It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 1]

sony-cdMr. Ware brought up an extremely valid thread topic in a comment last week when he asked what albums were we still waiting for a CD of. The CD format was introduced in 1982, 34 years ago. By 1985, when I bought my first CD player, I had begun to create a want list of titles in the format, based on my vinyl holdings at the time. How I wish that I could put my hands on one of those early lists, just to see what percentage of titles eventually made the leap. My instincts tell be about 85% without doing any research.

Over the decades, I’ve come to see most of those titles succumb to the silvery disc, but even in 2016, there are some remaining holdouts. To that end, let’s discuss what titles we are still waiting for, half a lifetime later. The list that follows is based on two factors: the title in my Record Cell I’d gladly buy again on CD as well as the vinyl LP want list I have for titles neither on CD nor in my collection! So there will be titles here that I have already made CDs of from vinyl in my collection, titles I am waiting to remaster from vinyl, and even those titles I am trying to track down on LP in the first place to remaster from vinyl!

For the purposes of this list, only albums will be considered. There is another, shorter list of EPs. Singles won’t enter into it as there are so many of them, it staggers the mind. Some of those tracks from singles have seen the light of day on CD as bonus tracks and DLX RM cuts, but I’d bet that well over half of them are still vinyl only. That’s why we still buy vintage vinyl, while having a cold shoulder to the new rash of LPs. Also, there are titles that have come out on obscure, and OOP CDs. They will not be considered, since the disc is out in the wilds, even if we cannot begin to afford it.

berlin - informationGERLPABerlin – Information [REVO 070]

I obtained a clean copy of this LP about a decade ago and made the CD in 2011. I’m not sure who owns the masters to this; most certainly not the band, or else they might have issued it themselves. Perhaps it was down to Virgina Maccolino as the lead vocalist here. I would imagine that Terri Nunn would prefer this one to slip down the memory hole for good. Too bad since it’s got better songs that all subsequent Berlin albums.

berlin blondesBerlin Blondes – Building On The Sands [REVO 046]

In 2009, I finally made my CD of this album, which I had waited a ridiculously long time to finally hear, in spite of wanting it since 1980, the year it was issued. Heck, it took me until 1998 to even find the copy of the LP. Fine Scot technopop from a band that had a finite, unsuccessful career.

black GER LPA

Black – Black [REVO 032]

In 2004, I first made my “Black: Box Rarities” featuring a wealth of non-LP Black/Colin Vearncombe material in BSOG form. The German “Black” WEA compilation LP of flop singles recorded for the conglomerate before his more triumphant run on A+M a few years later was the last “new” LP I remember buying on its release in 1987. I was buying all Black material from a UK dealer who was also a fan; an ideal situation to find oneself in! I need to remaster this one again since I now have so much more material to add.

I've only seen this album twice… promo stamp both times.

Jacqui Brookes – Sob Stories [REVO 074]

This was a project that had been taunting me for over a decade when I finally got the bug to remaster this last year. I had gotten all of the 12″ singles for a full list on bonus tracks, only to discover that the running time was a few minutes longer than what a CD-R could hold. Being Monsatic, I gritted my teeth and made a 2xCD-R set. It’s just how we play this game! In a shock move this year, after being contacted by Ms. Brookes herself, I sent her a copy of the CD project.

joe-king-carrasco-the-crowns-uslpaJoe “King” Carrasco + The Crowns – Joe King” Carrasco + The Crowns

There is but a compilation that covers the first three Joe “King” Carrasco albums, and that’s a cryin’ shame. His über-fun Tex-Mex “Neuvo Wavo” is a potent reminder of how much joy there was in the US New Wave brigade. I got Joe to sign this album the one time I saw him in concert.

joe king carrasco + the crowns - partyweekendUSLPA

Joe “King” Carrasco + The Crowns – Party Weekend

I actually have two copies of this one! One I bought in the early 90s and a recent copy found in the Harvest Records cheapie bins, which typically sell of as-new former record store stock still in the [slit] shrink-wrap. It’s hard to believe that the infectious “Party Weekend” was only a cult New Wave hit.

joe king carrasco - synapsegapUSLPAJoe “King” Carrasco + The Crowns – Synapse Gap [Mundo Total]

The third Joe “King” Carrasco + The Crowns album was notable for being an album from 1983 with guest vocals by Michael Jackson that did not go platinum in sales! Joe was ahead of the “Thriller” effect curve. Had this album been delayed for a year, they could have mixed MJ way up and probably gotten a Rockwell-sized hit out of it.


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11 Responses to It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 1]

  1. Dana Madore says:

    As with MOST of your awesome ‘ramblings’ about music (and I MEAN that in a GOOD way!) … THIS is a thread I’ve been looking forward to seeing!
    YOUR taste in modern music and mine don’t intersect too often… but WHEN IT DOES… IT DOES! Even the titles you write about, that I really don’t care about, I read. Having worked in records retail since 1970, I’ve had to ‘be aware’ of a ton of music that I really wasn’t interested in, just so I could be knowledgeable so as to be able to help the customers. (Ex. I absolutely abhor Madonna… but I can sing her catalogue… you get the picture!).
    Was very entertained by your Joe “King” musings! He was an oddball good seller at my store among the regular titles and the IMPORT prog, jazz and soundtracks we specialized in!
    BUT… I am ESPECIALLY looking forward to the list of what you wanted to buy again from the ‘old days’ and what you’ve actually collected!
    Keeping an eye out!

    Hoping that you and your family have a *GREAT* holiday season!


  2. Echorich says:

    I find it simply amazing that Joe King Carrasco hasn’t been reissued on cd by Rhino over the years! One of the bands I waited 15 years or so to have their imperial period released on CD was The Comsat Angels. First they were reissued by RPM and then again by Renascent and once again in deluxe format by Edsel. All releases vary in cd mastering quality but no so much that it makes a whole lot of difference.


    • SimonH says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who purchased each wave of Comsats reissues!


      • postpunkmonk says:

        SimonH – I guess that makes up for me never buying any Comsat Angels releases… Apart from “Made In Britain.” Not for any particular radon, either, as I kind of liked them. Just another Post-Punk band that fell through the cracks for me.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – At least the first album was also issued on Stiff Records, making me scratch my head as to why Salvo has not issued at least that one. Ian Peel had been pretty thorough. If Edsel didn’t screw up the Comsats DLX RMs then count your lucky stars.


  3. tim says:

    An interesting post that I look forward to seeing parts 2, 3, 4, etc on and the comments.
    I tried to think of similar wants for my collection and draw mostly blank. I think it’s largely because my brain is a bit discombobulated, most of the house is sick as we slide into the holidays, it was colder than the devil here in Wisconsin the last several days and year end stuff for work.

    BUT…I did think of something and a nuance for your post. Not only things that are not out yet but BUT the missed opportunity double jeopardy. Example – Blue Nile b-sides. Why don’t we have them and why weren’t they on the DLX remasters that came out a couple of years ago? I only went ala carte on the MP3 release of this because I just couldn’t spend the money buying these albums (again) for a couple of tracks and it was pretty easy to make that decision knowing the quantity of material out there that wasn’t included!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Tim – I hear you on The Blue Nile DLX RMs. I had some of them in my hands in Amoeba Records and didn’t buy because of the missing B-sides issue. Why pay a premium when the “Happiness” rarities were left off the DLX RM of “Peace At Last?” I was so underwhelmed by “Peace At Last” that I couldn’t bring myself to pay the premium it would have cost all along to buy both CD singles.


  4. Tim says:

    I like the b-sides from Peace at Last more than a lot of the album tracks. And there are some great covers of the album tracks out there. I have an ep out of Japan by someone, olde folkie….first name Valerie….Prince and Blue Nile covers and Eddi Reader did a couple from this one, too.


    • Tim says:

      Sorry about the incompleteness of the last post – NHDH (no hard drive handy),
      The EP that I bought years ago is Valerie Carter – Find a River (Japan only release)


  5. The Swede says:

    Brilliant to learn that Jacqui Brookes got in touch. I was a big Siam fan and saw them live a number of times. Do you know what she’s up to now?


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