Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 7]

When Iva Davies looks like a tween girl; you know something's wrong!

When Iva Davies looks like a tween girl; you know something’s wrong!

Holy Mackerel. Now where were we on this thread? That’s right. Icehouse rarities. After the commercial climax of “Man Of Colours,” I suppose it was inevitable that the juggling act between art and commerce that had balanced on an ever finer edge with that previous album, would finally collapse like a house of cards. At the time, I was not connected to get Australian imports but my Oz-centric friend, Mr. Ware, was. I noted with horror his curt dismissal of the latest Icehouse single, “Big Fun.” He reported that this once dynamic band had tumbled down to the lowest common denominator with this heavy metal nursery rhyme. The music was so crass, it was mind-boggling not only how this once proud group had completely lost their mojo, but also that US Chrysalis heard this and passed on the whole album. If anything, it was music that sounded tailor made for AOR FM Rock. I passed on the album and took a few years off of Icehouse since they seemed to disappear for several years.

Icehouse Rarities 1990-1992

icehouse-bigfunozcd5aBig Fun OZ CD5

• Are We Having Fun Yet?
• Nice Haircut, Wrong Planet

I can’t say anything about the B-sides on the OZ CD single. I don’t have this and I’ve not heard the tracks. Presumably “Are We Having Fun Yet?” is a dub mix of some sort. Anything that shears the brain-dead lyrics off of this could only be a plus. It’s funny. The same nursery rhymes worked so well on “We Can Get Together,” but then the music wasn’t the sub-hair metal of “Big Fun.”


Miss Divine OZ CD5

• Big Fun [12″ The Riddler Mix]
• Big Fun [The Mad Hatter Mix]
• Johnny Guiro

At least the second single, “Miss Divine” had a barbed hook, though that’s all it had. Then they preceded to repeat it endlessly for the length of the song. The big problem here were the sample-delic remixes of “Big Fun,” which I’ve only just heard on Vol. 2 of the 12″ Remix collection.

icehouse-missdivineoz12aMiss Divine OZ 12″

• Miss Diving [Spellbound mix – 6:40]
• Miss Diving [Mystified mix – 5:05]

I missed this one on the day of post because it is not in Discogs database, but the appearance of both cuts on both volumes of the band’s 12″ Remix collections clued me in.

icehouse-anythingispossibleoz2x7aAnything Is Possible OZ 2×7″

• V
• Sorry [live 1980]
• Think Zinc [live 1980]

The third OZ single was best had in the 2×7″ format. Three tracks including a B-side, and two live cuts commemorating the 10th anniversary of Icehouse with a pair of covers from the band’s days as Flowers. I have “Sorry” on the 3-disc 30th Anniversary OZ DLX RM of “Icehouse” but I don’t know if it’s the same recording or not.

icehouse-wheretherivermeetstheseaozcd5aWhere The River Meets The Sea OZ CD5

• Where The River Meets The Sea [original]
• Knockin’ ‘Em Down [original]

The final OZ CD single from “Code Blue” featured a pair of demo recordings of the 7″ A/B sides. I’ve not heard these either.

icehouse-loveinmotion-amphlettozcd5aLove In Motion [Christina Amphlett] OZ CD5″

• Love In Motion [Christina Amphlett single edit]
• Love In Motion [7″ with Lenin version]
• Love In Motion [original Laswell version]

After the car wreck of “Code Blue,” it was time to re-think and re-trench. A perfect time to release an old hit with a new spin. Bill Laswell remixed the 1982 single “Love In Motion” this time with Divinyl’s firecracker vocalist Christina Amphlett added to the song. I’ve only heard the “Slow Motion” mix that came out a few years later on the [not bad!] remix collection, “Full Circle.”

Next: …Icehouse Rebooted

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3 Responses to Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 7]

  1. Echorich says:

    I have a soft spot for Miss Divine. Sure it lacks any of the arty subtleties of anything from the debut, but there is some of that debut in it. Otherwise I have to agree, Code Blue was a miss.


  2. Mr. Ware says:

    The most notable thing about this era was that Iva took some interesting Simon Lloyd and Andy Qunta instrumentals and used them so his b-sides. It will be nice to have all these properly digitized and assembled in one place.


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