever produce a “rare tracks not yet on CD” this could the last thread this blog ever needed! RED = I have already made a CD of this. GREEN = awaiting remastering in my Media Empire Room. BLUE = I still need to buy this on LP to make a CD of it. Back to the list…

comateens-picturesonastringuklpaComateens – Pictures On A String

I know, where’s the first Comateens album? Why begin with the second? Well, in 2007, the band self-issued a CD. Do I have it? Not yet… but it’s out there. Album #2 is in the Record Cell, awaiting remastering. With remixes, I have some, but not all. Should I add the “right” bonus tracks to this or just make a Comateens rarity disc after all is said and done?


Comateens – Deal With It

I have the “Resist Her” single from this, but still need the album. There was a 2nd single, “Don’t Come Back” recorded for a 1991 Comateens GH album for their adoring French market only. Lyn Byrd [vox/synths] managed to do some work with longtime French favorite Etienne Daho on his “Pour Nos Vies Martiennes” album.

dubset - fleshmadewordUSLPADubset – Flesh Made Word

The single from this album haunted me for decades until I finally found a copy for sale at my local record store on their dollar birthday sale blowout! Less than a year afterward and I managed to score a copy of the just as scarce LP, so this is one that could happen quickly. All the parts are in hand.

fingerprintz - theverydabUSLPAFingerprintz – The Very Dab

I have gone on repeatedly about how I’d love to buy the three Finzerprintz albums on CD to a chorus of yawns from The Man [and his “labels“]. Looks like it will come down to me. I’ve had the album in the Record Cell for over a decade now. I am still working on the singles needed to take this one to completion.

fingerprintz - distinguishingmarksUSLPAFingerprintz – Distinguishing Marks

The second Fingerprintz album had proven a difficult disc to find, as I only got it about two years ago. Once again, the Harvest records birthday sale where they opened the basement for its annual clear-out did I get fulfillment here. Once again, I am waiting for a B-side to fill out the proposed CD.

fingerprintz - beatnoirUKLPAFingerprintz – Beat Noir

I have the final Fingerprintz album in all three variations! The initial release [German], the dramatic revised pressing [UK], and the severely edited US version. I still can’t believe that I grabbed the scant 1st pressing in a store in my own state! I thought for certain I’d have to pay a heavy mail order tax to get this puppy!

fontana-mix-thenoisespiraluklpaFontana Mix – The Noise Spiral

I only have a few appearance of The Fontana Mix on a few Compact Organization samplers, but I was captivated by their music. Surely, It would behoove me to buy every release that Compact Records ever released? I suspect I’d have nothing but quality under my roof if I did. I have a 7″ single, but releases by this band are insanely scarce. This will be a mail order item for certain.

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13 Responses to It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 2]

  1. Taffy says:

    I’m a little confused here, Monk. Wasn’t Pictures on a String the second Comateens album, not third? I do wish they would put the entire catalog on CD, and not just the debut. In addition, I think you’re referring to Distinguishing Marks, not The Very Dab, for Fingerprintz album two.
    Finally, I’ve come up with one for the first part of the alphabet…fab twee Scottish jangle-poppers The Bluebells have never had their debut album Sisters on CD before, to the best of my knowledge. Same with the Bluebells EP which came out prior. Would love to have that stuff on a shiny silver disc.


  2. Duncan Watson says:

    One notable omission is Watching The Film by The Flaming Mussolinis. If you do not know what I am talking about, look up Swallow Glass or My Cleopatra online.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Duncan Watson – Thanks for the tip! I’m always looking to expand my search of the margins of pop and The Flaming Mussolinis are definitely new to me. I am particularly obsessed by releases made during the early days of the CD when what got released was far from a shoo-in. I see their second album was released on CD, but the world had changed by 1987. One of my bête noirs for decades was Bill Nelson’s “Getting The Holy Ghost Across,” also on Portrait in 1986. It rankled for decades because it was Nelson’s only album on the label and conspicuously absent on CD. 20 years later, there was a CD but only in limited numbers because Nelson had to pay dearly to license the master to release it on his own label. Part of the deal was that Nelson only got the rights to make a limited number of copies, insuring that within months of its release, the CD was changing hands for three figures! Arrrrgh!


      • Duncan Watson says:

        You know by now that GTHGA was then re-issued as a double CD by Cherry Red records, with all its associated mixes too. I am still not fully sure if the truncated Because Of You was reverted to the full 6 minute version on that latter release … it remains Bill’s best solo album


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Duncan Watson – Actually, two years ago I found the Sonoluxe pressing at Amoeba and by then it was affordable. I didn’t let it slip through my hands. If I get the Cherry Red fine, but a bird in the hand…


          • Duncan Watson says:

            Good for you. They are hard to find. Grabbing these chances is what life is all about.

            Back to The Flaming Mussolinis – would you like me to put the tracks into Dropbox for you?


            • postpunkmonk says:

              Duncan Watson – Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer not to obtain files. I will keep out a look for them and see what happens. It’s how I roll.


              • Duncan Watson says:

                Fair enough but this exchange has spurred me to create a few CDs for my car now as I do have all their singles too. Thank you

                Now, a long short related story –
                I first saw Flaming Mussolinis live in February 1986 supporting OMD. I was hooked and was desperate to see them again. As luck would have it, they came around again very quickly that November supporting INXS. This was the first time I ever bought a ticket to see a support act only. I don’t regret not staying to see INXS. My fondest memory of the two gigs is that they played a long song called Watching The Film which, as you will spot, is notably absent from their debut album of the same name.
                Fast forward some 20 years later, I managed to find an email address for Alan Savage (aka “Sav”) who was the lead singer of the band. Having broken up after their second album “Charmed Life”, the band members then scattered to the four corners of the globe with Sav ending up as an English teacher in Malaysia. I struck up a brief conversation with him and asked about that one song that never appeared on any album. He said that the band had recorded an album’s worth of demo material that neatly plugged the gap between their two officially released albums, including Watching The Film. Even better, he kindly burned me a CD of those tracks and sent it to me, from halfway across the world.
                So, not only do I have the two albums that the band released, I have an unreleased album of songs which I will never let out of my sight – I made Sav a promise.

                I am eternally grateful for his generosity and for his music. They were such a great band


  3. fun post – I have a few I can add, will come up with a list! I have a Comateens album I absolutely love, I didnt realise they are not on CD? I got it in France, 1981 LP with purple cover and Ghosts etc on it.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Phones Chess Club Glasgow – Leave it to the French to give fealty to Comateens! There are one of those rare “cult US act bigger in France” phenomena like Sparks that confound my mind. I can only assume that France has better taste?


  4. Kev says:

    When I saw the Title “…What’s still not on CD?” the first thing that popped in my head was THE COMATEENS!

    I stumbled across your site while looking to buy Mari Wilson’s Showpeople on CD. I thought your write up on that was excellent. Thank you.


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