Want List: Shriekback – Secrets Of The City


Shriekback: Secrets Of The City UK CD [2016]

  1. Search For The Naked City
  2. Babel
  3. Ziggurat
  4. The Act Of Journeying
  5. Crowded City
  6. Flaneurama
  7. Beatles’ Zebra Crossing (Demo)
  8. Gum
  9. Below (Deeper)
  10. Interlude
  11. Terribly Swollen
  12. Outerlude
  13. No Real City

shriekback - scaredcityGREEKLPAIn happier news, Shriekback have followed through on their threat to unleash a limited edition CD of their rejuvenative “Sacred City” period. Following on from the release of the flabby “Go Bang” album on 1988 that saw the inclusion of a K.C. + The Sunshine Band cover a relative high point, the apparent dissolution of the once-proud Shriekback seemed all but assured. And in the zeitgeist of the time, even necessary! None were more surprised than I was when they re-surfaced in 1992 with the far more correct and delightful “Sacred City” album. After the attempt at pop gloss on “Go Bang,” the crepuscular dignity of “Sacred City” marked for these ears, a nod back in the direction of their life-affirming “Care” period.

Interestingly enough, Karl Hyde spent his time adrift from the dissolution of Underworld MK I and the creation of Underworld MK II as a guitar player in Shriekback on this album. I can’t help but think that the “Bastard Sons OF Enoch” single had some nascent Underworld MK II DNA in its creation. Especially with the foreknowledge that tracks 2-6 on this album were from a mixed media performance called “A Brief History Of The Skyscraper.” Mmmmm, indeed. Coupled with the Tomato-based design of “Sacred City” and this period of Shriekback seems to have been a petri-dish that helped provide Underworld MK II with the energy to germinate.


Surprisingly, this release is a slightly amended reissue of a CD-R that Shriekback had sold from their website in the early days of the new century. The cover differed greatly, as seen at left, and there were a scant handful of song substitutions and song order swaps. I only became aware of thais CD-R within the last year since I was nowhere planet Shriek back in 2002. This time it seems that the release is a commercially produced disc instead of a CD-R so thumbs up for the march of progress.

Tracks 1, 7-11, and 13 on the news disc all date from the actual “Sacred City” sessions, and not just from its time period as with tracks 2-6. These are either outtakes or demos. The version of “Beatles Zebra Crossing” is even labeled as such. As per usual, this is a Shriekback self-published disc; part of their archival short run series. I’d wager that only 500 of these will bother the world, so if one has an interest, get thee hence to the Shriekback webstore, for it is only there where purchase may ensue. Based on Shriekback history, the mailing list will probably absorb all of these to be had within a few weeks at most. As for myself? I’ve learned that where there’s an interest in these sort of things, to act decisively. My copy has been on order for a full 29 hours or more.

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  1. Echorich says:

    Well this is an attractive bit of music!


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