Want Visage BSOG? Act NOW.


Just a note mentioning that the 7xCD “Wild Life” set from Visage was limited to just 300 copies [now they tell us!] with only a tenth of those left as of an hour ago, so if you have an interest, click here and buy immediately. You could pay £49 now or a lot more later on. After I posted, more data was forthcoming on the various CDs and only the single CD [disc 1] “Wild Life” featured what we’ll call the Universal Masters of ’80-’84 Visage material. Every other track on all the other discs consists of re-recorded versions made by the final band lineup. Since I already have the Universal material nine ways to Sunday, this excites me terribly, even as others have registered dismay at still not having that material on CD. As it was the licensing issues at Polydor US behind this, I suggest complainers focus their attentions to them instead of the band! As for me, I am positively thrilled that I will be receiving six new CDs in the mail soon featuring that amazing band re-working the material for something new to these ears! My Robin Simon CD collection just doubled!

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4 Responses to Want Visage BSOG? Act NOW.

  1. Thomas Williams says:

    Got mine, but GODAMNIT they forced me to create a PayPal account (again) – now I have to remember to come back in 2 days and delete it (again).


  2. SimonH says:

    Too much for me, but finding out that the extended versions are by the last line up has made me buy the single disc. Very intriguing.


  3. Gavin says:

    I listened to the extended versions online and think they are superb.
    I was wondering if it was just the signed set with stickers etc that was limited to 300 copies and then once that goes there may be unsigned stock?Its a bit vague.
    Unfortunately I don’t have the funds for this at the moment,so really hope to pick it up sometime in the future when my situation has improved!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gavin – It seems that the “Fierce Verve” disc is the only exclusive for the 7-disc set. Everything else is available as a separate disc… and the signatures/postcards, I’m assuming. If you miss “Fierce Verve” [what a great title, by the way] you’ll be like me and the Visage store bundle version of “Orchestral” with the 4-track EP that I may never have.


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