Collecting Simple Minds In The 21st Century [part 4]


[continued from previous post]

We proceed in listing the many singles in many territories that Simple Minds issued like dandelion seeds in the 21st century.

Part 4

simple-minds-homeukcd1aSimple Minds
Home CD#1
EUROPE CD5 | Sanctuary Records ‎– SANXS388 | 2005

  1. Home [edit] 4:03
  2. Bird On A Wire 3:50

Finally a real single with a B-side to keep us interested! Too bad it’s a cut that didn’t make “Our Secrets Are The Same.” Not memorable, and not even the Leonard Cohen classic [which would have been better].

simple-minds-homeukcd2aSimple Minds
Home CD#2
EUROPE CD5 | Sanctuary Records ‎– SANXD388 | 2005

  1. Home 4:25
  2. Mighty Joe Moon 3:43
  3. Home (Trixton Porteño Mix) 5:40
  4. Home

The second CD had a leftover Grant Lee Phillips tracks probably from the “Neon Lights” sessions. The video was included as a bonus as well as the extended remix of the A-side, not a dance-oriented DJ mix this time.

simple-minds-strangereurcdaSimple Minds
EUROPE CD5 | Sanctuary Records ‎– SANXD415 | 2006

  1. Stranger (London Mix) 4:06
  2. Bird On A Wire 3:54
  3. Too Much Television 4:19
  4. Stranger 4:09

This was a better choice for a single from the “Black + White 050505” album than the tepid “Home” was. Another Euro-only single with an extra non-LP B-side that only appeared here. This is hard to track down, so I have not heard “Too Much Television.”

simple-minds-differentworldit12aSimple Minds
Different World
ITALY 12″ | Absolutely Records ‎– ABR 102 | 2006

  1. Different World (The Scumfrog Remix) 8:00
  2. Different World (Benny & P. Ursin DJs vs Phunk Investigation Rmx) 6:47
  3. Different World (DJ Moussa Clarke) 6:54
  4. Different World (Phunk Investigation Magma Rmx) 7:44

Another, better single choice in a quartet of DJ mixes.

simple-minds-differentworldremixit12aSimple Minds
Different World
ITALY 12″ | Absolutely Records ‎– ABR 106 | 2007

  1. Different World (So Phat! Club Mix) 8:36
  2. Different World (So Phat!s Sonicblast Merged) 7:53

2007 brought another Italian remix of “Different World.”

simple-minds-rocketsdlSimple Minds
UK DL | Sanctuary Records | 2009

  1. Rockets (radio edit) 3:27
  2. Rockets (Gesamtkunstwerk Mix) 3:17

By 2008 the download-only single reared its ugly head. The Gesamtkunstwerk mix of this tune was obtainable only if your lived in the UK. Grrrrrr.

Next: …More to come

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1 Response to Collecting Simple Minds In The 21st Century [part 4]

  1. Echorich says:

    Bird On A Wire is sort of a low point for me – Kevin Hunter – enough said…Too Much Television is overwrought and falls back on the shuffle beat again, Sean Kelly has much to answer for. I will give that Jim’s processed spoken words sort of save the track. It’s well known to you Monk, that I am a big supporter of Black and White 050505. Stranger is a gorgeous song. I am frustrated that I haven’t ever heard the London Mix though.
    Different World is a great track, but again stay away from the remixes IMO.


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